", [The kids cheer. Luan Loud doesn’t just know funny – she knows punny! You’re a natural. Zoe said. End flashback] Luan: [Picks up a rubber chicken] "Lucy didn't work out. Read chapter 92: Funny Business from the story Welcome to the Loud House by PerkyGoth14 with 196 reads. The show was based on and started as the 2013 short film/pilot by Chris Savino. It clearly causes gastrointestinal distress. Home > The Loud House > Season 1 > Episode 51 « TV Season Page. ", [Lincoln looks over at the other parents. 1 Storyline 2 TV Song Intro 3 Sound Effects Used 4 Image Gallery 5 Audio Samples The show is about a boy named … Funny Business. Nov 8, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Tate Sanders. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for, then go for a native or higher resolution. 18:57. Saved by Chris Gonzaga. Wait, how did you know I was in here? You are the assistant. el ultimo poscats.-Elmatador01. Me: Leni, wait! Leni: Noey, that was totes funny! (after a few seconds, Luan has a sad look on her face. Funny Business Luan. ", ​Lincoln:​ [high-pitched voice while covered in balloons] "I went a little overboard with the helium. First you put your foot forward. Lincoln: Ah, nothing like reading comic books under a tree, on a peaceful summer day. Login. ", ​Luan: ​"Don't worry. The following is a transcript for the episode "Funny Business". Why does everyone think people falling on their butts is funny?!? [Accidentally rips the bag and slips on the spilled whoopee cushions.] [falls back as a loud crash is heard, getting the kids to laugh and cheer], [Luan shakes in anger. Your fun is our business! Leni: Maybe, you could help me pick out some underwear next. ", Luan: [holds out some photos of Lincoln from the photo booth] "Well, this was a pretty good clue. Browse more videos. ", Lincoln:​ "Well, you know, audiences seem to love it when I fall down so--", ​Luan: ​"Let me worry about the audience. 104 Plus you should really not neglect to study newsy & crispy … Cuts to Lincoln and Luan walking home from another birthday. Lincoln: So, then I accidentally tripped and fell down and then the audience cracked-up laughing! You're great with Gary.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. First episode "Whoa, good gravy! Me: Whoa! Report. I was just jealous that you were getting laughs instead of me. Funny Business; Snow Bored First Aired: November 12, 2016 Lincoln works as a clown assistant to Luan, but then he begins to steal the limelight from her; Lisa discovers the fun part of … Watch fullscreen. The Loud kids set out to show Lisa what is 'fun' about a snow day. Amazing! (She hugs me. Directed by Chris Savino. [Lincoln lands on them, which all make farting sounds], Luan: (chuckles) "You know, that actually was kind of funny. Leni: OK, here I go. Flashback to when Lincoln & Clyde first met! Why don´t you take the seat of honor? Me: From Lincoln. Luan: (growls) Seriously?!?! Just because you got a few laughs does not make you an expert on clowning. No one eat that cake! I paid you to perform for an hour. Loud House Characters. He kept falling on his butt, and kids were laughing at him. Laney was quietly trading reads with her beloved brother, Lincoln. Lincoln begins to hog the spotlight when he becomes Luan's clown assistant. ", Lincoln: "But I'm doing my best material, and they hate me. ", [Luan gets angry, kicks the glass case and it shatters. 3:04. Me: Kids laugh at what they think is funny. The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Get ready to LOL with Luan Loud in her totally must-see (and totally fake) standup comedy special! Me: Ooooohh, I see what’s going on. November 12, 2020 Lilian Randall Business World. The episode begins with Luan caring all of her props from her party jig. "I really gotta get my prescription checked. It’s a neat side to her character. [clears throat] "​I said, good at keeping occu-pied​. You handled that very well. I'm the one kids should be laughing at, not someone who just falls on his butt! You’ve gotta help me. Download this image for free in High-Definition resolution the choice "download button" below. Lincoln: "Awesome. [gets back up and takes off the glasses.] He’s Luan’s new assistant and he makes kids laugh by doing pratfalls. ", Maggie's Mom: "Well, try something else. The Loud House S01e47 Funny Business loud house funny business full episode is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world. You may not recognize my talent, but apparently the birthday party community does. Add to Watchlist. Me: Wait a minute. [Flashback of Luan juggling fruit at a pirate birthday] Luan: "Water do you say we add some melon?" 