* Let me hold your hand. Mito Domain – Hijikata Chapter 1 (The PSP game Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi is a fighting game that includes an alternate universe story as well as abridged routes from the original visual novel.) The Art of War – Hijikata Chapter 3 Go to Sakamoto Chapter 4 with low Romance and low Corruption. * My father will notice us. Load up Sanan Chapter 3 (third bloodlust). It’s pretty similar to how Voltage’s My Love In the Force worked if y’all have played that (shinonome best boy oop). * Make him endure it. Kazama’s route has also been significantly altered. Furies [1] – Yukimura Main Story Avoid Hakuoki hack cheats for your own safety, choose our tips and advices confirmed by pro players, testers and users like you. The Second Division Captain is boisterous and proud of physique. Assistant Army Minister Aide – Souma Chapter 4 You can quick-save and load with L and R if you want to quickly explore different options. * Nothing. Note that for some characters, they only have three different blood/endure CGs, making Save 3 unneccessary since you can just choose low Romance, high Corruption in Chapter 4 (Hijikata Chapter 5). * Yes, I’m serious. Kodo Yukimura [1] – Yukimura Main Story However, if you’ve already chosen the Romance-boosting options, you be able to speed through with “Skip Read”. Got lucky. * Gave him blood. Also, I want to apologize beforehand about the messy bad ending guide at the end. -Let me join you, CHAPTER 4 * Give him medicine. Like Kyoto Winds, the Steam version has some bonus stories, wallpaper, and digital artbooks that you can buy individually or as part of a bundle. Game Over #2: Load up Souma Chapter 2 (second bloodlust). “Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Kazue Souma -07- ” Hello, it's Melody here! This collection includes routes with:
- Toshizo Hijikata
- Souji Okita
- Keisuke Sanan
- Kazue Souma
- Ryouma Sakamoto
house arrest – Hijikata Chapter 2, Ichikawa – Hijikata Chapter 2 * Make him endure it. -Are you sure? Go to Iba Chapter 4 with low Romance and low Corruption. Souma Kazue, referred to as Kazue Souma in the localization, is a main character in Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms, as well as one of Chizuru 's potential love interests. * The past. Saburo Miki [2] – Souma Chapter 1 Ryouma Sakamoto [1] – Hijikata Chapter 2 Tokugawa Affiliate Daimyo – Yukimura Main Story * I’ll handle my father. Start Kyoto Winds, use a walkthrough to get the most scenes of the guy you wish to pursue, and then select him in Edo Blossoms to continue his story. * I know, I’m ready. ° This is a storage room for the CGs from various otome games I read ^^ Game Over #3: Load up Nagakura Chapter 2 (second bloodlust). * What you want out of all this. Hello, and welcome to my guide on Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms. Alternatively, go to Saito Chapter 4 with low Romance and high Corruption. * “Let’s head to Aizu…”. Tottori Domain – Hijikata Chapter 3 (I.E. * Give him blood. Rating: ESRB M (blood, strong language, suggestive themes, violence) / PEGI 16 Load Souma Chapter 5 with low romance : Load Souma Chapter 5 with low romance I’ll stay here. Satsuma Domain – Yukimura Main Story Zuizan Takechi – Sakamoto Chapter 2. Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms Trophy Guide By Alternatewarning • Published 16th May 2018 • Updated 22nd June 2020 The second game in a two-part series, Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms … Kazue Souma. * Plead with them to stop. Alternatively, go to Sakamoto Chapter 4 with low Romance and high Corruption. * “Do you want to go back inside Nagaoka?”