This doesn't happen with topwater lures. Water released below the dam is cleaner and fast moving, so it flushes sediment off rocks and gravel," said Conover. Shell Rock River (Greene to Shell Rock) Walleye – Good: Cast and retrieve large running crankbaits for active fish; concentrate on the deeper overwintering holes. Overhead an osprey circled, his fish hawk eye on skittering minnows fleeing from aquatic predators as plentiful and easy to catch as I had remembered. Yellow Bass – Good. New for 2021 are several hunter-defined products, such as the Excalibur TwinStrike Crossbow, BowTech Solution and Solution SS Bows, TightSpot Pivot 2.5 Quiver, Ripcord Cage and Code Red X arrowrests, and Black Gold Pro FX and Pro Hunter HD sights. The colder waters of early spring are prime times to use these proven bait rigs for stripers. Usually, when talking about fishing for walleyes, images of trolling deep reservoirs come to mind, with boats cruising back and forth dragging nightcrawlers behind. According to Kirby, worthwhile fishing exists even within the towns and cities that line the banks. For information on the lakes and rivers in north central Iowa, contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517. Whether you're fishing Mississippi River wing dams for catfish, chasing crappies on Lake Rathbun, jigging for smallmouths on West Okoboji or wondering where the walleyes are on Clear Lake, you'll find all the information you need to enjoy a successful day out on the water on one of Iowa's many excellent fisheries. Though smallmouths can be found in other areas of the state (including the Iowa Great Lakes), the streams of northeast Iowa are the center of their range. "There are some in rocky river stretches in all other parts of Iowa, but the absolute epicenter of their range is in the northeast corner of the state.". Ask Iowa anglers to name the fish that fights the hardest, and you'll likely hear a range of responses. Bluegill – Good: Find schools in deeper water. Catfish, bluegills, crappies and largemouth bass can be found in nearly all of Iowa's lakes. The water is relatively warm, and fish are hungry. Peters had a tip for anyone fishing from a canoe drifting downstream. “He’s been going down to the river with kids his age,” she said. And not just any river will do. To enjoy outstanding smallmouth bass fishing, simply locate a rocky bottom with boulders in any relatively clear river or stream. River fishing for walleye without jigs is asking for trouble. We hit the water around 1pm and not … Maquoketa River Bait Shops and Fishing Charters . If you've been catching catfish with the same method for years, it's time to change it up and... Simplify breakfast or brunch for a crowd by making this savory venison chorizo quiche recipe. "Many of these strong year-classes survive to older ages because they aren't harvested in the catch-and-release area," said Kirby. Maquoketa River Walleye. "I love fishing this river, and in 2007, I think, the average bass size was a bit bigger than in past years," Jacobs said. Concentrate efforts near these areas in which "smallmouth " love. . River Mile 583 at Dubuque, IA upstream to River Mile 615 at Guttenberg, IA. "One of my most effective lures is a Yamamoto Senko," he said. Mississippi River Pool 14. Thread starter jonesie59; Start date Apr 1, 2013; Tags None jonesie59 New Member. jonesie59 New Member. Winnebago River Fall fishing is picking up. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Maquoketa River (above Monticello) ... Ice conditions are marginal; it’s a good time to get your safety equipment prepared for ice fishing season. Jig and plastics tipped with or without live bait has been very productive. The ramp at Toolsboro is paved but the road to the ramp is gravel. The river then flows another 30 miles until it reaches the Mississippi River. Earlier this year, the Maquoketa River was flooded, so stocking was delayed. We went out on Wednesday March 27th and have never seen the walleye biting like this in my life. Chunky white bass also lurk in this stretch of river, and they're powerful fighters. Streaming through eastern Iowa toward its confluence with the mighty Mississippi, the clear, cold, boulder-strewn Maquoketa River arguably hosts the Hawkeye State's best smallmouth bass fishing. "Last year, I started fishing it in mid-April, and fishing stayed productive through the end of May. The IDNR doesn't control the weather, but it can regulate anglers. Most of the fish Peters and his fishing companions catch are smallmouth bass in the 8- to 12-inch range -- but not all bass in the river are smallies: Largemouth bass are also known to haunt stretches of this stream. l Comments: (319) 934-3172;, Getting schooled fishing on the Maquoketa River, Finding pheasants not always an easy task, F.W. However, the catch-and-release area has the best habitat, and this could partly explain its superior fish population. In our 2006 survey, we found about 30 percent of the bass were larger than 12 inches.". "This fish will always provide an important fishery in our clear water rivers and a few lakes," said Don Bonneau. Because the Maquoketa River arguably has the best smallmouth bass fishing in Iowa, and as its best stretch is the catch-and-release area below the Delhi Dam, it may be the best place for a new smallmouth bass angler to wet a line. I enjoyed outstanding smallmouth angling one relatively unusual April following a winter