May 2012 - Role Models for Muslim Women, 13. Handmade Hijab pins, hair accessories & jewelryHandmade Hijab pins, hair accessories, jewelry, and the likes. This month was regarded as one of the sacred months (Al-Ashhur-al-hurum) in which battles were, The Queen of Paradise (Part 1)A woman known for her forbearance, patience, determination and will power, she truly had inherited the intellect and wisdom, piety and sanctity, generosity and benevolence, Our body-An Amaanah(trust) from AllahHazrath Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb quoted verse 58 of Surah Nisaa. November 2017 - Women & Financial Issues, 16. specialises in Cakes, biscuits and desserts / Deco classesHome based business specialises in Cakes, biscuits and desserts. Ramadhan 2012The ship of Ramadaan has docked bringing its precious cargo of Barakah, Rahmah, Istighfaar and for all the Dua’s of the Mumin to be answered. And given the growing competition in the market today, it never gets easy. Circulation of unauthentic messagesQuestion: Do women have to perform ghusl on the day of Friday?Question: Tips for effective studyingThe first thing you should do to enable you to study with ease is to condition your mind to love what you are studying. He would visit graveyards, Juwaria bint Harith (Radi Allahu Anha)The chieftain of the tribe Banu Mustalaq was Harith bin Abi Dhirar, who was an arrogant man drunk with his power and wealth. September 2019 - Miscellaneous / Social, 17. Products over internetHome based business selling products over internet ( example: ebay) and locally. Home Industry DirectoryAsma(radi Allahu anha- may Allah be pleased with her Ameen) praises the women of the Ansaar. stated in a hadith that when any Muslim makes this dua via these words to Allah, then Allah surely accepts his duas. He has made us the best of creation and made other creations subservient. October 2017 - Miscellaneous / Social, 22. Its root words are د ع و ( Dal-Ayn-Waw ) which means to seek, desire, ask, demand, call upon, invoke, ascribe, cry out, call out to, pray, supplicate etc. We’re opening a new online store called Nur Junction InshaAllah. Dua Android App has been designed and developed by Hajveri Apps. September 2013 - Women & Financial Issues, 20. Is There Anything Wrong With Visiting Churches For Sightseeing?Question: The 3 Missions Of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi WasallamLast week Thursday, (24/01/2013) Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sahib discussed the three missions of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam. Dua For Good Sale In Shop Whether you are working alone or having a staff, every day the challenge is to build capital to sustain the business. This forum serves to highlight some common marital problems and offer solutions to such problems.These problems have been personally witnessed and handled by Sheikh Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah) over a period of 18 years. The build up to marriage is. These cookies do not store any personal information. 10 Free Eid Mubarak Display Pictures For Social Media, Description Of Jannah According To 33 Ahadith. Your email will not be published. Bali Collection. How can i gain concentration in Salaah?Question: 6 Qualities of one who truly recognizes Allah1. Don’t predetermine, 17 Ways To Keep Your Husband Happy1- Beautiful Reception. Is It Permissible For Me To Break My Promise?Shortened Question: How to overcome Jealousy-By Sheikh Mufti Ebrahim Desai. Is it the husband’s responsibility to look after his wife and children and cater for their expenses if they separate?Question: Second Wife and the Right of DivorceQuestion: Is it the Wife’s Responsibility to Cook?Question: Virtues of SadaqahIn these days, we live under the conditions of spreading hardship and high prices, and trouble and suffering in pursuit of living and sustenance; and. What is the Shar’i Ruling Regarding Niqab?Question: I don’t want to share my love…A man once came to Shaykh Shibli (rahimahullah) and said, “Shaykh I want to die, I don’t want to live anymore!” This feeling is what, A Different Take on Why We Need to ExerciseAs a personal trainer, when asking potential new female clients what their reasons and motivations are for starting an exercise programme, all too often the. The story, Who’s to say we can’t do the same!The blessed Sahabiyaat witnessed such an era where in a father used to bury alive his baby daughter, women were humiliated and then made to, Beautiful recitation of Surah Al InsanSurah Al Insan, The crave for Madinah MunawwarahIf I could hold the earth in my hands, Preserve The Noor Of Allah In Your HeartYou can’t seem to escape it-at shopping malls or garages, in public transport passing by, stop at the traffic light and your ears are blasted, Identify Your Marital Problems-Session 3Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb commenced the program by acknowledging that many loyal and dedicated women do become victims of irresponsible husbands. The Position Of Women In IslamThere she goes; that poor woman all covered on a scorching day, I’m sure she doesn’t own a single thing, do you think her husband, A Woman’s Aspirations (Part 1)What is there that a