. The original Hakuoki had taken a year and a half to develop, and the fandisc took an additional year. Nagaoka Domain – Nagakura Chapter 3 * I understand where you’re coming from. wakizashi – Souma Chapter 4 (They still have the quick definition feature though.) But please, only request if you are actually going to buy it. All the informations about the Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms walkthrough contained in this article are valid from 13/02/2018, for PC / PSVITA. Hakodate – Yukimura Main Story * He had his reasons. Story telling is impeccable and the build is superb. * Save this man’s life. ronin [1] – Sanan Chapter 2 Romance the famous warriors of the Shinsengumi as you enter a fantasy drama of battles and self-discovery. * I want to go with Hijikata. Game Over #2: Load up Okita Chapter 2 (second bloodlust). Haiku Collection – Sanan Chapter 1 Executive Lieutenant-Minister – Hijikata Chapter 1 Shinsengumi – Yukimura Main Story Hakuoki; Edo Blossoms is an otome game, a visual novel aimed at females that heavily focuses on romance. * Friends. Shinpachi Nagakura [1] – Yukimura Main Story -Come back to me, CHAPTER 3 * You’re no monster. Go to Hijikata Chapter 5 with low Romance and low Corruption. CV: Hiroyuki Yoshino * I don’t believe you. * Give him medicine. * “No!”. * I don’t have a reason. It starts at Closed and goes up to Full Bloom. Kaishaku – Hijikata Chapter 1 Katsutaro Hitomi – Iba Chapter 2 If you really want to see Fuukaden, request it. The second game Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms, which is the direct sequel of Kyoto Winds, is released a year after. * Give him blood. Sendai Domain – Yukimura Main Story Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms will be arriving for the PlayStation®Vita (PlayStation®TV compatible) in just a couple of days on March 13/16 (NA/EU). Continue your journey to Edo in Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms, where you play as the heroine Chizuru Yukimura. Load Souma Chapter 5 with low romance : Load Souma Chapter 5 with low romance I’ll stay here. First, also make sure you actually enter the Gallery/Encyclopedia to actually trigger them. Ishida Medicinal Powder – Yamazaki Chapter 1 * I don’t care about being happy. Also, I want to apologize beforehand about the messy bad ending guide at the end. i read twice, but i just dont get it… i have been thinking about it since yesterday so i thought i should ask. Walkthrough: Amnesia – Memories 23 kwietnia 2019 14 sierpnia 2020 Otome Forever 0. * Nothing can change who you are. Game Over #3: Load up Toudou Chapter 2 (second bloodlust). Sanjo Ohashi – Souma Chapter 2 * Make him endure it. This definitely looks like a lot of work to write so great job! * The true goal of the Shinsengumi. This guide lists the “right” answers because, well, why not add to the tragedy of a love unfilled? The Vita controls are simple: advance with the X button, and make a selection when prompted. The limited edition is only available directly from Idea Factory’s site. * You saved me. They split Hakuoki into two games when they re-released it for the umpteenth time. At the second incident, give medicine, then make him endure it. * Make him endure it. * I’ll do whatever I can. Game Over #1: Load up Okita Chapter 1 (first bloodlust). Quick Save and Quick Load can be useful if you are unsure. Love Interests in Hakuōki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom, Memories of the Shinsengumi, & Stories of the Shinsengumi: ... Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms. * Is it a bad thing…? If it reaches Critical, Chizuru’s story will end badly. Finally, there is a normal route if you choose Chizuru in the selection screen, but there are no decisions to make. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Iris School of Wizardry Vinculum Hearts Review (Nintendo Switch), HAKUOKI Edo Blossoms – Ryouma Sakamoto Walkthrough, HAKUOKI Edo Blossoms – Kazue Souma Walkthrough, Hakuoki Edo Blossoms Review – Otome Kitten. * Distrust Takeda. Alternatively, go to Souma Chapter 4 with low Romance and high Corruption. Introduction . After finishing a route for the first time, the Record of Service will be unlocked. * Give him blood. The Colonel of the Shinsengumi who often serves as the troop’s scholar and pragmatist. Kazue Souma Kazue Souma [2] – Souma Chapter 1 The Bad Endings and Game Overs are controlled by Corruption rather than low Romance, so feel free to choose the non-affection boosting options when going back and exploring. * Give him blood. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Osaka Castle – Hijikata Chapter 1 * Give him blood. * Are you still a Shinsengumi man? Geigi – Harada Chapter 1 * Make him endure it. * Give him blood. Masujiro Omura – Kazama Chapter 2 * It depends on the time and place. Depending on the order you choose, many will also be unlocked in an alternative route. Seikyo Corp – Nagakura Chapter 3 Yukimura Clan – Hijikata Chapter 4 However, note that for a couple of CGs and Game Overs/Bad Endings, you may need to go to a previous Chapter to get the level of Corruption (or low Romance) needed to get the ending you want. Go to Okita Chapter 4 with low Romance and low Corruption. * Give him blood. * Give him blood. * Give him some blood. the doubt is about Hijikata´s good ending so if someone who hasn´t play it yet is reading this, please refrain to read till the end. Publisher: Idea Factory International Gunbei Iba – Iba Chapter 1 Romance is obviously increased by chosing a specific response at dialogue choices. Introduction . Boshin War – Sanan Final Chapter * Make him endure it. Game Over #2: Load up Saito Chapter 2 (second bloodlust). Info in this game will provide summaries of what has happened so far, but I still think you should play the first game before Edo Blossoms. * It depends on the time and place. * Let me hold your hand. Select Chapter 2 with Low Romance and High Corruption, -Make him endure it Awl – Saito Chapter 1 Utsunomiya Domain – Yukimura Main Story While all three are available on Vita, the latter also includes Sakamoto, Iba, and Souma. Souma, the most precious kouhai, most diligent and hard working underling in the Shinsengumi. Yorimitsu Minamoto – Hijikata Chapter 3 * Give him blood. If you want to see the conversations with the other choices, go for it. * I’m sorry. loyalist – Hijikata Chapter 1 #hakuouki #hakuoki #souma kazue #kazue souma #Yukimura Chizuru #Chizuru Yukimura #souma x chizuru #hakuoki edo blossoms #hakuouki edo blossoms #otome game #otome cgs, natayuno liked this . * Yes, he is very kind. Izuminokami Kanesada – Hijikata Chapter 1 Kama Inn – Hijikata Chapter 1 Kashitaro Itou – Toudou Chapter 1 Last, but certainly not least, we have the final batch of screenshots for Hakuoki™: Edo Blossoms for these lovely two bachelors – the solemn Kazue Souma and the swashbuckler Ryouma Sakamoto! -Give him blood habiki – Souma Chapter 1 * Give him blood. Mitsu – Hijikata Chapter 2 Outside of a few decisions, one or two “wrong” choices will not prevent you from getting your desired ending. Thank you! Game Over #1: Load up Yamazaki Chapter 1 (first bloodlust). * Make him endure it Game Over #1: Go to Harada Chapter 1 with low Romance. Steam Release Date: March 13, 2018 * Take care of them. * Make him endure it. Army Minister – Hijikata Chapter 3 Shintaro Nakaoka – Sakamoto Chapter 1 * Stay behind. Shutendoji – Hijikata Chapter 3 bloodlust – Hijikata Chapter 1 Assistant Army Minister – Hijikata Chapter 5 Vita MSRP: $39.99 US (Standard Edition) / $72.99 (Limited Edition), £36.99 (Standard) / £63.99 (Limited) Audio: Japanese (English subtitles). High-ranking Retainer – Sakamoto Chapter 2 HAKUOKI Edo Blossoms – Kazue Souma Walkthrough. I am sure visual novel completionists will appreciate your hard work. Go to Sanan Chapter 4 with low Romance and low Corruption. Iba Hachiro, known as Hachiro Iba in the localization, is a main protagonist in Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds and Edo Blossoms, as well as one of Chizuru's potential love interests. Nagareyama – Hijikata Chapter 2 Shinpachi Nagakura [2] – Nagakura Chapter 1 Follow along with Chizuru as she witnesses the Shinsengumi fight in the Japanese Revolution (Boshin War). Shanghai – Harada Chapter 4 It is definitely fun though to play through blindly and see whether you lead the characters to happiness or ruined their lives forever.

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