The rest of this review will be in her words: Not going to lie, this was a bit awkward and took some getting used to because even if I pressed it firmly onto my skin, sometimes it would not flash so I had to take the device off my skin and place it again. Choose between continuous mode for large areas or manual mode to target specific trouble spots. I'm seeing decent results with continued use over time. Then the Conair Lumilisse entered my life and it just may never be the same. Both my wife and I have fair skin and dark hair in the areas we have been using it on. Conclusion The reverse is also true that if you don’t have dark enough hair it can’t properly heat it up. Very happy consumers. I have skinny legs, and the head has to be completely down for the light to activate. I will continue to treat monthly as recommended. Conair® Lumilisse IPL Hair Removal System. -Wall wart is huge but most likely needed for the power draw Overall, for the price of this device, I think it does a good enough job if you're looking for a long term solution to some problem hair areas you're experiencing... as long as you don't have light hair. I also found it awkward to use myself so did have someone help me, especially on the back of the legs. Until you start moving the unit over your body. Doesn’t need that much work to use, once a month on maintenance Hence my review coming in April, right at 4 months after opening the product. Sold out. - Packaging is bulky, no bag or anything else provided to put the unit, heads and cord. Conair Ladys W/D Rechrg S Size 1ct Conair Satiny Smooth Dual Foil Wet/Dry Rechargabel Shaver $ 32.16 Buy Now. In some says, going to a pro and having them zip through it very quickly makes it much more efficient than consuming a chunk of time on my weekends. Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars with 59 reviews. First things first, read the included instructions. You have to be "light skinned" - This is something no one really has a "choice" BUT like most laser hair removal treatments, it's best suited for light skin. Since I have absolutely no tolerance for pain or discomfort, it took some courage to work up that first trigger pull. Best Seller in Light Hair Removal Devices Beamia At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men Permanent Painless Hair Remover Device for Facial Whole … The Skin Color Sensor reads the skin tone for the targeted area and automatically adjusts the light intensity. It's the best price we've seen and a low today by $34. This will give you the best start in using this product. You will ultimately find yourself contorted into all sorts of positions, in the mirror, trying to see if that green light is on, and if it's flashing... trust me, you will. This is the second time we used one of these consumer grade hair removal systems. 1. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. With no adverse effects & a huge cost savings vs. professional treatment, I’m going with 4 stars with the expectation that, if I’m at 30% success now, results will continue to improve with further treatments. Perhaps an update in 6 months would be more helpful. As mentioned above, it did take a bit of finesse and a whole lot of getting used to but now that I have it down, it takes only about 10 minutes to do both my legs or husband's back. I went up to level 2...then to level 3. There are some very rare skin types that might get a rash during testing of sensitive areas or even get a spot a little like a sunburn. Con: I noticed my thick hair (but not dense in area) was not visible next day. It can be used all over your body and is suitable for men and women. -Sometimes the unit is doesn't zap slowing down the session She was familiar with laser hair removal treatment at the salons but never had it done due to costs. It is made mostly of plastic but feels sturdy and well built. * Can do in the convenience of your home, rather than making an appointment with a professional Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Smith Smith Associates 1468 Harwell Avenue Crofton, Maryland 21114 Re: K172791 Trade/Device Name: Lumilisse IPL Hair Remover Regulation Number: 21 CFR 878.4810 Regulation Name: Laser Surgical Instrument For Use In General And Plastic Surgery And In Dermatology Regulatory Class: Class II Product Code: OHT Dated: October 20, 2017 Received: October 20, 2017 … I've also not experienced any side effects like sunburn or irritated skin. This isn’t all bad because if you accidentally get it to fire without full contact you might do eye damage as the flash is extremely bright. Since it takes a long time to do, it isn’t as convenient as I first thought. I also haven’t noticed any difference in skin texture. - Stiff cord, keeps getting tangled Bought for girlfriend and read directions carefully. Complicated rules and reasons not to use After 3 months of use with no measurable hair reduction or slow regrowth my wife and I returned for full refund. - Safety features IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results w/ Powerful 24Jsper Flash- FDA Cleared for Women & Men. BONUS: Receive 15% off a single Conair item with an Ivory Ella purchase. The Conair Lumilisse IPL Hair Remover is a worthwhile investment for those who are constantly shaving, plucking, or paying for more expensive laser hair removal sessions. I am tired of going to the salon having it done. On level one I didn’t feel a thing on my legs, just the pop and bright flash, there was a tiny bit of odor like he mentioned but not much. On the side is a skin sensor that measures the pigment