woman may not do? The Concern of Rasulullah Sallallāhu Alayhi Wasallam06 Itikaaf 2011 – 23 Aug – Itikaaf Programme – The concern of Nabi salallahu alayhi wasallam, Allah is Great!Sometimes Allah seems distant, but in reality He is very close. Irish StewIrish stew or “stobhach gaelach” as it is called in Gaelic (Irish language), is one of Ireland’s national dishes.It is traditionally made with mutton or lamb. Why is stoning and honour killings common?Question: Can I take a contraceptive pill to prevent my period during Hajj?Question: Is it permissible to pay interest with interest?Question: Lebanese Rice Pudding Dessert‘Ruz- b haleeb’ which translates to ‘rice in milk’ is a traditional Lebanese dessert typically served on special occasions. Grant that our spouses and our offspring be a comfort to our eyes, and give us the grace to lead those who are. January 2018 - Miscellaneous / Social, 10. What kind of clothing should a woman wear?Question: Is it permissible to use ‘Halaal’ nail polish?Question: Dealing with emotional trauma due to discovering my husband’s immoral conductAnswer: Concerned Parents – Typical TeenagerQuestion: Is it permissible to pierce the navel and upper ear lobe?Question: Is the 40 days after you give birth a tradition or Islamic?Question: Recording of Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sahebs discourses on the Qaseeda BurdahRecording of all Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Sahebs discourses on the Qaseeda Burdah can be downloaded at the following link:, I’tikaaf 1436 | Discourses on the Qaseeda Burdah By: Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah), Ramadhan 1436 | Message from Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah). Meaning that at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. by Dua Lipa | Nov 20, 2020. She is seen as the greatest joy in a man’s life, as the, Sumayya (radi Allahu anha)She was one Of those who stood firm and resolute upon the worship of Allah when the Muslims were few and their success were only, Identify your marital problems-session 1On Saturday –May 19, 2012, Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb commenced a special series of discourses on Marital problems &solutions at Rockdale Muaadh Ibn Jabal, Chastity-A Woman’s prideWe wish to mention today with regards to the untainted character and purity of the blessed wives which made them examples of chastity. Dying in disaster guarantees one JannahQuestion: Brown Discharge before MenstruationQuestion: Can we give our Zakat non-practicing Muslims?Question: Traditional South African Malva PuddingIngredients for the batter, Rejoice at Your CalamitiesTests, trials, tribulations and calamities are all a part of life, but it is our status as believers and our relationship with the divine reality, Qalbe Saleem – A Sound HeartWhen a person undertakes a long journey, he ensures his mode of transport is safe. Ramadhaan 1438/2017 | Message from Mufti Ebrahim Desai (Hafidhahullah)Alhamdulillah, once again, Allah blessed us with the Month of Ramadhaan. October 2016 - Miscellaneous / Social, 11. Is it Permissible to do the Nikah whilst on Haidh?Question: Reciting additional Duās in Qunūt of Witr SalaahQuestion: If I took pills to induce breastmilk, will the child become my Mahram?Question: Husband having a Relationship with a Married WomanQuestion: Sitting and Praying Salaah in PregnancyQuestion: Can a Woman enter the Compound of Masjid al-Aqsa in the state of her Menses?Question: Why is Homosexuality Prohibited?Question: Sajdah Tilawat & Recitation of the Quran to be ValidQuestion: Some Ahadith Regarding Women• The Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “If a woman performs the five (obligatory) prayers, fasts the month (of Ramadan), maintains her. Are women are allowed to take Bai’ah( pledge) with men?Question: Dua when entering a market place\ shopping centre. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The Month of Sha’banThe month of Sha’bân is one of the meritorious months for which we find some peculiar instructions in the Sunnah of Rasûlullâh (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). How Do I Deal With A Jealous Family Member?Question: Can A Husband Ask His Wife Not To Stay Overnight At Her Parent’s Home?Question: Is It Permissible For Me To Break My Promise?Question: Marriage…Choose Your DestinationQuestion: 8 Simple Ways Sisters Can Serve And Participate In Da’wahAs Muslims, it is our responsibility to remind and invite people toward the beautiful Deen of Islam. Mutual Interaction on Social Media – A New Form of GangsterismThursday Majlis | Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb, Cosmetic Surgery in IslamPlastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is a medical specialty interested in the correction of form and function. Is Yoga As A Fitness Programme Permissible?Question: How Can I Re-create The Zeal To Study Again?Question: What To Do With Haraam Food/Packages Purchased?Question: Home Remedies For HeartburnMany people experience acid re flux , a condition in which gastric juices from the stomach flow back to the esophagus. October 2018 - Miscellaneous / Social, 16.

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