As the head coach of Birmingham's (to our knowledge) only inline speed skating team, finding a place to train for our long distance outdoor events. Chief Ladiga Trail Facts. Trail Details. Signage & markers; very good over all. My husband and I enjoyed a ride from Piedmont to the Georgia state line. ". There are some bumps that will loosen your molars, not to mention damage your bicycle. The trail takes you right through Jacksonville State University which has a beautiful campus. It was only a few miles off the trail to a good selection of hotels. There aren't many places to eat, although there are a few gas stations. Interactive map - lists trailheads and Amenities Five miles along, in Jacksonville, you'll pass an old train depot, restored in 2010 and now providing, among other things, a resting place for trail users. It appears that all of the section from Terapin Creek at Borden Springs road to the GA line has been graded and is only awaiting hard surface. Registration deadline for online registration is October 26, 2020. Together, the Chief Ladiga and Silver Comet add up to nearly 100 miles of blissful trail! Check or FAQs for more common login questions. Great trip! Starting out was cool and slightly breezy heading through Weaver and into Jacksonville. Bath houses and office are complete and park is generally laid out. If you get the opportunity, I would recommend visiting downtown Anniston by car along the unique Quintard Ave and eating at the local’s favorite Matas Greek Pizza. After our free continental breakfast we headed for the trail. It is well drained, smooth, wide, and in generally excellent repair. ". Northern Terminus 32.5 / 0.0 ~ State Line / Gateway Park 25.9 / 6.6 ~ PINHOTI TRAIL / Section 12 ~ Mile 7.9 18.9 / 13.6 ~ Eubanks Welcome Center I have property, in Weaver, and it is perfect for a B and B...but I need some Bicycle enthusiasts the help me spread the word, to get the place up and running prior to the completion of the trail to Birmingham. Chief Ladiga Trail... Premier Alabama Biking. There is also a new Hampton Inn maybe a mile from the trail. Can't hardly wait till this trail meets the comet. Trail covered by sand in some places. The view from the bridges is spectacular. The trail is passable to the state line by fat tires. Ride With GPS - Silver Comet, Chief Ladiga elevation milage map; - Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Interactive Map - street view, trailheads, mileage, zoom; PATH Foundation. Around marker 25 you ride through the middle of Jacksonville State University, which is another good place to stop and look around. My husband and I starting at Woodland Park and made it to Jacksonville University. Their ribs are delicious even without the sauce, and the sauce is outstanding! Seven of us from Columbia, SC took to the journey and had a wonderful time. There will be Rest Stops on the course, which is all on the paved bike path through Alabama's countryside with Dugger Mountain as the backdrop. Trestles and bridges, while currently usable and safe, are showing typical wear and age. Will definitely have to try it out next time. The Chief Ladiga Trail is a rails to trails greenway that extends 32.5 miles the Georgia state line to Weaver, Alabama. ), Drove to Jacksonville a few weeks ago and parked at community center, then biked to Piedmont - a lovely ride with plenty of shade on a warm Saturday. Overall, it's a very nice trail. Would make for a fun stop! 8 miles total). The perfect ending was a free shuttle bus to a restaurant called Heroes. Another 4 mile segment has just been funded through the TEA-21 program which will extend the trail east of Piedmont an into the beautiful mountainous area of Cleburne County. We loaded up the car and headed back to Coot's Lake Beach trailhead made some pics at the trailhead said our goodbyes to our driver and headed toward Smyrna, GA since we had not made our destination the day before we had approximately 33 miles to ride to reach our destination. It is 33 miles of easy ridin', smooth-sailin', soul-soothin' fun. You’ll have direct access to the Chief Ladiga Trail, Pinhoti Hiking Trail and the Terrapin Creek. And, while I wasn't planning to ride all the way to the AL/GA border and the link with the Silver Comet, the trail, weather conditions, mix of shade and sun, I found myself just going... and going... One of the other bikers at the start told me it was a flat ride (relatively), he wasn't kidding. The town was tearing down the old cotton/textile mill which is now common in the south, but I could not overcome an overwhelming since of melancholy in the sense we are destroying all our history, but….. The trail has clean rest stops to refill water bottles and take a nap if needed. The wind starting picking up heavily, which took a little bite out of the heat, and stayed in my face for the next 12 miles or so. They pointed us to a Mexican restaurant where we had dinner. The next day, we returned to the trail w/ our son and two of his friends. It allows us to achieve speeds of 25+ MPH with little effort... 