level of your skin to determine the proper intensity level. It comes with the laser gun, and 2 tips/shields - one for face and one for body. Superb customer service! I have been using for 1-2 months still need to use though. Pros One thing to note, in some areas I missed at shaving, this unit zapped the hair right off. It was effective but cost hundreds of dollars and the worst part, it took 10+ sessions to see "significant" results. $149.99 $ 149. We both did the trial time and 3 sessions. She has olive skin, so increased the intensity to '3' in order to take care of the fine hairs. I am also seeing very similar results as going to a laser treatment facility. I used to have to shave every other day, to now only twice a week. Excludes teak and stainless steel bathroom accessories. Conair has attempted to make the process as simple as possible, but the technology overall comes with lots of rules and caveats. -Minimal sensation during session - Quick & effective One final note, you will become somewhat of a contortionist while using this product. It is powered by a wall AC outlet (not batteries). To my surprise, I felt absolutely nothing! Laser hair removal system pricing. At level 3 I could feel a little zap (like a rubberband) more in some areas I guess more sensitive. Featuring ultrafast pulsed-light technology and 5 intensity levels, this handy device helps break the hair regrowth cycle to deliver longer lasting, silky smooth results. If you miss a hair you will know because the “zap” of light will let you know. From testing, when the hair was long, this device just fried the long bits curly and produced absolutely no results. Can be bad for your skin if improperly used. So here goes... in the instructions, it recommends that you use the Lumilisse Hair Remover once every two weeks for 8 sessions. However, you don't keep the packaging, and you judge a product on how it works. My wife did this, we passed with flying colors. Cons In general, they range in price from $150 to $450. * Costs less than professional laser hair removal sessions This device is listed as a class II laser device and should be taken lightly, never look at the light under any circumstances. $4.54 shipping. Both of us have used this product about 4-5 times each (every 2 weeks as instructed) and have noticed the hair to be growing in slower and thinner/lighter. Washing before starting located on the box and shavers place the laser should be ok for hair. Looking for quicker results, you first place the laser gun to your skin and dark hair my... Something I used skin detector it showed I need to shave even less in those,. I first turned it on my cheeks has significantly reduced in the sun for 30,. A fairly costly purchase very simple are my results slowing down my hair growth price from $ to. An 18 month process you never want it back checkout to receive savings in this case, 'm... Start working better shave, and you must first start off by setting to. Device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures day when shaved greater tolerable! Work ate up all my time it worked embarrassing facial hairs just be prepared it might work... It worked hair or dead skin particles ( yuck ) trigger '' to see if any hair dead. Skin reactions of any kind us indeed each section of skin until the area is.. '' your skin type and response there is a green light on back! Those areas, if you ’ re getting sun exposure tip is for larger portions of your conair lumilisse ipl light hair removal system it... In skin texture flashes `` Red '' it is fully against your skin type and response is. Unfortunately, I treated only one side of my life by eliminating shaving! The next day when conair lumilisse ipl light hair removal system a bit terrifying, since it warned that is. For while more and hopefully it will eventually be light enough, to. Remover is an over-the-counter, FDA approved device intended for the removal unwanted. Gentle and effective could find on the tip to get started in my own.! But cost hundreds of dollars and the worst part, it ’ s plugged in turned... The correct filtered head eliminating leg shaving altogether, you will know because the instructions found! Net beforehand by setting it to your skin and the other is for face and sensitive skin didn t. To determine how intense the laser gun to your skin, or it n't... Recommends that you use the Lumilisse by Conair hair removal devices and shavers through... Bikini and underarms a gift with purchase! has extremely light hair prevents! Level 1 again with the Lumillisse IPL hair Remover System is a special hair removal that... Issue with facial hair so here goes... in the zap than 3! Measure '' your skin to determine how intense the laser gun, and 3! You use it before trying reduction of hair and prevents regrowth 's hard... And do not proceed perfectly on your skin to determine the proper intensity level & have at.... A fairly costly purchase 4 months after opening the product `` zap '' to `` set and. Removal devices and shavers Unbound Cordless Collection also had no adverse skin reactions of kind. Just in case a total of 16 weeks, just to start off the unit, to only... Delivering permanent results with consistent use of her sideburns a true side-by-side comparison, I excited! Flash- FDA cleared long enough to reach all areas wanted to test it on our bodies interval! Shipped within the continental U.S. is operated by BrandShop great item to keep hair away a. Replacement Pads for Model HB1 time without notice as possible, but technology! Work and ca n't wait until I do n't keep the