of light snowfall. But it takes different tactics to be successful. Scott Phillips. Although inland rivers and their tributaries offer good smallmouth fishing, the epicenter of some of the world's best fishing is the Upper Mississippi River. "There's good fishing in the upper stretch of the Maquoketa catch-and-release area," he said, "but access is easy there, and pressure is high. This stretch also boasts several dams. The area from Dundee in northwest Delaware county to Pictured Rocks in north-central Jones county has the greatest density of fish because the habitat in this section is best suited to them," said Dan Kirby, an IDNR fisheries biologist stationed near the Maquoketa in Manchester. Spring rains were scarce, and the river was low and clear, making fishing conditions perfect. "We fish from a canoe but get out and wade some areas; often we fish from 10 a.m. until dark. A Department of Natural Resources official calculated 180,000 cubic yards of silt — the equivalent of 18,000 dump truck loads — had washed into the Maquoketa River in the two months following the breach, burying harshly eroded stream banks beneath mud and sand. Like many other smallmouth enthusiasts, I frequently visited that black bass catch-and-release zone before its ruination. With that very condition prevailing Wednesday, I fished below the Lake Delhi dam for the first time since the breach, and it was like old times. Then, as I was about to yank the lure from the water, a fish darted out of the rubble beneath my feet, nailed the jig and dashed upstream. Messages: 13 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1 Location: Marietta, Ohio. The Maquoketa catch-an. Dan Hettinger, 27, of Lamont, said the lunker would have established a state record if it had been officially weighed shortly after he caught it at 8:20 p.m. Sunday. Although the Cedar, Shell Rock, Wapsipinicon, Upper Iowa, Turkey and Yellow rivers all harbor strong populations of this feisty fish, the Maquoketa is likely the best Iowa river for smallmouths. Kent Park renewal makes swimming safer, Embracing - and enjoying - the cold outdoors, COVID-19 vaccine available to Linn County residents 65 and older starting Tuesday, Foot of snow expected with Monday's storm: Here's the forecast, Her family survived the Holocaust, but terror found them in their new home, Mom and son face charges in Cedar Rapids Walmart fight, Iowa public schools hit with a right cross at the Statehouse, Delta Air Lines to resume nonstop route from The Eastern Iowa Airport to Atlanta, Oklahoma State beats depleted Iowa State men’s basketball, 81-60, Iowa GOP lawmakers advance ‘school choice’ measures, Waterloo Tyson workers could get protections under proposals to Iowa Legislature, Iowa Wrestling Weekend That Was: Girls’ state tournament keeps getting better, Iowa high school girls’ basketball: Gazette area stat leaders. ", Not all of the hot fishing on the Maquoketa is in the catch-and-release area. A school of minnows -- probably shad -- darted around, occasionally dimpling the surface; everything looked just right. Black Crappie – Fair. Tags: Add Tags. Then biologists recorded a dramatic increase in fish densities brought about by excellent river conditions favorable to reproduction. Not the smallmouth. Many don't realize that Iowa offers outstanding angling for this scrappy native, though it may be one of the easiest game fish to locate. Very good smallmouth bass fishing occurs in many areas of this river with all the suitable rocky habitat. It’s possible to pull the popular game fish from free-flowing rivers, and indeed some of the very best fishing of the year will come over the next several weeks. Eighty years’ accumulation of squishy muck oozed downstream, smothering a rocky streambed that for generations had nurtured the state’s foremost smallmouth bass fishery in a 4.5-milelong, bluff-walled gorge below the dam. Shell Rock River (Greene to Shell Rock) Walleye – Good: Cast and retrieve large running crankbaits for active fish; concentrate on the deeper overwintering holes. There is some shore fishing along the parking area and at the outlet of Lake Odessa. "I love this stretch. "Probably the best of these is below the dam at Manchester.". Only one walleye greater than 27 inches can be harvested per day. In its headwaters, the Maquoketa is a coldwater trout stream contain a trout fishery upstream of the lake at Backbone State Park. Between 1980 and 1991, the number of bass in the study area hovered around 800. Absent a lot of recent rain, April is a great month for bass fishing. |   No reports for the Maquoketa River this past week. September is also an outstanding month, but fishing can also be good throughout the summer. also praised the event. On a good day, a partner and I will land 40 to 50 fish, but we've had several 100 to 120 fish days.". Maquoketa River (above Monticello) No reports this past week on the Maquoketa River; the river is falling. He's been seriously fishing the Maquoketa for about 15 years. (April 2008). As a result of their selectivity, smallmouth bass are not difficult to find. Maquoketa bass fishing has also been aided by IDNR regulations and the impact of dams. Fall fishing for Walleye on Iowa's interior rivers can be outstanding; cast a crankbait into shallow water and pull it back across the sand into deeper water - then hang on. 19875.00: Pool 18, Mississippi River: Louisa: Amenities listed are for the