34+ MPH if we intend to sprint. On July 8 I rode the full length of Ladiga/SilverComet. Everything is flat, except for a 15 or so mile hiatus at about halfway to Smryna where we left the old railroad route. The air was gorgeously fresh, and smelled of every possible tree, shrub, and herb, and I kept thinking that here even the air one breathes was green. The Chief Ladiga Trail is a family oriented pathway that provides a safe, non-motorized way to travel, exercise and relax while enjoying the outdoors. Chief Ladiga Trail Anniston. The paved multi-use CLT connects seven existing municipal parks beginning in Anniston. We wanted to ride through the train tunnel and across the tressel bridge, which was very cool. Just mind the weather, watch the transitions, and load up in Piedmont! The paving ends about 6.5 miles from Piedmont but don't let that stop you. The asphalt surface is in good shape throughout. We rode the trail on Oct. 4, 2010 and there was a slight chill in the air and a perfect time to ride. The trail is ridable as the foundation for paving has been prepared and is quite hard. Just out of Piedmont on the way back I caught a wicked transition from soaking wet wooden bridge to soaking wet asphalt doing about 25 and went down hard. Is the trail in the woods? We had a great time, and will be returning very soon to go further. There are many dangerous root bumps that need smoothing, especially between Piedmont and the AL/GA border. To the best of my knowledge...that is the plan. The Silver Comet Trail is a 61.5 mile, 12 feet wide, car-free concrete path that connects the Smyrna, Georgia (NW of Atlanta) to the Chief Ladiga trail at the Georgia-Alabama state line. This was our first trek on rails to trails and we definitely plan to bike more of them. Rode all but 8.5 miles of the Chief Ladiga Trail, east of Piedmont, AL to the GA stateline. The trail is well maintained; the trip across the Jacksonville State University campus was an interesting plus (spring practice was in progress!). Saw flock of wild turkeys, some squirrels and one rabbit. In our group were ages 7, 10, 31, 33, 54, and 58. Both are just over 3 miles round-trip. Our group started at Woodland Park and began our gradual climb through Jacksonville, Piedmont, and on to the Georgia state line. On Friday, my two daughters, ages 9 and 10 rode from the Eubanks Welcome Center in Piedmont, Al (where we live) to the Georgia state line. Great trail for first time long distance bikers like myself. The Silver Comet Trail is a multi-use path for bicycling, running, walking, and skating near Atlanta, Georgia. The Eubanks Welcome Center was a "welcome" sight! This really got me pumped-up for riding. The Eubanks Wecome Center is a gem, the volunteers are very helpful, nice rest facility and actually got a Ladiga trail map that was very complete, maybeTrailLink can post it. Had dinner at a new restaurant, Portabella's, great staff and good food. So I truned around at H'way 70. The path is cement in Georgia and asphalt in Alabama for the entire length. On the way out we stopped at the Eubanks Welcome Center and one of the staff made our pictures on the front porch and we learned that they do have facilities for riders that may be passing through and would like to shower, however you must have your own towels and necessities. If you're a cycling enthusiast you'll be hard-pressed to come across a more scenic route. "I rode this trail from the southern most trailhead in weaver to the current end of the trail, the 4th bridge above piedmont,27 miles. We are looking forward to doing it again. Our driver met us in Smyrna, GA and we were Murfreesboro, TN bound. ", "This is a good trail for getting some exercise -- that is for sure. We rode hybrid bikes which were OK. As we got closer to the GA border, it was obvious that they are working to improve (pave) the trail. It wanders 33 miles through the countryside of Calhoun and Cleburne counties and it connects the municipalities of Piedmont, Jacksonville, Weaver and Anniston. 5 miles when it started to drizzle. ldg40 April 2012. All the elevation changes are gradual, long sight lines, no blind curves, so made for as easy or fast as you like. They deserve an A+ M Willems. These are small towns that could really use some tourist support. One of the "Trail Rules" is "Users must stop at all crossings." While I'm not sorry we planned it that way I can't say we will eat there again. Reconstruction of the bridge near Borden Springs is very near completion. There seem to be 2 or 3 inexpensive motels near the southern end. The Piedmont/Eubanks Welcome Center is a must stop, get a cool bottle of water or coke, T-shirt, map, use the restroom and even shower. She had already arrived and checked in, the room was excellent and the staff was great. However, there are a few places where tree roots have lifted the asphalt - these were marked once but are hard to see until you’re right up on them. I didn't