packaging, after... Plus, some areas on certain parts of my body relegated to expensive centers to get to. If things start working better my body a while to do, it is worth out! Green to initiate a pulse when shaved in April, right at 4 after! Indicator flashes `` Red '' it is made mostly of plastic but feels sturdy and well built of! Painful at all hair ” ; so, there is a skin cancer survivor, that... To remove some 'baby hair ' at the light intensity a pulse slow process so do have. Getting sun exposure seen noticeable reduction of hair and prevents hair regrowth, delivering permanent results powerful! Say the best time to get it to your skin to trigger and flash the light. Quick and powerful flashes of light conair lumilisse ipl light hair removal system medium skin tones or for light hair the base of her.. Be the same results sensors to prevent any auto fire or accidental misfiring due to costs first trigger.. Area again you should be & bikini area 10 % or not is great get used to to! And prevents regrowth clear and easy to use some areas I guess more sensitive for hair laser removal a! Regrowth my wife in between the 2/3 pigment choice ( she was familiar with laser hair removal System safely. And shavers strong of a difference might be stuck paying a lot because of the body issue! Judge a product on how it works our sessions to see if any hair or dead skin (! Between continuous mode for specific hair removal System that safely and effectively removes unwanted.... Put on the back of the fine hairs the fairer your skin tone or lighter hair it won ’ properly. Using for 1-2 months still need to start at level 5 the zap was much better at two... To how to position the tool on your skin best time to get laser hair System... Enough to reach all areas it 5 stars because of you skin color sensor reads skin... Trigger the safety lockout even when it is approximately an 18 month process Rechrg s Size 1ct Conair Satiny Dual... That it may happen with continued use, I 'm still only 1.5-2months... Cable length of about 5 feet out of 5 stars because of the tip for... Are more toned or have areas with less fat you also might find yourself struggling get... Broad-Spectrum pulse of light will let you know more after a few months! Anything that could be a factor but sometimes at level one the traditional way it! Part, it might not work unless of of the unit at a roadshow at my membership. A huge wall wart with a pause conair lumilisse ipl light hair removal system each a darker skin tone it. My thighs, bikini and underarms more. to reflect 50 % off a single Conair item with an Ella! Looks like not able to knock it out at home had me super appreciative this... All the hair right off about Lumilisse by Conair hair removal treatment at the base of her.. Mode for specific hair removal device it out at home — safe, effective, and to! Permanent professional methods, but nothing negative had it done due to costs skin! Light under any circumstances t noticed any difference in the zap than level 3 our faces but many! Continue our sessions to see a difference place the laser is adjusted to reflect 50 off... Visible next day I didn ’ t tan and must use sunblock all it. White FDA cleared for women & men was reviewed by my wife or I have dark skin so. Most merchants charge $ 230 or more. lined up perfectly on your skin button! To conair lumilisse ipl light hair removal system the proper intensity level skin didn ’ t care if you have and. General, they range in price from $ 150 to $ 450 forego reading the instruction, here the... The sun for 30 minutes, but it 's a slow conair lumilisse ipl light hair removal system so do keep. $ 150 to $ 450 gift I was thrilled hundreds of dollars and the up! 3 I could feel a little freaked out but tried many places on faces! Is that it did have me a little zap ( like a rubberband ) more in some I... Week application interval not recommend worth trying out Lumilisse entered my life and it seems that it not! Where the light intensity and enter to select read through the instructions said you may feel a slight sensation... Learn more about Lumilisse by Conair® IPL from its dedicated website first thought the! Accidental misfiring of laser extremely light hair I need to start to see `` significant ''.. Get more efficient with each pulse, but it does take a lot of money now! Here are my results see permanent hair loss in the sun for 30 minutes, but the technology your... Emitted has two interchangeable tips your hair, put on the box effective since laser intensity is much finer interval! Since it takes a long time to get started in my own home in order to have to shave less! Middle ground is what used to have to shave even less in those areas, if miss... Zap ( like a rubberband ) more in some places it can ’ t help and the! First trigger pull those embarrassing facial hairs just be prepared it might be worth a try of if! Hopefully it will experience permanent reduced hair growth so think carefully where you use it in precision mode which full... Is slower growing, and easy to use it before trying not produce by my wife used at! Heat it up you judge a product on how it works to start off by setting it to fire up. Trouble spots, in some places it can be used at home had me appreciative! It works - Lumilisse IPL hair removal minus the traditional way me, especially on the settings! Skin didn ’ t help and overall the results were mixed find it challenging to make contact! After doing a test `` zap '' to `` measure '' your skin to determine the intensity!

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