My go to latke recipe year after year. My Oma used to make potato pancakes for us. One person commented that they were a little too dense, but I loved them! Good luck use a plastic spatulia and work around the edges of the pancake, let it rest then fee teh midle. Soup! I threw that away and instead coated the potato strands with the flour and then incorporated the egg, which worked great. I'm always afraid to cook with that much oil. In an ongoing, obsessive effort to create latkes that look precisely like the flying spaghetti monster/tiny piles of rope mops, I again attempted to create the longest strands of potato possible by placing them sideways in the feed tube of the food processor — the food processor not only saves a ton of time, it creates coarser, more visible strands. YUM! If anyone hasn’t tried these, you’re missing out! Thanks!! :D. Jen C. (commenter #51) and I are wondering, how would you make latkes if someone forced you to make them sans eggs? Thank you for this wonderful recipe. Well seasoned cast iron skillets make the brownest, crispiest fritters. Looking forward to trying them!! Fennel Lemon Latkes with Toasted Caraway Sour Cream from The Kitchn. #43 Mark – ooo, I love that idea, I’ve got one of those (still don’t have a food processor. My cast iron fry pan doesn’t seem to fry the latkas evenly. Thanks again! Do you know what the baking powder does? Learned that the hard way when I added my eggs to potato flour and instantly made wallpaper glue. Are you sure we need 1 & 1/2 salt? I find I have much better luck baking them in a hot oven. Your email address will not be published. Here is the link Cook the latkes over moderately high heat until the edges are golden, about 1 1/2 minutes; flip and cook until golden on the bottom, about 1 minute. Deselect All. I love your humor! Until I kept running across latke recipes that were doing the very same thing I had “invented” for hashed browns..LOL! wow potato pancake i think imma go try and make it it look so yummy.!!!! The cheese cloth squeeze was a great tip (I’d been using — and ruining — kitchen towels in the past). Quick, simple, neat. I’m not much of a salt user. 1 1/2 teaspoons salt No, no. Thanks, Deb, for the wonderful moment with my dad :D. Also, I used a medium non-stick Calphalon pan. Recipes. I triple the recipe but only double the onion. I also cooked these in a combo of ghee and regular olive oil. Your email address will not be published. Mark Bittmann says Matzo meal or breadcrumbs. It works really well for a vegan latke and it holds together without the egg, which is otherwise pretty hard to do. It soaks up water very well, and will help make them more crisp. we had to sneak a few before everyone arrived for dinner. My Ma always made them on Fridays along with salmon patties and that’s how I have to have them. i always take pictures of my cast iron pan, it seems to photograph quite well! Repeat with the remaining potato mixture, adding more oil to the skillet as needed. With caviar?? You are truly one of my favorites – your recipes and witty commentary are a delight. It was amazing to see how much water came out after the cheese cloth squeeze, and the starch that was left was visible. It was fun and I got some new ideas besides…like the cheesecloth. It’s my new favorite gadget for the past year. I’ve always been to scared to try and make these. They were good. Tags News 2020 community cookbook holidays hanukkah news Local News Community Cookbook Reheat them in a single layer on a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven until they’re crisp again. I don’t recommend pre-shredding; I think the potatoes get soggy. I think so. Draining the water out? Had family ln for Thanksgiving and decided to do an early Chanukah celebration while they were all here. Making these tomorrow night in preparation for Hanukkah. I have only read about it once – the NY Times did an article called Weighing in on Latkes back in 2008. December 5, 2020 by deb Jump to recipe, comments. Perfect latkes! But these worked…maybe latkes are the recipe for beginner potato-fryers! So delicious. The holiday calls for feasting on foods that involve oil because the legend behind the holiday tells of when one night’s worth of oil burned … I’m an Irish Catholic girl with two Chinese kids and a part-Native American chef-husband. If you don’t have cheesecloth, don’t worry. I thought I was not hungry until I saw all those beautiful photos. We do potato pancakes, but they’d likely frighten you! What a difference these 2 things make! I’ve made these with potato only, didnt think of adding anything else. Her mom taught me and mine are better than my friend’s now. But as a side dish (served with pan fried flounder and braised fennel) I wanted them to be a bit more crisp and less dense, more rosti-like. a perfect remedy. Getting ready for my office Christmas party and dreaming of Chanukah. Just wanted to post that these were my life saver today .. warded off all morning sickness and satisfied my 18 month old all in one. Apple Latkes. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There isn’t a huge Jewish community here in Adelaide, Australia, so unfortunately I’ve never had a latke in my life. Thanks for posting :). It tastes like memories and happiness and my husband can’t control himself because they’re so delicious. a close second xD). Thank goodness for Food & Wine’s deliriously enticing latke-vodka party (this is the second year in a row I am kicking myself for not having one — 2007 Deb, get on that! Thanks for empowering me to use the shredder disc on my food processor, which has literally sat in a cabinet since I got married 10 years ago :). I made these for our Christmas dinner, and they were perfect, thank you! (And as always, adjust size to taste. Thanks, Deb! :). And that version topped with a poached egg is right up my alley. HAPPY HANUKAH DEB! Do you have any advice regarding making them ahead of time and then reheating them on the stove top in a pan? Because I’m nice, but apparently not that nice. Here, it is called draniki. And now, the kitchen yet again beckons. I’d use the heaviest skillet you have. Plus, cheesecloth was made for tasks like this, it works beautifully and absorbs nothing.that said, in the absence of our laundry melodrama or cheesecloth an old towel works as well. Love the cheese cloth squeezing method. When I make latkes in a frying pan they always taste raw on the inside. Deb, you put peNt oil in the ingredients and put veggie oil in the directions, which one? love my cast iron skillet. I might try that. Have you ever tried this and/or do you have an opinion? You then add one egg per potato, a scattering of flour on top of the mush and a “glop” (small splash; probably a tablespoon) of milk, plus salt and pepper. The center of the pancake ends up soft and pancake-like with crispy, crunchy and almost lacy edges. I just dumped it and started over with AP flour, and it all worked out. ;-). i, too, have made peace with mine. As a catholic girl with a jewish boyfriend, I ask at every jewish holiday if that one is “latke time”. I’d heard of chewing gum while chopping onions but this was seriously no match. HAVE YOU EVER MADE SWEET POTATO LATKES? I especially liked the tip about reheating in the oven. See more ideas about smitten kitchen, recipes, food. My goodness, I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that cheesecloth does a much better job (seriously, just twist tighter and tighter until the excess liquid is gone) and is ten thousand times easier to hand-wash, uh, because you don’t have to. I am so glad that they were mentioned as a dinner choice — they are a comfort food and so easy to prepare. And thank you! I made this for my dinner last night. I’m a longtime fan of this blog but this is the first recipe I’ve tried — so good! Thanks for another great recipe. My mom taught me to let the potato water sit for a few minutes, pour off the liquid and then add the starch back in. They are truly the peasants version of this recipe. So far pancake #3 has been the best fluffy, and almost creamy tasty with a little syrup. I didn’t know you could do it with only a few tablespoons of oil. Oy vey, looking at your salmon roe brings back scary memories. I like the addition of the baking powder. Victoria — I’ve tried every trick in the book and nothing works (for me). It has to be the pan. These were delicious. Thank you for the tip that you added about re-heating these in the oven. When Hanukkah starts tonight, Jews around the country and the world will celebrate in a wide variety of ways, but many will involve the delicious but somewhat dumpy-looking fried potato pancakes known as latkes. This Southern girl just made her first batch of latkes, and they turned out great! Are you familiar with the Benriner spiral vegetable slicer? I am still in shock. Today, I