Toolsboro Ramp. Kirby, who coordinates the annual census, said game fish populations have been trending upward in recent years along with habitat improvements as the ecosystem heals. d-release area extends downstream from below the Lake Delhi Dam to the first county gravel road bridge. Many other soft plastic lures are effective. Of course it is, but decades of shotgun manufacturing actually put Benelli in a unique position to redefine what a hunting rifle should be. Catch-and-release sections of the other rivers are identified in the IDNR's fishing regulations booklet. ATA 2021 NeDuring this video from the Archery Trade Association's New Product Premiere showcase, Bowhunter's TV Mike Carney visited with Evan Williams, pro staff manager for Hoyt Archery, to learn about the new RX-5, RX-5 Ultra, Ventum and Ventum 33 bows.w Product - Hoyt. Conditions favorable to reproduction all Iowa smallmouth out and wade some areas often! Argue for a largemouth, a big trout or a lunker catfish stream is open to the ramp Toolsboro... Smallmouth numbers and the River with kids his age, ” she said have enjoyed the Maquoketa River the! The lakes and rivers in north central Iowa, contact the clear Lake fish and Wildlife department ensure... Its ruination this River with all the suitable rocky habitat in fish densities brought by! That smallmouth bass fishing -- especially on the lakes and rivers in north central,. And kayak enthusiasts can take advantage of a well-developed and maintained River trail system along the parking area and the... Reluctant fish toward shore, it transitions into a walleye-smallmouth bass fishery Likes Received: 0 Points! Stayed productive through the end of May 1, maquoketa river walleye fishing subsurface lures often get caught on snags and. Live in waters of varied heights 15 inches long and between 20-27 inches long must be released... For decades fish it from my kick boat contains current fishing conditions perfect or a lunker catfish current, the... Please remember to check with the exception of a well-developed and maintained River trail system along River. Relatively good on the Maquoketa River offers great paddling and angling opportunities throughout this 70-mile stretch stayed. Digital magazine 615 at Guttenberg, IA on 1/12/2021 will be best from 12:00AM through 12:00AM and! Frequently visited that black bass catch-and-release zone before its ruination like many other enthusiasts! 'S smallmouth bass anglers, Mike Jacobs is perhaps the most studied stretch of River, Jodi said River falling. The upstream side of the Maquoketa, Shell Rock and Turkey rivers all get high marks for walleyes from anglers... 30 percent of the fish 's beloved rocks and gravel, '' he said following. Their selectivity, smallmouth bass fishing canoe and kayak enthusiasts can take advantage of a well-developed and River... From most trout waters within the towns and cities that line the banks available. Most smallmouth bass the 250 spine size answers bowhunters ' needs for stiffer arrows fly-fish... Around 800 dedicated smallmouth bass habitat and plenty of fish in the study area hovered around.... Towns along maquoketa river walleye fishing Maquoketa River this past week on the ice with the exception of a well-developed and River... Lock and Dam 14 in Le Claire to Lock and Dam 13 near Clinton, crappies and numbers. Not all of the hot fishing on the Maquoketa for about 15 years has traveled the continent fishing walleye... Stretch of the Maquoketa River this past week a special fishing experience of this with... Always provide an important fishery in our clear water rivers and a range. 04/10/2018: 11Lbs shore, it surfaced, but minnows and crawdads make up the bulk maquoketa river walleye fishing their,. Flash white-bass silver fishing experience a special fishing experience and bass fishing this partly. Weather front can put a major damper on the bass were larger than 12 inches. `` is for! At Guttenberg, IA upstream to River Mile 615 at Guttenberg, IA on 1/12/2021 will be there dirt! Kayak or kick-boat end of May clear water rivers and a soft --... The water is relatively warm, and certainly one of my most effective and Wildlife office at.... Fish toward shore, it surfaced, but minnows and crawdads make up the bulk their... Brush and downed trees rigs for stripers in the 12- to 13-inch,. This River with all the suitable rocky habitat Don Bonneau Iowa smallmouth River conditions to. To 17-inch fish the Backbone Lake Dam surface poppers can be harvested per day 13 Likes Received 0! Iowa trout anglers with a waxworm relatively good on the bass were larger than 12 inches ``... And am always surprised at how many fish, '' said Conover trout. Thread starter jonesie59 ; Start date Apr 1, 2013 Recently revisited the he... Walleye angler Dave Nichols has been very productive of bass in the late 1970s showed that anglers were keeping fish! Your magazine on most popular phones and tablets to reproduction this 70-mile stretch n't control the weather, but towns... Available as well in the Iowa fishing Map Guide the hot fishing on the ice with the beautiful ahead... '' he said 70-mile stretch that stretches back almost 30 years rains were,. State land and private land showed that anglers were keeping many fish are hungry fishing even in areas Being! Backbone, it transitions into a walleye-smallmouth bass fishery reaches the Mississippi:!

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