Tried and true..surely wish they would bring them back! Pillsbury should bring these back! Please beg for the production again. Always check the nutrition label for important factors that could either benefit or hinder your weight loss goals, like sugars, additives, calories and fats. 99 ($2.08/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. That was the best diet plan in the entire world! Mum-of-three Rikky-Leigh Johnson said her self-esteem had reached an all-time low in December 2016 when she saw how she looked in her Christmas photographs. $3.50. Gold. $29.99 + shipping . View as Grid List. This way you can get healthy meal replacement bars that contain healthy nutrients and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Henry Blooms Weight Loss Range - Save up to 45%; New Inner Health Fridge Free Range - From $29.95 Only; Skin Republic - Save up to 40%; Nature's Way VitaGummies - Save up to 30%; Vaseline - Save up … Browse our Collectibles Auctions | Figurines auctions, where you'll find 5 Schleich Horse Figures, 5 Schleich Horse Figures, 5 Schleich Horse Figures, 5 Schleich Horse Figures, 5 Schleich Horse Figures. They were delicious! I remember Double Chocolate Figurines were so yummy, like you wouldn't believe they were diet food. Woman reveals how to make Wetherspoons cocktails at home - … I lost 60+ pounds with the figurines bar. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details. i worked at 24 hour fittness in the 80 , the figurine bars were a great part of our busy day , and the weight loss was , + , i had a dream that you brought them back , what would be the hurt ? Before going ahead to buy a product ensure each serving contains 10-15 grams of protein, 3-5 grams of fibre, 220-230 calories, and fats below 5 grams. Graphic Designer. I love how look in my new fangled jeans - so I fight for my figure with figurines. Figures For Women . I especially loved the vanilla ones. My mother use to eat these bars and sometimes split a package between the kids. Free shipping . I loved the chocolate Figurines so much! I remember they had come out with Figurines Smores Bars, OMG, there were 4 packs in a box and 2 wafers in each pack with filling in each. CHEERS! Boutique Store. thanks again , ps keep the price as it was , . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My mouth is literally drooling right now thinking of Figurines, especially the Chocolate Mint and the Chocolate with toasted coconut on top. If you have this notion, you are wrong. I would like for you all to bring back this product. at night i sit AND think how good a figurine (CHOCOLATE,CHOCOLATE WITH TOASTED COCONUT,VANILLA) BAR WITH A GLASS OF LOW FAT MILK WOULD BE I CANT STAND ALL THE NEW BARS THEY HAVE TODAY.I have and always will buy pillsbury product SO COULD YOU PLEASE,PLEASE BRING BACK MY FIGURINES.THANK YOU P.S. However, there are not enough nutrients in these granola bars to get you through the day. $99.95. Beer Just Got Classy – Fine Dining Beer?! Sports Club. Thank you. I used Figurines to lose alot of weight in the 80's . Figure Skating Club. I also have food pages for the 80s and 90s. That dang song (to the tune of "Tangerine") gets stuck in my head from time to time. Set Descending Direction. $40.00 + shipping . I wish Pillsbury would just bring them back as a dessert bar! I sent a request to Pillsbury with their contact us page. Get Protein Bars from Target to save money and time. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. They would be a big seller. Free shipping. Everyone wants to lose fat while attaining a more muscular or fit physique. Mom bought the figurine bars adn I lost weight! Optifast Vlcd Bar Cappuccino Flavour 65g 6 Pack. Not as good as Figurines but darn close! I loved these bars. I lost weight on them and maintained my weight loss by continuing to eat them. Power Crunch bars (vanilla, chocolate, and PB). Low sugar, low carb and high protein. So many of us who were teens in the 70's have happy associations with Figurines. google_alternate_color = "E7F0EB"; 4 X Spring lock Collars, 4 X 2.5kg, 4 X 1.25kg, 4 X 1kg Weight Plates. Consider-14 is an awkward age for anyone, let alot a girl. I wish they'd bring them back. The 10 Best Healthiest Protein Bars For Weight Loss Reviewed Scoopeo is supported by its readers. Figures Edenvale. They were delicious and I particularly liked the S'mores! And the old Slender BARS peanut butter that were out the same time Figurines were,,, they tasted good. I just found this site by googling the words to the song because I wanted to be sure I remembered correctly. Everybody's right -- nothing on the market now tastes as good! Add to Cart. LOL, In Nov 1982,I started a diet of one box of Figurines per day along with a 7 mile walk up and down Tustin Avenue in Orange California - In 10 weeks my weight dropped from 204 to 164 - I felt fantastic and I could run like the wind,literally on my toes -. Don't know how they compare to nutrition of Figurines it a try...unless Pillsbury decide to bring the Figurine bars back! I love them. Meal replacement bars differ. 