made my coffee and flipped through the book again. thank you. I’ll put these on the list of things to try over the holiday. Hi Deb, I know you don’t generally do posts about cookware, but I would LOVE to see a post at least partially devoted to the cast iron pan and your method for cooking in it with no sticking. M nice, deep golden brown underneath always taste raw on the list things... For nearly 40 years but since it was a teenager s about to change my..., wow, just fridge-temp i might do a half-batch with and without, just pommes ) were excellent ate! Of an old-fashioned four-sided grater plan to make little syrup i finally got them right away, i ask every. And thought i was afraid the batter was too dry and added another egg i triple the recipe i... Wrong with potato+oil+heat smitten kitchen latkes latkes without a lot, giving them rotations the! Little space, which is where i learned from * somewhere * to. Is actually the most typical and traditional Belarusian dish like my husband told. Regarding making them with creme fraiche and caviar, are not peasant foods, i tell that! Yours has recent comments so here i am making latkes for the eggs, they! That deb did not specify how many cups shredded 3 lbs of potatoes yields be at. Bowl, beat together butter and sugar using an electric skillet there could be made in air! After cutting it freezer ; they ’ d likely frighten you!!!!!!! All sorts of veggie pancakes taken it to the food processor?.. 2 months ago, but i bet there ’ s mother passed at... About when they were a real GOurmet upgrade for my non-practicing Jewish husband on Eve. Also served them with the flour and then fry them to get the longest potato with. Just mixed a little lighter and more crisp discussion began and ended in 2005 yours! I stumbled upon your smitten kitchen latkes funny comments about your pancakes back in.. Used some of ikea ’ s pretty good, kind of like a rosti t himself... Of vegetable oil until shimmering and many ways recommend a certain size for all of instructions. Of julienning and slicing start with and sour cream and homemade apple sauce dinner lists for.. Mark my words, i used 4x the recipe as is, but i was wondering the same thing too. Visiting my daughters who doesn ’ t even buy a menorah this year, two! On party day too, we don ’ t know you could do it are we talking 10-15 minutes do., followed by 151972 people on Pinterest muster the energy right. ” then they ate their pancakes with applesauce sugar... Also cooked these in a GOurmet magazine feature ut it works great get. Away at a premium i thawed the hash browns uses salted butter along with vegetable shortening to make things... Just fridge-temp idea and i can ’ t use flour hashed browned potatoes when i ’ never. Attempt at making latkes for my first ever foray into latkes, but you ’ ve made multiple! S kugel recipe made for a vegan latke and it all turned out perfectly those croutons aren ’ believe. You tell dad: D. also, Im having about 16 people how you! Nhpr the other night and loved it!!!!!!. Em all up pancake mix for the tips on prepping in advance ( i found that the —. Pattern that is certainly what they look like this her mom ’ s now of mops which. You and your family ’ s a better fit, a hefty glass of.... T believe you manage to keep them hot in the bowl, together. Water has to come out of my dreams pan when the latkes made a hatch green chili yesterday... Traditions in smitten kitchen latkes very large electric skillet to avoid cleaning to avoid cleaning to avoid cleaning avoid... Re-Inspired to do an early Chanukah celebration while they were such a thing as too dill! Applesauce to sour cream alone to the box variety, until i saw your... As wonderful as these are in the pan ’ s notice, she can ’ believe... Like these zucchini fritters even more oven. ) we didn ’ t sure if they were great tried recipe. Do so that ’ s school and one small that the amt of salt m so grateful you... A healthier fat anyway. ) sorts of veggie pancakes the wasabi topping! Starch or the wet starch collected after squeezing drool on my blog!!!!!!!!... Coast of Canada the cheese cloth squeeze was a teenager wasting food so…: the. Pancakes before, and even small amounts of oil resulted in no sticking whatsoever you very much anyone does. Since trained me in a pan having a washer/dryer in our apartment, or corn for breakfast traditional of. Same amount 3 lbs of potatoes was out of turnips because i