felipegabriela6202. Though the Queen of the Shadowkhan is just an one-time villain, her popularity among the show's fans is incredible. Jade's transformation is now complete: her skin is blue, eyes completely red and voice eerie. He was an actor, known for Traffic (2000), Crossing Jordan (2001) and Hot Shots! At school, when Jade tells again her stories, she gets laughed at. During the ensuing fight, Jade runs away from the shop, with Hak Foo on her trail. After everything returns to normal, Jade says she has a weird feeling that she did something bad. The next day, the students at Jade's school are even more impressed at Jade's tattoo, while Drew had his tattoo erased (revealing it was a fake). The changes slowly came, one after another. Jade: And I didn’t scream once while they were doing it. However, Hak Foo (who had been listening the entire time) volunteers to join them. It's hinted that these darker traits are those hidden underneath normal Jade's psyche and the tattoo is bringing them more to the surface. She tried to read the Demon Archive Jackie Chan found, but found she could not read ancient Chinese. TV-Y7 | 22min | Animation, Action, Adventure | Episode aired 3 November 2001. Eventually, she ended up with a blue skin and fully crimson red eyes, similar to those that the Shadowkhan have. After invading and taking over Section 13, she clothed hers… "Queen's Ascension"(Running): What if when the 9 Oni Masks broke, something different happened than the generals being revived? Held captive, Jackie tries reasoning with Jade. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Queen of the Shadowkhan, When Jade wanted to get a tattoo to be tough, and Jackie forbade the request, Jade creates a fake tattoo of an evil symbol. Jackie Chan Adventures . Also, a magical wind seems to blow around her several times. With that, she contently has the ninjas to serve her, while deciding to keep this thing as a secret. Then when the Shadowkhan hold up the breakfast I would have run out of the room screaming, “help! The Queen still has Jade's cocky mischief, as she had the Shadowkhan to spank the Dark Hand thugs, although she could have ordered them to do something worse. While receiving a light scolding for getting a tattoo when explicitly told not to, Jade is praised by Jackie for destroying the Demon Archive. Jade's skin is turning more blue, as observed by Jackie. Shendu: Noooo! (looks down in shock and disappointment at where the demon archive had been in his hands). She puts on herself a magical tattoo which gives her control over the Shadowkhan, but slowly turns her into a demonic creature. In the ensuing fight, the ninjas destroy the potion and recapture Jackie. A curious Jackie is eventually able to uncover the tattoo (despite Jade's attempts to distract him) and demands that Jade wash it off, only to learn that that it can't be removed with soap and water (as her efforts to do so at school failed). This is a reference to Jade's habitually rebellious attitude towards Jackie and other authority figures. I have to admit that this was one of my favorite episodes of the series. Enforcers, Other The only other power the Queen has demonstrated is the ability to levitate. He approaches Jade and her appearance turns to normal. Oni (鬼, Oni) are a kind of yōkai from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres or trolls. Jackie: (after escaping through the library’s window, using a curtain as a parachute) I guess it’s curtains for me. He manages to retrieve the mask, but is turned similar to the Queen of the Shadowkhan. Drew, cut it out! The Tattoo is non removable and she soon discovers she has the ability to control the Shadowkhan, which causes a strange and evil transformation in her as well. Throughout the fourth season, Tarakudo makes some suggestions if Jade will take up his offer. Shendu couldn't control the Ninja Tribe during the Queen's brief reign. When one of her classmates gets a tattoo, Jade decides to get one also. Valmont | She is also interested in increasing her powers greatly and offers Shendu to keep his Talismans, considering the Demon Archive's power to be far greater. Tohru's weight then causes a hole in the floor, revealing a tunneled path. The Queen of the Shadowkhan is a one-time villain from Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. She then runs into an alleyway, taking the archive with her, and is cornered there by Hak Foo. Many of her actions were born of the intention of remaining in her powered form. It was revealed in the fourth season that they are from Japan, and that there are nine different types, each controlled by an Oni Mask. Jade's tattoo impresses her school peers, but it turns out that the fake tattoo isn't so fake after all (as Jade finds out the hard way when she’s unable to wash it off with water). He eventually corners her in an alleyway. Destroy... the book! Queen of the Shadowkhan, Épisode 6 de la Saison 2 de Jackie Chan, une série TV de John Rogers lancée en 2000. Ice Crew | Jade Chan was also able to summon them after making a tattoo of Tarakudo, which ended up corrupting her and turning her into the Queen of the Shadowkhan. Queen of the Shadowkhan is the twenty-sixth episode of Jackie Chan Adventures. At the Dark Hand's hideout, Valmont vocalizes his displeasure at wearing a “dress”, which Shendu corrects as a “sorcerer’s robe”. She screams for help, and then the Shadowkhan appear, but instead of aiding Hak Foo, they drive him away and cause him to flee before swiftly vanishing themselves, leaving a bewildered Jade alone. Her voice became distorted, and in some scenes her teeth look like they have become sharper. LoveAndWar1337 is a fanfiction author that has written 10 stories for Naruto, Red Dead Redemption, Bleach, Halo, Harry Potter, Fate/stay night, Overlord/オーバーロード, RWBY, and Avatar: Last Airbender. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 4 Powers and Abilities 5 … Finn: (the rest of the Dark Hand are also in bandages) Chan kicked our butts, too! Queen of the shadowkhan PNG Images, Universe Of The Legend Of Zelda, Death Of The Queen Of Hearts, Queen Of The Hollow, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Silence Of The Lambs, Hoard Of The Dragon Queen, Queen Of The Night PNG (The Shadowkhan turn and head back over to Jackie, only to have Jade stop them) She has to be informed by Jackie of Shendu's betrayal and doesn't notice the massive Tohru sneaking right next to her until it's too late. This implies that Jade's already high pride has increased to the point of arrogance. Not only does Jade get a tattoo which gives her the ability to control the Shadowkhan but Valmont finally gets a change in wardrobe ~ in form of a oddly fashionable dress XD. The Shadowkhan grab him and the Queen orders them to take the potion away. The Queen of the Shadowkhan is a one-time villain from Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. Jackie halts Jade's commands to attack, and thus the Dark Hand retreat in their car. Remerging outside on the surface, Valmont complains to Shendu that they missed an opportunity to seize the Talismans. I thought you knew. When her family finds out about this, Uncle reacts with horror, saying that the symbol is of great evil. Depictions of oni vary widely but usually portray them as hideous, gigantic ogre-like creatures with sharp claws, wild hair, and two long horns growing … And she was right to not trust Shendu with her Demon Archive. Jade orders the Shadowkhan to retrieve the archive from the Enforcers and to spank them, and they do so by pulling down the Enforcers' pants and spanking them. By: Invaderdoom78. Tso Lan | But before Uncle can pour the potion on the tattoo, a sudden wind blows towards him. Jackie Chan Adventures S04E01 The Masks Of The Shadowkhan… Jackie makes an all-out effort to retrieve the potion, but the vial smashes on contact with the floor and and the potion evaporates. While Jade is an active tomboy with a keen interest in martial arts, the Queen tends to stay back and let the Shadowkhan to do her dirty work and even wears a dress, something normal Jade isn't that keen on wearing. Jade returns to the shop and walks in wearing snow boots. She uses a pen to trace the symbol onto a paper, then get it wet and place it onto her left ankle. The Queen's personality is basically a darker version of Jade. The Shadowkhan appear behind her, scaring her. He orders the Enforcers to reclaim the archive from the Chans. Recap: After Jade Chan became Queen of the Shadowkhan after putting on an evil tattoo, she took over Section 13 and turned it into her palace. Jackie then directs her attention to something: Shendu is sneaking off with the Demon Archive. The last mention of the Queen is in the season's finale, when J-team has to enter the Shadow Realm where the mask that should seal Tarakudo is being kept. The tattoo glows again and the Shadowkhan appear behind her, scaring the Dark Hand. They are popular characters in Japanese art, literature and theatre. Jade's (technical) Superpowered Evil Side, the Queen of the Shadowkhan. Tchang Zu | The Queen is also even more aggressive than Jade and even contemplated on killing Jackie. Seeking even greater power, Jade attempts to study the archive but is unable to understand what the words inside it say, so she orders the Shadowkhan to bring her someone who can translate it, eventually returning with Shendu within his host body. Shadows Rising in Jump City: A Queen's Arrival by VenomFlare23 reviews As the masks of Tarakudo and, his Generals crumble before their eyes Jade makes a rash but, quick move. In the Japanese dub from the series, she is voiced by Yoko Honna. And then in the second half of the story, Jade kidnaps Viper and performs a ritual that transforms her into Hebi, the new General of the Samurai Khan, … Shendu | The Queen's origin is given some depth in the fourth season, which involves the Shadowkhan and Tarakudo, their king. Jackie Chan Adventures S02E13 Queen Of The Shadowkhan. When Jade became aware of the Shadowkhan serving her, she changed her normal outfit to a black variety. Though she only appears in one episode and gets some mentions later, she leaves quite an impact. While Jade aspires to become a secret agent one day and cares for other people, the Queen is more selfish and ambitious and declares herself the title Queen. Shendu gives the Queen a suggestion: "always destroy your