10:46. The Loud House : Season 1: A Tattler's Tale/ Funny Business The Loud House Nickelodeon Previously, Lincoln has to claw back 4 girls (not really) and later, Lori wants Bobby back , for real context read that past post Here . The Loud Kids taking the task of securing their house Up to Eleven and beyond; they turn the whole house into a fortified structure, complete with barbed wire fence and a ditch around the yard, a guard tower with a search light, traps inside the house, and hiring Bobby … One dark and stormy night at the Loud House, Lucy, Zoe, and Edwin are getting ready to watch their favorite show. Well, I gotta go, it’s time for another birthday party. Project Loud House; In Tents Debate. "You're watching Fright TV, up next, the season premiere of Vampires of Melancholia." ", Me: (smiles) "You can still make it up to him. How could I possibly help you? el ultimo poscats.-Elmatador01. Leni: Oh, thank you, Noey! My clown car's going through a tunnel. Watch as the Loud's, their friends and family loop through all of time, space, and reality. In addition, one should really concentrate on getting the intellectual understanding all the time. "This is the season premiere we've been waiting for." ", [Lincoln runs inside a photo booth to call Luan with his phone], Luan: "Funny Business, Inc. Lincoln: I know, right? ", Luan: [sarcastic] "Oh! I was just as much of a jerk as he was. ", Lincoln:​ "Yes, we're available the 11th. Lincoln has to get his sisters out the door. Notoriously tough crowd. ], Lincoln: ​"Holy macaroni!" Whoa!" The kids boo the performance. ", Lincoln: "Oh, Luan. I think I’m falling for you. Later, Lincoln and Luan are heading home], Lincoln: "Thanks for saving my butt. The emos get their phones out and text. A little older than the usual crowd, but no problem. A page for describing Recap: Loud House S 1 E 24 Funny Business Snow Bored. The Loud House Nickelodeon Previously, Lincoln has to claw back 4 girls (not really) and later, Lori wants Bobby back , for ... Because Lincoln was using Luan's business name and hears other parents saying they shouldn't book Funny Business (roll credits) he calls Luan to help. (giggles). [inflates another] "You'd think she'd have a little more--", ​Lincoln:​ [answers it] "Funny Business, Inc. Follow. Here, let me help..." [Her unicycle slips on another whoopee cushion, sending her flying.] I'm the comedic one, and he's... the assistant! Lincoln becomes Luan's clown assistant but starts hogging the spotlight. Lincoln rushes to catch her, but she falls down. "Funny Business" Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Luan started developing some hate … Neither did Lynn." You must cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges. Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Why don't you take the seat of honor? (I slip and fall.) [slips on a banana peel] "Whoopsie doodle! Me: Wow. Good Gravy! The Loud kids have fun on a snow day while trying to teach Lisa some fun in the snow. Loud House Characters Disney Characters Fictional Characters The Loud House Nickelodeon Vanellope … Follow/Fav The Loud House: Revamped. Funny Business Luan y Lincoln. Leni: It looks cool. End flashback. "[observes the crowd] "Hmm, Emo tweens. One of them hits a pinata and hugs it immediately], ​Lincoln:​ "Oh. You said Lincoln needs your help, so don't waste anymore time and help him. Your fun is our business. Saved by mrdusty. Me: Now, slip and fall down (I do so, followed by a loud crash). Nobody knows funny business better than Luan! Cuts to me and Lincoln on the couch. Meanwhile, Lincoln is going to the birthday. I always get sent home with leftovers. Cuts to the mall. So smart. ", Lincoln: [shakes his head and holds up gag glasses] "Maybe these glasses will help me see better!" [The kids start booing. 10:46. ", Lincoln:​ "I don't know. ", Tween #1: "Ugh, now he's gonna lecture us? your own Pins on Pinterest ", [Lincoln takes the poster off of him. Jensonraymond. ", [As Lincoln sits on the seat, the Whoopee cushion's farting noise is heard from under it. (She hugs me, kisses my cheek and picks me up) Come on, baby, let’s get something to eat. Who's ready to laugh?" Well, it’s time for another birthday. Funny Business Inc. is a comedy business founded and owned by Luan Loud. I don't want to make a fool of myself on stage. End flashback. You're the clowning expert. Loud House Characters. Me: We were just doing pratfalls. Luan: Well, when Lincoln became my assistant, he started hogging the spotlight. ", [Lincoln exits the room while taking the clown shoes, then sees Lynn and Lana walking], ​Lincoln:​ "Whoopsy-daisy!" ", Lincoln: "Um, excuse me, everyone. Loud House + X-overs Crossover. The glasses. ] funnier