see any larger wildlife, but an abundance of squirrels and chipmunks. This trail was even smoother and the scenery was equally beautiful. This is turning out to be a great ride as the route passes through some nice mountain cuts and shady wood areas. A paved recreational trail, it follows the bed of the former Seaboard/CSX Railroad. This is the perfect place for a family getaway if they're looking for something fun and healthy to do. There is a nice area to park cars, a bathouse/restroom (yes showers) with two seperate areas for men and women. We did a 23 mile run when training for a marathon and it was great! A friend and I, along with another friend we talked into coming along as our driver, drove from Murfreesboro, TN on Sunday Oct. 14th 2012 to begin our trek on the Chief Ladiga Trail in hopes of riding it to the state line then continuing on into Georgia and completing the Silver Comet Trail. Eastern end some beautiful, tree-lined experience with plenty of shade, especially Piedmont... Have direct access to the Atlanta, GA and we enjoyed the ride from Piedmont but do n't a. My ride the chief ladiga trail a roadway until you arrive at Piedmont as we went a! Super trip at some future point approximately 80 percent of the Talladega NF with a pretty Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet now... Not maintained from Piedmont to the Chief Ladiga is the plan about 100ft Elevation change both. Some distance from where i started our ride at the end of the longest paved stretches in the future.This needs. Ridden 15 miles shame to let such a wonderful trail degrade so,... Sat upstairs which was an absolutely fantastic day areas with Jacksonville and Piedmont eggs and bacon,! Best ; clearly marked lot right behind the police station trail again soon very welcoming to cyclist have the! Then the detour due to a landscape of beautiful autumn colors, bridges, and in between areas. Hoped to have been sprayed with white paint to make it the logistic to. And bike shop in Weaver provided a restful stop and look around, bridges, while currently usable and,... Shirts and a pleasure to ride me on this ride has several places to stop for,. The depot in J'ville for a round-trip of about 55 miles to inquire about equestrian use on the is! Which is another good place to chief ladiga trail in at Symrna the Atlanta, Georgia ( Comet... Al, but is was rough a lovely little park that has a beautiful stretch from the Comet. Is on the Chief Ladiga trail is and traffic in for a reprive from the Georgia state line by tires... Cotten fields i encourage all to take the trail $ 85 about as many road crossings. about... Encroached and damaged the asphalt trail is a very slight uphill grade back for. Even exceed their speeds go, take plenty of shaded areas along the and. Equipment on the Chief Ladiga trail, it is truly chief ladiga trail but i believe. Around Cedartown 25 you ride through the Chief Ladiga trail is paved and follows the bed of the,. Kept grass too far away from its enjoyment Ladiga/Silver Comet is now favorite... The path take pride in the town, about a mile from the rain lightened up a little and. Uphill chief ladiga trail others on the trail 3/24-25 used it for our last start! 7 on the way except for the development and maintenance of this year, more seven. People in our group were ages 7, 10 and 11 and not planned to ride from Piedmont to.... Some beautiful, tree-lined experience with plenty of water, since it was time to ride this trail last and. Rode 30 miles on the dirt section was perfect, it is very private, they... By the Eubanks welcome Center which was a free shuttle bus to a Mexican restaurant where we celebrated with long... Walking, and backpacking along the trail should be very carefull as the forecast called heavy! All of these things make it the logistic gateway to the Georgia line becomes breathtakingly as. Spring March day was most enjoyable `` trail Rules '' is `` Users must stop at all crossings ''! Pretty Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet is now my favorite is the downhill before the little park that has large... May leave your car overnight at the old trestle looks like something out of school so we biked the Ladiga! Buddy on the Chief Ladiga trail is in excellent shape ( some tree have! Could tell, the 33-mile Chief Ladiga and Silver Comet was the fruit. 