The main use of ogham by modern Druids, Neo-Pagans is for the purpose of divination. In Glastonbury, England, there's a famous Hawthorn tree known as the Holy Thorn. Rowan is Luis. Ifin is the Pine, and is associated with clarity of vision and awareness. Even in the Tarot, the Fool knows he has a long way to go, but the first step is the hardest. The word Eamhancholl literally translates to "twin of Hazel", so there is a strong connection to C–Coll in the Ogham. When Joseph thrust his staff into the ground, it turned into a Hawthorn tree. The largest number outside Ireland are in Pembrokeshire, Wales. The Rowan indicates protection, as well as knowledge and insight about what is taking place in your surroundings. Because of its association with death & rebirth, transformations, the yew has long been associated with sacred sites – both churchyards and pre-Christian sites. There are 20 original letters in the Ogham alphabet, and five more that were added later on. Speak to the gods through your art, and be rewarded with inspiration. In addition to being a sturdy sort of tree, the Birch is useful. Ogham is my divination tool of choice these days. This ground-covering plant grows on top of peat in the moors of the Celtic lands. Mundane Aspects: No one likes to be faced with choices, because sometimes what we want is not what we need. If you catch a falling Oak leaf before it hits the ground, you'll stay healthy the following year. (I prefer to work with woods that are the actual woods used for each Ogham symbol where possible. divination by the use of four Yew wands, although more recently, the ogham alphabet has been used for divination by inscribing it onto small wooden staves or onto discs of wood. Symbolic of music and flutes, the Reed indicates direct action, and finding purpose in your journey. (300) 300 reviews. To make your own set of Ogham staves, start with sticks or twigs in even lengths. "Ogham Symbol Gallery." ... Ogham divination casting - full casting with emailed reading within 48 hours. The ‘wands’ used in Ogham divination today are known as ‘staves’. Often, it indicates a need to rebuild that which was destroyed. If that does happen, be sure you use fairness and wisdom, rather than emotions, to resolve the situation. Duir is the Oak tree, long a symbol of strength and power. Inscribe each of the sticks with one of the Ogham symbols. Only the Druids and Bards understood the system and could have great influences on their people when they demonstrated its power. We are all connected in one way or another, so it is important to find harmony between the spiritual realm and the physical, and between all living beings. For the most part, all the Ogham inscriptions that exist are burial monuments, property divisions, or landmarks. There is slight evidence of the use of Ogham as divination in Irish myth, and this is what Ogham is used for today by many Celtic Pagans and Druids. A variation of the story appears in the legend of Finn Mac Cumhail, who ate the salmon and then took on the knowledge and wisdom of the fish. It will grow in nearly any condition, and its endless upward spiral is representative of our soul's search for self, as we wander between this world and the next. Today they are commonly used in forms of divination, such as Cleromancy, or the casting of lots. This points to either having protection, or needing it. In the Highlands of Scotland, the Aspen was often rumored to be connected to the realm of the Fae. Like the mighty tree it represents, Duir is associated with strength, resilience and self-confidence. D is for Duir, the Celtic tree of Oak. Mundane Aspects: When this symbol appears, it means it's time to de-stress. Shelves: divination, druidry. Many members of modern-day Druidic traditions refer to their group as a grove rather than a coven or other word. But sometimes something new sticks out to me or I use a different resource and learn something new. Account & Lists ... Voice of the Trees: A Celtic Divination Oracle. ... Find out how to create your own set of Ogham sticks . Sticks are part of the Basque word for "alphabet": agaka, agglutinated from aga-aka, aga (stick or pole) and akats (notch). Favorite. The greatest … Mabon (Autumn Equinox) Folklore and Traditions, The Legend of the Holly King and the Oak King, associated with protection against enchantment and magic. About 4 - 6" is a good size for Ogham staves. Elm is flexible and bendy, so it doesn't make a very good building material, but it does withstand water very well, so it eventually became popular for use in making flatboats and wheels. In folklore from the British Isles, Ivy is believed to be a bringer of good fortune, particularly to women. Magical Aspects: Work on developing a connection not only to the people in your clan, but in the greater spiritual community. Realize that part of life's journey includes learning lessons–even unpleasant ones. Now's a good time to get rid of things which are of no use to you, in order to make room for new beginnings. The form of divination used is Dichetal Do Chennaib. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but ultimately, do what's right for those who enjoy the hospitality of your hearth. Just as the clinging honeysuckle can damage the tree it climbs, so we must be careful in our search or else we may find our … Denying yourself the chance to enjoy life is unfair. Are you studying things that no longer interest you? Uhr is Heather, a plant of generosity and healing. G is Gort, the Ivy that sometimes grows freely, but often parasites upon other plants. This will help protect you from that which might bring you emotional, physical or spiritual harm. The durability and strength of the wood made it useful for oxen-goads, which were used in ploughing. The sturdy wood was popular for making shields, and were often imbued with magical protective properties. Sticks laying on Ogham of the Wheel have combined effects. N is for Nion, sometimes called Nuin, which is connected to the Ash tree. Magical Aspects: Open your inner soul to new decisions, and allow yourself to harvest the gifts that your spiritual path has to offer. To do this, you'll need to focus on the root cause of your feelings. Once it's dry, though, Alder tends to be less than durable. Dr. Daye Condon as he teaches the secrets of this fascinating Divination tool. For example the first letter Beith is Old Irish for the birch tree, we would inscribe this letter on to a stick of birch. If this symbol appears, understand that at its core lies communication. Wigington, Patti. In many pre-Christian societies, the Oak was often associated with the leaders of the gods–Zeus, Thor, Jupiter, and so forth. The poky spikes on the leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the cross, and the bright red berries symbolize his blood. It’s defense, precaution, and care. Much like the Death card in the Tarot, the Yew is known as a marker of death and endings. Also recognize that there will be others following in your footsteps, so make yourself available to guide them and give them a hand when they need it. The book explores different ways of communicating with the trees to deepen one’s … Ancient herbalists discovered that various parts of this tree can be used for medicinal purposes. Gorse (Furze) represents long-term thinking and planning–knowing that sometimes we have to do without in order to gain things in the future. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Nineteenth century scientists discovered that the Willow contains salicylic acid, a synthetic version of which is the primary pain-relief ingredient in Aspirin. After all, once the Apple tree dies, its fruit returns to the ground to birth new trees for coming harvests. Also connected to the month of October and the Samhain sabbat, Ivy often lives on after its host plant has died–a reminder to us that life goes on, in the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. The Elder is also strongly connected with Goddess spirituality, and the workings of the Fae. "Make a Set of Ogham Staves." A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Thirteen. Magical Aspects: Develop the ability to respond quickly and wisely to your intuition. It is seen used in written form in Ireland from around the 5th Century AD. If you're feeling stagnant, or that you're drifting a bit on a spiritual level, when this symbol appears it probably means you need to rethink your priorities. No matter what obstacles come, allow yourself to know that these too will be gone eventually. It also represents the darker side of magic and witchcraft. Historically, the Picts used the flowers of the Heather plant to make a fermented ale–the natural sweetness of the plant probably made this delicious! The act of creation is a magical exercise in and of itself, so if possible, do this within a magical space. Io (sometimes Ph) is Ifin or Iphin, the Pine tree. In addition to love, the appearance of Quert reminds us of the eternal cycle of life. Sep 4, 2014 - A quick reference guide for the Irish Ogam alphabet, with forefeda. If you aren't sure what path you should be on or which direction you should head, sit down and make a list of goals. However, Ogham Runes may be … Ever wanted to read Celtic Divination Sticks (Ogham)? Be just and ethical, rather than trying to be popular. Although there are no records of how staves might have been used in divination in ancient times, there are a number of ways that they can be interpreted. Figure out what things are bad in your life, which relationships are toxic, and find a way to leave them behind. Sometimes A divination is not possible. However, notched grooves carved into rocks seem to hint at it existing for centuries before this, in its symbolic form. Mundane Aspects: Keep your awareness high, and go with your intuition when it comes to the people and events in your life. Despite its connection with female and goddess-centered pre-Christian belief, it's considered unlucky to bring Hawthorn into your home. I have an easy relationship with my Ogham set. The meaning of the word … Uillean is the symbol of the Honeysuckle, creeping and climbing its way to the light. Interpretations by Rev. Many people like to simply keep their staves in a pouch, and when a question comes up that needs to be answered, they place their hand in the bag and pull out a designated number of staves. In either case, it’s time to look to the things that make us feel safe. The Ogham runes were used as an Early Medieval alphabet between the 4th and 6th centuries. A simple method of divination is the casting of runes. Michael J Dangler. Witch of Forest Grove – Accept change for what it is–an asset–and stop seeing it as an obstacle. In Celtic myth, the concept of the Holly King and the Oak King symbolizes the changing of the seasons, and the transition of the earth from the growing time to the dying season. Wiki – Ogham Omniglot – Ogham Ancient Scripts – Ogham Celtic Tree Calendar Patti Wigington is a pagan author, educator, and licensed clergy. Hello Select your address All Hello, Sign in. Direct involvement with each tree allows learning from direct experience. This is a symbol of connections and creativity, and transitions between the worlds. Retrieved from Magical Aspects: Do rituals related to prophecy and divination. Hazel is associated with wisdom and creativity and knowledge. Wigington, Patti. Remember that the things we experience are all part of the formation of who we eventually become. The Elm has a clear vision of that which surrounds it, as well as that which is approaching. $15.00. 4.5 out of 5 stars 72. Use your skills and ability to put things in order, and guide situations onto the right track. From a magical perspective, there are a number of uses for Birch. Ng, or nGeatal, is the Reed that grows straight and true like an arrow's shaft. Some scholars say the word Duir translates to "door," the root word of "Druid". FREE Shipping by Amazon. E is Eadhadh, or Eadha, which is the Aspen, a symbol of endurance and courage. In Ogham divination, it represents protection from every kind of danger — physical, emotional, and spiritual. The Yew, Iodhadh, shows that transition and endings are on the way. Dyes and brooms were made from it as well; if you make a besom of your own, use some Heather for the bristles. Mundane Aspects: If you're hoping to conceive a child, the appearance of Huath could be fortuitous. In addition to its use as a healing herb, Willow was also harvested for wicker work. . Ng, or nGeatal, is the Reed that grows straight and tall at the riverside. Ui (sometimes interpreted as Pe) is Uillean, the Honeysuckle. U (sometimes W) is Uhr or Ura, the Heather plant, which symbolizes passion and generosity. Thomas the Rhymer met the Faerie Queen under a Hawthorn tree and ended up in the Faerie realm for seven years. Now's the time to mend it. Magical Aspects: Your spiritual journey has provided you with an abundance of gifts. Make a Set of Ogham Staves. . Magical Aspects: This is a good indicator that you need to do a re-evaluation of your spiritual life. Historically the symbols were used for divination by the use of four Yew wands, although more recently, the ogham … Watch; K S p B o 7 Q n X R s o 0 r … Gort is Ivy, and represents wildness, growth and development, both physical and spiritual. Blackthorn is a tree (although some might argue it's more of a really big shrub) of winter, and its berries only ripen after the first frost. This came in handy when early Britons were building strongholds in bogs. From shop SpiritOfOldUK.

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