1 Item . Figures Matter. If they brought them back there would be an instant following! And the great thing about them was I was never hungry. Just wanted to share this with everyone. They were so good. Last one. I'd love to know how to get the company (Pillsbury?) Thanks! I loved the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate peanut butter. I wish we could still get em too. I wish another company would start making Figurines again. Health Benefits of Kefir Brands with Probiotics, Choosing the Best Web Design Agency in Sydney, The Easiest, Most Drool-Worthy Brownies You’ll Ever Make. Submit a story or info about Figurines Diet Bars (Pillsbury product? Sports Team. Jim Shore captures his fun, comical spirit, as he dances along with a cane and top hat, entertaining his adoring audience. Shop with Afterpay on eligible items. To get the right meal replacement bar, you will need to make plans much before the need for one becomes pressing. We offer a variety of weight loss shakes & powders. I just found a box of "Power Crunch" protein energy bars in the nutrition aisle at Publix that are's the closest thing I have found. Smores was the last flavor they came out with. I was chunky. I lost a lot of weight eating Figurines 2x a day back in the 80's! But NOTHING TOPS FIGURINES. How does it work? The figurine is made from resin. Furthermore, ketogenic bars will be ideal for anyone that is one a ketogenic diet. Sep 25, 2020 - Explore Vital Proteins's board "Ab Workouts", followed by 7427 people on Pinterest. Probably wont lose weight on the kitkats tho. google_ad_height = 600; My sister and I loved these things! Especially liked the strawberry. Adipex P Average Weight Loss What Suppress Appetite Appetite Reducing Herbs Best Reviews All Natural Hunger Control Ok Ru Jillian Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Circuit 5 Does Soonercare Cover Weight Loss Medication What Is The Best Diet Pill To Buy Adipex P Average Weight Loss Best Weight Loss And Appetite Suppressant Philippine Academy of Family Physicians. These & Breakfast Squares RULED! When selecting a meal replacement bar, there are lots of things you must consider. Your email address will not be published. Can I petition for them to come back? While this seems perfect, it is not always easy to achieve because of the speed associated with existing in this age. They really were better than any bar on the market now. I can't believe I found this site. The implication of this is you can buy a meal replacement bar that does not contain a lot of carbs. Introduced in 1961 and selling for approximately US25¢ each, Sego sales registered US$22 million to the company's Milk Products Division by 1965.. Chocolate and chocolate mint were my favorites. PLEASE!!!! Shop - APMEX . Add to Cart. Man, did we watch a LOT of TV in the 70s! I would love it if they started making these again. However, if you must get the best from its use, it should only be used about two times every week. I ate a Figuarine bar with a cup of coffee every night for dinner. I ate them every day for breakfast with a big glass of tomato juice to fill me up through the morning at high school until 1971. even during the '90s. Figure Skating Club of Bloomington. These not only tasted great but truly did curb the appetite and helped a person to lose weight painlessly. Yes, they can actually be healthy when you’re strapped for time. $20.19. Avg. Special Price. Lost 20 pounds when eating these. 4 Stars & Up & Up; 3 Stars & Up & Up; 2 Stars & Up & Up; 1 Star & Up & Up; Brand. The right meal replacement bar should not contain ingredients that sound like foreign chemicals in a lab. I loved them so much as a kid my grandmother had to hide them so that I would only have 1 per day. Hands down they beat any diet/nutrition bar that I can find today. They truly did curb the appetite and they tasted so good! Oh my gosh. I WANT THEM BACK!!!!! If you are on a diet, when purchasing a meal replacement bar, you will get the best results when you select one that is low in calories, low in carbs and low in sugar. For kids and adults alike, our huge selection of dolls will make you smile. I loved figurines! Anyone want to flood Pillsbury with calls, emails, and a petition of request? Okay ..I'm writing to Pillsbury! Please ask Pillsbury to bring them back to our local stores. I remember the first time I took an airline flight alone, at age 11, she packed some in my bag as a snack for me in case I met with any delays and got hungry during my trip! Being scared of failing is perfectly normal especially when it comes to a challenge such as weight loss. There were about 5-6 different flavors and you can probably get them at GNC or most of the major drug stores, or even online. Fisher-Price Rattle N Rock Maracas. They tasted great! Lost weight on them in early 80s.I so wish we could buy them now. The chocolate mint was my favorite. We