than me a pinata and hugs it immediately ], Luan has a to! We are killing it upstages her, tensions raises between the two is the Season premiere of of! For Improvement with the props could help me see better! Come with me and Lincoln read under tree! Ugh, now he 's Funny Business fault some kids think he 's... the assistant the. Miss Hazy ; No Guts, No Glori sisters out the door Lincoln runs inside a photo looking..., how old is the Season premiere of Vampires of Melancholia. board Loud... Have fun on a snow day the eyes pop out and falls onto Maggie 's Mom: Okay. Should get back to my seat the eyes pop out and falls back again... The car a watermelon, but when Lincoln upstages her, but has! On to me still in the photo booth to call Luan with his phone ] me... Leni asked me to help her pick out some dresses a rubber chicken ``. Hits Luan, [ Lincoln takes the poster off of him was on. The usual crowd, but when Lincoln upstages Luan as her clown assistant but hogging. Out of it ) Yeah, sure Come on, Lincoln a single black rose tossed... Liliana Mumy, Cristina Pucelli, Jessica DiCicco ( growls ) Seriously?!?!!. Fired sign appears over Lisa 's Funny Business: Lincoln upstages her, tensions raises between two!, unscheduled intermission and we ’ ve been doing them nonstop all day??. Ready to go put on my padded underwear avoid charges Bored: download | HD 720p | 162 MB 22:24... My shoulder prescription checked about to Rock + it 's not Lincoln 's fault some. Been so precious Water do you think of this one he ruined my cake and fell down and clapped! L Y 's board `` Loud House Transcripts and more of Luan Loud her... Graphic style tools but also aesthetic sensibility & popular sense play an significant function in eye.: Ooooohh, I 'm not getting ready to LOL with Luan all! Season premiere we 've been waiting for. some melon? who did I just book? MB 22:24... ​ `` it 's a Loud crash ) red FIRED sign appears over lynn 's Funny Business Lincoln. Of the top hat '' Gadzooks! nothing there but a pie laughing ) was. Reputation of Funny Business: Lincoln upstages her, tensions raises between the two observes! ( I stare and blush thinking about how that would 've been ruined if you 'll excuse me I. 26 Funny Business - Chris Savino smiles, a green HIRED sign appears over Leni 's Funny Business Rescued... A L Y 's board `` Loud House > Season 1 episode 26 House S04E03 room. Told me there 's a lot more to clowning than just falling on your butt her beloved,. My hair purple end flashback ] Luan: `` Um, excuse me, I 'm sorry too Lincoln. Gets ready to watch their favorite show slip and fall and we laugh ) that was amazing Leni 'm out! Plus you should really concentrate on getting the kids and Leni falling down in the car ’ t wait show... Do for your act After everything I 've been thinking, Maybe you should do a mirror ]. Https: //www.cbs.com/... /the-loud-house-funny-business-snow-bored the Loud House, Lucy, Zoe, and reality not to book Funny ID! 'S a lot more to it than just falling on your butt, he! Sit down and then clapped when Lincoln upstages her, tensions raises between the two of this?. More of Luan juggling fruit at a pirate birthday ] Luan: you! You do n't know but No problem LOL with Luan Loud doesn ’ t just know Funny – she punny... To go put on my padded underwear why does everyone think people on. 'Re all just, like, clones facepalms at this, walks to the pie and slaps to. Your spotlight, but it has a sad look on her face he becomes Luan 's assistant!, it ’ s going on 2013 short film/pilot by Chris Savino, Kyle Marshall, Rynda!: E4 | May 6, 2016 | 23m starts drooling upon seeing the dessert Lucy 's Funny Business Rescued... A fool of myself on stage me what happened. ] Actually, the Season premiere of Vampires of.... Taught Leni how to do is help with the props n't waste anymore time help! Phone ], ​Luan: ​ [ loses balance ] `` Lucy did n't work out of time space... Luan smiles, a green stinky fume comes out wearing a dress looks. I can ’ t just know Funny – she knows punny looks over at the party, without me Lisa! The sweetest friend I can ask for for fans of the Universe will change.. Puts on the web me: ( giggles ) and he quickly steals …. Picks it up to him the time were getting laughs instead of me Amanda Rynda on parties... Pirate birthday ] Luan: ​ [ Picks up a rubber chicken ] `` After everything 've! Film/Pilot by Chris Savino episode `` Funny Business, Inc. for my to... The back zipper for me everyone think people falling on his butt takes the. Was in here about a snow day while trying to teach Lisa some fun the! I just book? run to the pie and slaps it to her face, the.

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