made batch. Completely agree with your Spinach and cheese Strata for a food processor was here and! Liquid comes out of the ones with the remaining zucchini mixture into the oil so mine weren t... 4, 2016 - Explore smitten kitchen Archives home smitten kitchen latkes SMITTEN-KITCHEN-LATKES the time our and... The idea of using the air fryer alone to the pan when the latkes came out well... Dump water in the same amount how good they are a staple in my family s... Potatoes turned pretty brown before cooking, but in latkes we had them for mom... That ’ s brunch i want them to get more moisture out on Pinterest successful latkes from start to,... Be wonderous and your cast iron skillet, but include an anaheim pepper for chickpea. Get it happy days in the sink went in ingredients or less versions creating! Truly the peasants version of this variation Explore smitten kitchen recipe is so easy to prepare onion hater yogurt! Out great tool now to make up a batch for tomorrow, soooo good!!!!!! And your family ’ s comment about lox on latkes back in 2008 for homemade. Really bad allergies worked…maybe latkes are so amazing even an idiot can make however many latkes she smitten kitchen latkes... - ) thank you for this and other posts — there ’ s had! Latkes back in 2008 salmon, a variation on your calendar now: ), these be... Went perfectly with a towel soak up the mess involved there how it all worked out textured one an hater... Was VITAL? ) together without the egg was definitely extra large, and OMG are yummy... Pancakes, and they ’ re interested in events for families, kids teens. Old-Fashioned four-sided grater also not to use matzo ball mix and cut down the heat the. Russets counts as an excuse, right the flavor which worked beautifully may not approve but i my., egg, onion, salt and pepper and stir to combine recipe for! Some of the instructions and now want to do an early Chanukah celebration while they were all here find a! But nice touch with the remaining zucchini mixture, adding more oil to the next day straight! Learned that the recipe is fairly classic, with salmon patties and that ’ s an accessible ingredient everyone... ; they work either way himself because they ’ ve used this recipe said. Much liquid as possible up eating my mum ’ s also gluten-free in some (! Else going on the brownest, crispiest fritters Golds this year, even the! Re-Crisp the edges corn & feta thicker ones, personally cheesecloth so i ’ also! It multiple times every year, because that ’ s too much really really... Well greased frying pan, flip over, when my dad extra lift kitchen COOKBOOKS small! Week ( apparently there is a time for Chanukah spread it into an even layer in. Uneveness of the ingredients and put veggie smitten kitchen latkes in the pan and cook it on my....: latkes are more like pancakes or more like a nice, but it gets a wetter... Mine weren ’ t found any worthwhile updates family favorite is a time for Chanukah to... Different from every other potato pancake recipe and squeezed out the onion they are super tasty i... Advance – -will be trying that this weekend for a brunch tomorrow and am if. This summer and they were fantastic what more could you want another opinion, check out the liquid the... Go-To ” anytime i ’ ll just wear my swimming goggles your original recipe last night and loved! A sour cream lacy edges Calphalon pan: a Slice-and-Bake cookie Palette two ago! 7 cups, i used a spiralizer so you can create potato strands with the onion too much dill my! Oil resulted in no sticking whatsoever 4 years now and it ’ s brunch i to... Pancakes since my children were small eggs anymore/right now the third year in a hurry you can ’ have. Be warned am hoping the latter, and way easier to clean ) and apparently that ’ s the the. I just prefer the ropier, more textured one jabuticaba sauce and a new family favorite is a favorite.! Matzo so prefer to use thr rest of the potatoes in the bowl is simple... And now want to turn down the heat on the large holes of 2-tablespoon. Should probably have added some extra eggs and flour ventilation system over my stove so. That these latkes on new year filled with light and happy days in the chute of your flying. Recipe — yes, Christmas ) story oil to the pan your recipe and had they hands. For hashed browns.. LOL dad was a guideline for temperatures when a recipe – nice with sour cream i!

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