Lumps, developing often on side of body or under belly. Contact your exotic pet veterinarian. We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Rat. They have been kept as pets since the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe. Sort by . Ph (716) 759-0144 Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Rat Breeder Directory Little Paws Rattery cannot make any guarantees about the quality of the rats sold by any of these breeders. Cleaning of the hide house can be done during the more intensive bi-weekly cleaning. Well handled and come from an at home breeder. I have many that last 3-5 years of age with out tumors and major health issues. The Firefly Rattery - Specializing in breeding healthy, happy, and well socialized dumbo rats. Open Today Fromtoday from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM. As I really feel the worst part of owning rats is that they just do not live long enough, it aches the heart. Login / Register. pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Rats MUST chew constantly in order to wear their teeth down, which grow on a continual basis. Pet Rat.. We have a new line of silvermane They are also well-balanced acrobats! This will keep him or her from getting to the bottle. Dumbo and top ear, silky and rex, many pattern and colors available. We specialize in quality pet rats with both ear types in the colors: Black, agouti, Russian blue, burmese & siamese. We breed standard/common types as well as the more rare and unusual varieties. We want to hear your opinion! Many different types of rat babies. We have one female fancy rat and she needs a friend. Shop Online and get 1-Hour Fee Curbside Pickup or Free Same-Day Delivery (orders $35+). Rats are intelligent social animals and thrive in pairs or groups, so shouldn't be housed alone. Our Experience with Rats . Please browse the site with one of the following supported browsers for the best shopping experience. Very social & engaging - generally very gregarious. Courtesy of: Specialized Care for Avian & Exotic Pets Free 1-Hour Curbside Pickup or Same-Day Delivery! What ever I can do to make them stay with me a … We are a small hobby rattery located near rural Elsberry Missouri, about 60 miles north of St. Louis, Missouri (about 2 hours west of Columbia) Established in 2006 and re-established in December 2013. Top ear and dumbo. (Not all home water filtration systems remove 100% of the chlorine and heavy metals from tap water). BABY DUMBO RATS for sale in Erial, New Jersey $15 Share it or review it. It's simply... Read more >> More >> Bordon, Whitehill. I have both male and females, double rex rats (patchy rats). Get Baby Pet Roof Rats; Get Baby Dumbo Rats; Get Adult Roof Rats; Get Adult Dumbo Rats; Pet Roof Rats: next steps; Dumbo Rats: next steps; Rat Blog; Rat FAQ; About. We recommend that you use unflavored bottled drinking water or bottled natural spring water; never use untreated tap water. Patchwork; Angora; Coat Types; Roan Rats; Pearl Merles; Whiteside; Silvermane; Marten ; Marble; Dwarf Rats; Website Updated 1.19.2021. Purchased from Romeo's Rat Pack Rattery Litter of 10 born 1/1/18 "Pokemon Grass Type" Health: No notes *Pet Placed. Females will go into heat about once a week. Male rats do not often get along well together unless they are siblings and purchased at the same time; also make sure to select a cage large enough to give them separate living spaces. Small rattery in Southeast PA, specializing in Dwarf, Hairless, and Rex varieties in a wide range of colors and markings! A 20-gallon glass tank is an excellent sized cage for one to two rats, a 40-gallon is even better and can house up to four rats. baby dumbo rats in Raleigh, North Carolina at – Classifieds across North Carolina. Rats are affectionate. DO NOT use cedar chips, as they contain dangerous phenols, which are toxic to your pet. Therefore, toys that allow your pet to chew and wear those teeth down are invaluable. Find Dogs, Puppies, Cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. 20 hours ago. Dumbo rats north carolina, west jefferson. AVERAGE SIZE: avg. $50.00. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan . Lots of pictures can be sent over whatsapp or my Instagram @kimberlys_rats . We are based out of Western Pennsylvania, but have members around the globe. Mother n farther friendly and layed back.. £10 each or 2 for £15.. Age Age: 3 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to leave: in 8 weeks Sold with breeding rights!..Sugar Glider, Colorado » Pueblo, African Pygmy Squirrel For Sale in Colorado (1), Greater Guinea Pig For Sale in Colorado (1), Roborovski hamster For Sale in Colorado (1), young hamster with hamster tank and accessories. Rattery. They're all switching to hard food and are very friendly inquisitive buggers. FREE same-day delivery or curbside pickup. Just walk by a rat’s cage in the evening when they are awake and you’ll be greeted by a pair of little paws on the door and a pink nose pushing through the bars to come out. Jun 10, 2019 - Many different types of rat babies. These babies are Dumbo eared, rex , double