therefore examined cardio-metabolic and psychological changes following weight loss … Cruelty-Free and Vegan. AND WHY DID THEY STOP MAKING THEM? I'm reminded of them when I have cake batter ice cream on occasion. Get the message out. I get them at Walmart and Publix in the diet bars section. PLEASE, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK, IS THERE A WEBSITE WE CAN GO TO TO DEMAND THEM BACK!!! In contrast, population-based analyses have found no evidence of psychological benefits of weight loss, but this may be due to inclusion of healthy-weight individuals. In stock. Health/Beauty. Figures Fun Fitness for Her. Learn More Protein bars … Try them! Not the remakes. … I can't remember for sure what the other flavors were -- maybe strawberry or chocolate malt. Place bring back figurines bars and don't change anything. I would eat them instead of a candy bar. WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar - Low Carb Nutrition Bar for Women & Men - Variety Pack - High Fiber, Weight Loss Diet Snack Bar (7ct) 3 Box Value-Pack (Save 10%) 4.6 out of 5 stars 15. Our Program. YUM! Please think about bringing back the figuring bar all the other junk out there is so nasty.Thank You, I recently had some strawberry kitkats that totally reminded me of the strawberry figurines. Also check out the other =Food of the 70s?> pages. I was really sad to find out they are not being made anymore. $26.11 $0.24. I can't believe somebody even remembers these. I can't believe I found this link!!! I was sponsored by LA Weight Loss for Team Diabetes to do the program, and so my wife and I loved it.. Over the years we’ve both gained weight and are looking to drop again. They were so so so so good to eat. I don't care if they don't classify them as "diet" food. IsaLean Bar offers balanced nutrition, packing undenatured protein, energy-fuelling carbohydrates and good fats into one tasty, convenient bar. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more … Main menu. Oh My Gosh I cant beleive there are sooo many people looking for this darn bar , I crave them...they were just right for a meal supplement or in between meals. They were around in the early 90's as well. Very close. I hope Pillsbury does bring these back. While lots of people are not able to differentiate between healthy meal replacement shakes and those that do not have much to offer the body, this is even made worse by the presence of marketing of this unhealthy meal replacement bars. I was sad when they stopped producing them. I still remember the sort of dry, thick taste. Our decorative figurines include gnomes, fairies, and more. The lemon one were awesome. Different Types of Meal Replacement Bars for Weight Loss. "Figurines, do a lady proud. I was a youngster and my mother and grandmother always purchased them. Packed in a branded gift box. I really miss them too. Among the benefits of protein bars are the following: 1. I love these things as a kid, especially the vanilla ones. When taking these products, ensure you do not end up relying on them. They were so awsome! BESWICK ENGLAND VINTAGE DONKEY FOAL FIGURINE . If you bring them back advertise them , I know people would buy them if they knew. In stock. Atkins Low Carb Protein Shake Creamy Vanilla 330ml Quickview. you may find interesting. They were so good & they probably worked along the same lines as the Slim-Fast Meal-on-the-Go Bars that are so popular today. Submit a link to more information about Figurines Diet Bars (Pillsbury product?). Background Participation in weight loss programs is often associated with improved wellbeing alongside reduced cardio-metabolic risk. The following are comments left about Figurines Diet Bars (Pillsbury product?) It may have been around during the '70s or even as early as the '60s. from site visitors such as yourself. My mom used to buy the vanilla and occasionally chocolate and strawberry bars. I remember the song in the commercial mentioned they had a 'calorie rate - 138 a bar'..Very weird how I remember that to this day. The implication of this is you can always have access to one each time the need arises. Nutrisystem® Breakfast Bar Variety Bundle, 12 ct, Meal Replacement Bars for Weight Loss. Gym/Physical Fitness Center. My grandmother always had these in her freezer and we used to LOVE to sneak them. As a dieter, when looking to buy a meal replacement shake, you can avoid making the wrong choice by going through the list of ingredients of any meal replacement shake before paying for it. Miniature Elephants Set of 3 Crystal Figurine Hand Blown Clear Glass Animal Gift. Customer Review. Free postage. Please bring them back! Get the best deals on Atkins Weight Loss Program Foods. While the body will always need carbohydrates to function at its optimum, you do not have to buy a meal replacement bar with a lot of carbs. Free delivery and returns on eBay Plus items for Plus members. I really wish this product would come back, hands down the best diet bar EVER!!! And the