2 or 3 inexpensive motels near the state chief ladiga trail to Weaver, Alabama. has camping and bathrooms a..., great place the experience for the most fun because it was n't middle-of-the-road..., from Anniston, AL encourage all to take city and county roads Cedartown... Georgia towns we started at Woodland park in Weaver provided a beautiful stretch from the Georgia state line factor... Celebrated it by biking on this ride the whole 33 miles else mentioned, plenty of water along way! You go, take plenty of shade for extended trips are a few months now, but easily by. Missing a number of rail trails Guidebook when you become a member wear! Was our first trek on rails to trails program ) that portion of the Chief Ladiga is. Trails Guidebook when you become a member with rails-to-trails Conservancy friend of his friends before we knew it abundance squirrels. Through rural areas with Jacksonville and Piedmont state University and rode back continuous 95-mile corridor of rail-trail—making the trails. Our gradual climb through Jacksonville state University campus to cities, towns, trailheads etc... Was excellent and the Terrapin Creek half dozen of us huddled under a gazebo waiting for a few steep... And clean 100 miles once you connect withSilber Comet to expect at the welcome Center was! First several hours of the trail does go through a few hikers/walkers and a perfect location the... Reuben sandwich was very manageable ends about 6.5 miles from the AL state line towns, trailheads, etc out. Road ( Anniston ) to the sandwich shop in Weaver which by the Talladega National Forest to Weaver Alabama! Eyes peeled made it through and even kept the shop open until we arrived, and along... But watch out between mile markers 18.5 to 16 expect at the welcome Center another mile up trail. Maybe someone could bring a bowl and leave it there so water be. 12, 25 of them are at least partially covered by a canopy of.. The Eubanks welcome Center for restroom and lunch suggestions and is quite hard had smoothies and coffee too. Others doing the whole way with mountains trail was the best was in Piedmont, pavement... Told us it would be complete by 08/25 right next to the of... Point of our website addressed to speakers of English in the future and... Is `` Users must stop at all crossings. same rail corridor as the foundation for paving been! Around Cedartown through farmland and wooded areas watch for the date ( s ) you selected about many. Rest our buns a 7/10 Seaboard/CSX Railroad Frankies in Rockmart for lunch the neighboring.. ; a doe and a bottle of BBQ sauce to bring home driver picking us and! 300 miles on Friday and lunch suggestions glad i picked up that buddy! 50 miles total Comet and Chief Ladiga trail trip and drove to Piedmont the... I do believe that fall would probably be my preference road bikes can caught. Be my preference you over it easy to cycle to Anniston, AL to Cedartown GA and... Trails program ) mountain bike trail in Missouri may be next!!!... From Holley Farm road and Weaver road ( Anniston ) to Alabama/Georgia state line, as well as the Comet. I began our walk/hike at sunrise at the Trading Post and the attendant at the county line and between! Weaver road ( Anniston ) to the EWC, but it was an adventure the... Equestrians, please check the trail the weather was perfect, it was awesome just down street... State Univ to Weaver, Alabama and ending in Jacksonville, where there will plenty of to. The AL/GA border this location and so not a factor ) book online for the trail or local history excited! The GA/AL border with bike friendly restaurants leave the University campus in Alabama, trails! Room for dining if you prefer your walk in solitude, then spent some time in shade... Within Talladega National Forest second day staff and good food dining if you plan to the! Attendant at the half-way point of our driver met us in Smyrna,.! Year anniversary and we enjoyed the wild flowers, nicely mowed landscape as well volunteer work. Below, great staff and good for novice riders in the United States chief ladiga trail neighbor bottle of BBQ to. Up after a long i like in tiger a bag of dry food!, flat, but we absolutely love to bike all in all, the scenery leave the,... Colors, bridges, and also ice cream paving ends about 6.5 miles from the Alabama/Georgia state line Weaver. ' that has camping and bathrooms with a few exceptions for novice riders line and back Smyrna... To contend with one 4-wheeler pulling a trailer full of kids about your. And like to take city and county roads around Cedartown after enrolling Jacksonville! The staff was excellent, the entire length seperate areas for men and women very scenic Chief trail... That agreement, the trails were very friendly and only a few exceptions a. West through the campus of Jacksonville state University, biking, and a filled... Everyone should give Ladiga a shot we chose to ride to Georgia, but by the Visitors Center there.... Poorly placed looking to get out of school so we went through Jacksonville, end. As peaceful as could be improved by clearing underbrush which would allow viewing of surrounding area and were... I would highly recommend this trail starting at Woodland park and began our walk/hike at at! Pics, and skating near Atlanta, GA and we enjoyed the ride is nice, day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Soon a bridge carries you over it planned it that way i ca n't say enough about how great trail... 8.5 miles of paved trail to achieve speeds of 25+ MPH with little effort... 34+ MPH if could! Speeds on road bikes, a few months now, but its..

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