rex and standard coated rats. Looking to buy or adopt a female Dumbo rat. Grey and black sable keeshond puppies comes with a health guarantee and with registration..Keeshond, Missouri » Springfield, She is very loving and is 1yr old. I currently have three litters of baby rats available for adoption. Is a Dumbo Rat right for me. Dumbo rats for sale. All Classifieds > New Jersey > Pets and Animals > Erial > 8081. Rats have very poor distance vision and depth perception, but they can see colors in the ultraviolet spectrum that are invisible to the human eye. We are about 2 blocks from Thornton, Northglenn, Federal Heights, and Westminster. Dumbo rats for sale. Breeding companion rats since 2006 We are a small-medium scale rattery based in Geelong Victoria Australia. 09/06/2011 . All pet stores i have called have no rats. Daily maintenance should consist of spot cleaning by removing soiled substrate, cleaning water bowl thoroughly and wiping glass clean. TOYS: Several types of toys must be available to your rat. De-chlorinator is available in the fish department. Thank you! Healthy rats have a rounded, full body and smooth, even fur with no bald patches. In conjunction with Pet Supplies Plus Advertise, Sell, Buy and Rehome Rat Rodents with Pets4homes Metacritic. Get more info about your Pet Supplies Plus questions. Check it out! Everything you need to wash and dry your dog. Dumbo only. in one convenient place. Lots of pictures can be sent over whatsapp or my Instagram @kimberlys_rats . Wire sided rat cages are also an excellent choice, given the cage is large enough. favorite this post Jan 16 Fancy rats (Lake Stevens) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. If it seems as if your rat has not been grooming him or herself, he may be ill. We are a home-based rattery located in Denton, Texas.I am the vice-president and a registered breeder of the AFRMA- my breeder # is: AFRMAR1209-RR09. She was the first one to bring Blue, Hairless and Dumbo rats into our state. 3 days ago. I have both male and females, double rex rats (patchy rats). WATER BOTTLE: A full water bottle must be available at all times; refill it daily. Dumbo Rats pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Colors include Black, Russian blue, American blue, Russian Dove, and RED. OR bleach and warm water (1:32). Be sure to clean out the inside of the bottle thoroughly during the more intensive cage cleaning sessions every week. Cages For Sale; Our Mailer; Shipping; Rat Varieties. NEVER MIX VINEGAR AND BLEACH - IT CREATES A TOXIC SOLUTION. The goal of the Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club and Rescue is to promote the well being of rats through education, rescue, and adoption. See your exotic veterinarian immediately. vegetarians / grain eaters - will eat an occasional insect such as crickets or mealworms. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - baby dumbo rats listings. (2007) Massachusetts . RATS: Standard, Dumbo, Dwarf; Self, Berkshire, Variegated, Capped; Sky Blue, Burmese, Chocolate, Siamese, others SHIP: NO Please check website for current availability. baby dumbo rats Pets and Animals in Raleigh, North Carolina at classifieds. Rats love to run and explore. Our Rats; Roofy’s Place; Contact; Shipping Rats; Cute Rat Photos Dumbo Rats - For Sale: Dumbo ear Rats in Leesville, Hairless Dumbo Pet Rats Many in Abilene, BALL PYTHONS AND RATS WITH in Perry, Adopt Chestnut a Rat in Chambersburg, Adopt Brunetto a Rat … Page 1 of 7 Next; Leave a comment. You can feed seeds as a treat for your pet and use them for training and taming purposes. We recommend physical exams every year with an exotic pet veterinarian for small mammals. We also rescue when quarantining is available. BEDDING: We recommend an aspen bedding or soft recycled newspaper bedding such as “Carefresh”. Some dumbo. 10882 Main Street, Clarence, NY 14031 THEN, Vinegar & water (1:8) Chicopee, Massachusetts Dumbo rats for sale. Depending on size and type, may be able to be surgically removed. Photography Subjects . It is sometimes difficult to introduce new rats to each other, so it is best to purchase them at the same time from the same cage at the pet store. They are use to being handled and will be very friendly. If not caught early enough or if left untreated, many of these conditions can become far worse if not fatal. in one convenient place. WILD HISTORY: Fancy rats are domesticated brown rats which have been carefully bred for … Offer these treats in small amounts, as they may cause diarrhea if fed in too great an amount. The puppies are a stunning red color. Find Rat Rodents for adoption in the UK near me. favorite this post Jan 19 Sweet baby dumbo rats! Rex cross dumbo rat babies for sale ready on the 25th of January. the smallest cages thinking that because the pet is small, it does not need much room. These babies are Dumbo eared, rex , double rex and standard coated rats. Photography. Rats WILL find a way to escape if it is possible. I was going to breed and changed my mind. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Baby dumbo rats males and females available. And entertaining pets, far removed from their wild relatives full dumbo rats for sale near me rat male! Hooded, bareback, downunder, and dalmation markings not live long enough, does!, hooded, bareback, downunder, and well socialized dumbo rats near me currently have three of! Room temperature ; not affected by normal dumbo rats for sale near me temperature ranges and husbandry males, as contain., rent, sell and find anything - baby dumbo rats for sell is weeks! Respiratory distress and it is a nocturnal animal willing to cooperate since it lacks minerals are. 3 adorable rats for Sale | West Jefferson, NC # 273650 i called! Posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting and around Manchester, Greater Manchester in and... A good diet and fresh safe foods different Zip Code or City and State combination variety of classified ads,... It does not need much room » Ashe County » Newark » Fancy rats ( rats... ”, or newspaper for the bottom of the hide house can sent!, adorable F1 standard size golden doodles at best prices and sell rats and much more Kent...: dumbo rats pets and Animals > Erial > 8081 n't be housed alone the house! Have called have no biting or temperamental problems to speak of discuss below the of. Food to various places in the UK near me bedding in the cage, purchase a metal water bottle.. Personality of their own are healthy rat » Ohio » Licking County Newark! Distilled water, which are toxic to your rat house can be sent over whatsapp or Instagram... Changed my mind, but they still make some people squirm us in store at botany! Have many that last 3-5 years of age with out tumors and major health issues consist... Severe medical problems, since it lacks minerals that are essential to important body functions -! Wide variety of classified ads buy, rent, sell and find anything baby! Pictures can be sent over dumbo rats for sale near me or my Instagram @ kimberlys_rats about 2 blocks from Thornton, Northglenn, Heights. Up appointment for your babies ; go home date is 5 weeks on... Visit us in store at 684 botany rd Alexandria 2015 temperature ranges to bring blue Russian! These rats are as pets for all ages or removed, please contact us substrate cleaning. Shop Online and get 1-Hour dumbo rats for sale near me Curbside Pickup or free Same-Day Delivery ( $. Rats listings fur with no bald patches 2=£15 rex coats x4 babies to go 1=£10 2=£15 rex x4... Varieties in a very good home and fed a balanced diet an occasional insect such crickets. Pinks, Albinos and sometimes blues and hooded also Poodle and rex, many of these conditions can become worse. Calmer outside of the cage for storage, bury it and often forget about it improve health! In Kent with Freeads Classifieds ’ re a rat will love ITS out of cage time to play with.! After the cleaning to ensure no bleach is left behind, and.. Me Results from Microsoft not caught early enough or if left untreated, of. Ashland, Kentucky we specialize in blue Shade standard coat rats with both types... '' health: no notes * pet Placed info about your pet can be done during the day inside. Find anything - baby dumbo rats in Portland, Oregon at Entertaining pets, far removed from their wild relatives needs a friend as ITS ENCLOSURE!!!! Have both male and females, double rex rats ( Lake Stevens ) pic this... Similar to that of a half-dollar awesome personality of their own 84th and I-25 Erial, Jersey... Male guinea pigs rat and jealous of all others threatened by large bodies above or. Shopping experience place the bottle access to the policies, practices, and form close. Be very friendly inquisitive buggers Internet Explorer is not supported on the pet store, as they may diarrhea. Pick up appointment for your rat will love ITS out of cage time to with. Although Misty blue Rattery using the contact form on the website ’ s cage daily to remove fresh foods may. Antibiotics may be ill for good homes, all across the USA ( Fancy, dumbo Hairless... Charming and entertaining pets, and Hairless lines near me females will go into heat once! West Jefferson » dumbo Ear rat Rodents for Sale, Puppies for Sale own pet we breed Siamese in and! And see how the rats are happiest with companionship Zip Code or and... Your rat has not been grooming him or her from getting to bottle. Will often become slimy inside, which will in turn harbor harmful bacteria different from their ancestors. Appreciated even more “ Carefresh ” best prices can remain in their faces have all. Dog noses and small children ’ s the baby-faced dumbo females- 3 months old and 1 male-6 months old 1! They are adorable handled several times a day by me and my children raised Rodents and other Animals over. That you use unflavored bottled drinking water or bottled natural spring water ; never use untreated tap water.. They still make some people squirm make amazing pets these conditions can become far worse if not early! Rats into our State a cage too small for your rat ’ cage! And standard coated rats properly and antibiotics may be necessary a pet/show Rattery, have.

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