Anna feeds Faye and gives her a shower, before angrily confronting Tim about leaving Faye home alone. On New Year's Eve, while Kevin is at work, a powercut frightens Jack, which results in Anna falling down the stairs as she rushes to be with him. The Windass family move into No. Carla then demands to see Hayley, but Anna tries to persuade her against the idea, thinking that leaving the couple alone would be the better choice. It definitely wasn't what they were expecting. With Phelan distracted at facing Anna once more, Michelle seizes an opportunity to free herself from him - prompting Phelan to throw her aside and shoot Michelle in response. The cafe worker - who is played by actress Debbie Rush - was knocked unconscious … Tim follows her outside and Faye admits to Tim that she's not ready to be a mother yet and that she thinks her mother doesn't understand how she feels. But what happened to Miley, the daughter Faye gave up? They find that Phelan knocked down both Eileen and Seb in a failed attempt to take his grandson Zac, shot Nicola in the ensuing struggle, and is currently holding the bistro hostage in a bid to seek medical treatment for his daughter. She could not understand why Anna could not just forgive Owen because she had with all of Eddie's crimes. "[5] The character was originally called Donna Windass but was changed last minute to Anna Windass[4] after a series of name changes to all the members of the family since their inception, but before appearing onscreen. He then told Seb that he saw Anna push him, which led to Anna being arrested for the second time. Here's what we know... Anna Windass had been sentenced to five years in prison on Coronation Street after she was framed by evil Pat Phelan for pushing Seb Franklin off a ladder. When I got the part I couldn’t believe it, I was thrilled to bits. Anna does her best to look out for Roy but he accidentally spills the beans on Hayley's suicide wish, leaving Anna stunned. In 2015, Anna becomes concerned for Faye and she worries that Faye's bullying may be becoming worse as Faye tells Anna that she is being mocked for her weight gain. When Jackson's parents, Josie and Greig, offer to have Miley come live with them, both Anna and Tim were against the idea. [15], Grace Dent of The Guardian has said that she likes the character of Anna, pointing out her redeeming personality traits: "Chief apologist for all of these people is Anna Windass, Eddie's wife and Gary's mum, who is so surprisingly sweet and non-abrasive that she manages to keep her entire clan on the right side of likable just through hapless handwringing alone. In July 2017 The Sun revealed how the actress was leaving Corrie. She then went back to see Eileen, but Phelan caught her out and called the ambulance and police. Into the New Year, Anna supports Roy as Hayley's health deteriorates. This ends badly, however, as Phelan provokes Gary into punching him upon badmouthing Anna and they fight - which ends with Gary hitting Phelan across the head with a large plank of wood, knocking him unconscious. Sally decides to have a garden party on the same day that Anna is planning on having a barbecue, which leads to further friction and the guests being torn on which barbecue to attend, especially Roy and Hayley, as Sally is a close friend and Anna is their employee. Tim begins a relationship with Anna's next-door neighbour Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor), causing friction between the two women. During Gary's next visit, Anna was overdosed after she took medication prescribed by her doctor and she collapsed while trying to get back into her cell. Anna is present when a car accident on the street caused by David traps Gary and David's own daughter, Lily Platt. Anna Windass is a fictional character from the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, portrayed by Debbie Rush. However, Sally gradually accepts Anna's relationship with Kevin after they convince her of their good intentions. Anna was relieved when she rushed over to Kevin, glad that he was unharmed, but was surprised to see that the man whom he saved was Phelan - who himself had returned to the streets. Coronation Street fans are reeling after long-suffering Anna Windass was found GUILTY of pushing Seb Franklin off his ladder. The scene in question involved character Anna Windass attempt to make her way around the living room on her crutches, only for them to be the complete wrong way around. “Patrick Phelan is pure evil, I didn’t do it.”. Mistakes in soaps don’t happen often but unfortunately when they do everyone seems to notice and this is exactly what happened on a recent episode of Coronation Street. Windass arrived on the cobbles of Coronation Street in 2008 with his mum Anna… Anna first appears on screen with her long-term boyfriend Eddie (Steve Huison) when they refuse to pay Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale) for a kitchen refit. However, Izzy enters in floods of tears - so she does not tell Owen. Anna chooses Faye and Eddie moves to Germany as a result. The locals gather together and manage to lift the vehicle in order to free Gary and Lily, but moments later the car explodes, causing Anna to fall in a puddle of petrol. Faye locked herself in her room, and upon Anna's return – the couple split, with Anna unable to forgive Owen for hitting Faye. This ends badly at Christmas, as Gail's invitation for the Windasses to stop in for dinner soon leads to Joe throwing food at them and forcing them out of the house. A few minutes later, Hayley's former boss Carla Connor (Alison King) arrives at the café and Anna answers the door. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Kevin attempts to put the fire out with help from David and Sarah's brother Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), and she is rushed to hospital - where Gary and Kevin are told that Anna's burns are severe, with her clothes melting into her skin. Due to her disability, they approach Izzy's younger sister Katy about being a surrogate mother, and she and Owen reconcile. Later on that night, she witnesses Kevin jumping in to save a man's life after nearly getting struck by Jamie Bowman (James Atherton) - a pornographic offender who had just robbed the Bistro and left Carla brutally unconscious. On the day Anna had told Nicola the truth about her father, Phelan forced Andy to kill Vinny before executing Andy himself - after which he buried their corpses prior to framing Anna for Seb's ladder accident. After killing Phelan at the climax of his siege, Anna decided to leave Weatherfield - thus concluding the character's story arc. Anna then tells Phelan that she won the feud, and watches as Phelan takes his last breath and dies in front of her - finally ending his reign of terror at long last. Anna first appears on screen with her long-term boyfriend Eddie (Steve Huison) when they refuse to pay Joe McIntyre (Reece Dinsdale) for a kitchen refit. Whilst they were at the hospital, Faye bumped into Jackson and their daughter Miley. [18], In 2009 Ruth Deller of entertainment website Lowculture, who runs a monthly feature of the most popular and unpopular soap opera characters, profiled the Windasses, adding that Anna is the main reason to why they were initially unpopular, stating: "The Windass family's introduction has not gone down too well, and Donna (sic) seems to be the prime target for the vitriol against them. On 5 December 2010, it was announced that Eddie was to leave Coronation Street in spring 2011 after being axed by producer Phil Collinson. That night, Grace sends Faye a video of her attacking Simon, and it soon goes viral after she posts it onto the Internet. She has a heart-to-heart with new neighbour Gail Platt (Helen Worth) to make peace as she wants a fresh start in Coronation Street[1] even though their families are feuding and convinces Eddie to make peace with Gail's partner, Joe. Two weeks later, the truth about Phelan is finally revealed when Gary and Seb infiltrate his worksite with the intent of locating the gun he used to kill Luke - only to unknowingly expose the corpses of Vinny, thus proving Anna's statement correct despite the fact that she never knew that Phelan killed Vinny, and that of Michael's surrogate son: Andy Carver (Oliver Farnworth). However, Anna is later dismayed when Gary is reported as being AWOL, after she comforts him over his secret fears he returns to duty.

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