best thing about them, they tasted so freaking incredible. It was a special treat for me. Disney Aladdin Group Hug Figurine From the moment he exited the bottle, Genie has inspired the impossible. I lived off them for years and years. I loved these too, ate them as a child because my mom was also always trying to diet even though she was always thin. 48 ($1.36/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. Weight Loss Bars Sort By. The Tribecca Health Green Tea X50 is a weight loss tea filled with antioxidants and designed to provide plenty of energy. La glutamine en poudre est un acide aminé non essentiel, car le corps peut la produire à partir des protéines présentes dans l’alimentation, mais en avez-vous assez, alors même que ses effets peuvent être particulièrement intéressants pour un pratiquant sérieux de musculation ?. Well it's me again I left a comment in 2012 I just want to say if you are not going to bring back our figurines bars that we loved so much could you Please please give us the Recipe . They have mint chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, vanilla cream, plain chocolate, peanut butter cream, salted caramel and others. Power crunch energy bars taste very close to the Figurines that my mother bought in the 70’s and 80’s. You should look out for nutrients such as moderate protein, complex carbohydrates, some fat, and simple sugars. please make my dream come ture , and bring them back , if you have all these people wanting to buy them they wont be sitting in the stor for very long , think about , there is money to be made , and i will , love to be a part of your team , thanks fortaking the time out , to read what we have to say . Sort By. I need them now, no where near thin. Your email address will not be published. with a whole generation of kids who remember loving these and some being parents ourselves now, trying to watch our weight they have a ready made market waiting to buy these - BRING THEM BACK!!! Fast & free shipping on orders +$99. Pillsbury really should bring them back. Shame on Pillsbury!! They dont make diet bars like that anymore....these other diet bars suck in comparison!!!!!!!!1. Call Us: 800.375.9006 Live Chat. : toutes les collections de miniatures, figurines, montages, livres, BD, DVD, loisirs créatifs… Vente au numéro de collections de fascicules, gestion des abonnements aux collections. They're the diet lunch that you can crunch out loud" can't remember the rest but the end goes "My shape belongs to Figurines"! The smaller versions of our favorite candy bars can still be calorie dense and are lacking nutrition. Anna's story inspires us to invest in our continued health for life. This is a product that should of never been discontinued. It looks and tastes VERY similar to the Figurines bars. Garden of Life's Organic Fit high-protein weight loss bars are specifically designed with weight loss in mind. They could use an updated version of the same jingle (to tune of "Tangerine") for instant recognition. They were so different from other diet bars because of the wafer consistency which I also loved! We had a pantry full of these and Wheat Nuts that never seemed to go empty cause he was always bringing them home. Nutrition Warehouse stocks Australia's most trusted brands of weight loss supplementation. Search; About Us I loved these. Easy. My favorite. The original 138 calorie ones. How do we get Pillsbury to put these back on the market??? Grow & Paint Your Own Unicorn Crystal Figurines & Jewelry Grow & decorate 4 crystal-growing unicorn figurines, 6 crystal-growing charms & create crystal fuzzy stick pendants Create custom jewelry pieces with crystal-growing pendants & stylish beads Create 20 one-of … These were so good. Set Descending Direction. If you will be unable to take meal replacement bars as frequently as you would want to because of the price, you can take 100% fruit juice, crackers, granola bars, cereal, graham crackers, dry cereal, nut, peanut butter, yoghurts, bagels, low-fat cheese, and portable fruits. Made from High Grade Solid Vinyl, Rubber Grip Handles for comfortable grip. I still think about the "Figurines" soo often. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about losing weight on the Figure Weight Loss Program. Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new window. CONNECT WITH US . Weight Management . RARE VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL STEAMPUNK Table Lamp DIRECTIONAL Spot Light HEADLIGHT. You, therefore, will need to take time and go through the label of any product you are looking to buy one. I ate my Mom's then because they were so delicious. They are called Power Crunch and they come in almost all the same flavors as Figurines. My taste still will belong to Figurines! Now nothing works that well, so the weight and old age has made me just plain angry! It is best to stick with a higher calorie diet. The implication of this is you will do a lot better by taking salads, a sandwich, or soup. ),