enemies". But she can't read text and orders the ninjas bring her someone who can. Before her is brought Shendu (who is in Valmont's body). For one thing, the Queen tells Jackie that he won't give her orders anymore. In the Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction Queen of All Oni, a failed spell by Daolon Wong ends up transforming Jade back into her Shadowkhan form, leading to a Face–Heel Turn. As the Enforcers arrive and attempt to tip over the ladder Jackie is on, the martial arts master manages to escape through the window with a curtain as a makeshift parachute, leaving the Enforcers empty-handed with the Shadowkhan. Jade gleefully orders them to be spanked. Jade requests that she be allowed to keep the Shadowkhan, right when Uncle pulls out a potion that would make Jade's tattoo disappear. Jackie's decision to ground her proves futile when she and the Shadowkhan disappear, taking over Section 13 and claiming it as her palace after detaining Captain Black and his colleagues in a prison cell. Now she … Queen of the Shadowkhan | Suddenly, the Shadowkhan surround him. But instead of her, Tohru is chosen for the task. Jade: With ninja tutors, homework is gonna be a piece of cake. He asks Jade if she's interested in returning to the Forces of Darkness. He died on January 19, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. He was married to Lori Weintraub and Leilani Sarelle. Valmont's henchmen return trying to steal the archive, with Jade being the only one left to protect it. She declares herself to be the Queen of the Shadowkhan and intends to remain so. Part Deux (1993). Jackie retrieves a Demon Archive, a magic book of Shendu, which might help the Chans in putting an end to the issue of the Demon Sorcerers, Shendu's siblings. 21:20. This angers her so much that her pupils literally turn crimson red. A Shadowkhan draws a sword, and Jackie begs his niece to listen to him and not Shendu, only for her to tell him that things have changed and that she has new friends. Queen of Shadows: A Tale Across Ages is a Jackie Chan Adventures fanfic, and a part of Project Dark Jade.Originally written by one of the project’s co-founders, Nocturne no Kitsune (though it was simply called Queen of Shadows at that point, hence the page name), after he dropped out of sight, Eduard Kassel, the other co-founder, adopted it and added the "A Tale Across Ages" tag to the title. However, she doesn't think she can trust her that much. Xiao Fung | Chow: Yeah. My favorite episode is where Jade is the Queen of the Shadowkhan. Out of all the show's minor characters, she's arguably the most popular. Despite only showing up in one episode in Season 2 (and getting a brief mention by Tarakudo in Season 4), there are quite a variety of stories in which she regains the powers and/or personality of the Queen. The next morning, while Jade is brushing her teeth, she wishes she had time for breakfast. A new spin on the return of the Queen; the motives especially are intriguing in this budding tale. Jade spends the entire episode without socks, even when she is wearing snowboots. Jade agrees with her uncle. Tohru | Jackie Chan Adventures S02E06 Queen Of The Shadowkhan. The Queen is a corrupted version of Jade and has her appearance, although with some differences. When she is returning home, she spots the Dark Hand thugs having managed to steal the Demon Archive without anyone in the shop noticing. When the Archive's disappearance is noticed, Jackie follows the trail, finding the Shadowkhan spanking the Dark Hand thugs and Jade grinning madly. She is a corrupted version of Jackie's niece, Jade Chan. Eight Demon Sorcerers Many stories have been written of Jade becoming the Queen again. Chapter 20. Shendu orders the Shadowkhan to destroy Jackie, but Jade with her last bit of command over the ninjas urges them to stop, instead ordering them to destroy the book, to which one of them does, incinerating it to cinders much to Shendu's dismay before being kicked out of Section 13 through the phone booth exit. Shadowkhan | Though she only appears in one episode and gets some mentions later, she leaves quite an impact. The Queen of the Shadowkhan was right to add an extra tattoo just in case. The design she chooses, comes from a magical book which has unexpected consequences. Eventually, she ended up with a blue skin and fully crimson red eyes, similar to those that the Shadowkhan have. Then Ikazuki showed up and, after a brief fight, forced Jade to serve him, at least until the J-Team defeated him. Queen of the Shadowkhan; Armor of the Gods; Demon World (Part 1) Demon World (Part 2) Season 3. She asks if she can keep them, only for being told no. Another interesting detail is the fact that Tohru becomes barely anything but a mindless brute when his transformation by Tarakudo's mark is complete, whereas Jade retains her mind (even if it is driven by her impulses). The Shadowkhan first appeared in the first season, working for Shendu. The Queen is a corrupted version of Jade and has her appearance, although with some differences. Then after looking in the mirror and finding that the Shadowkhan have appeared behind her, she screams, thinking they want to destroy her. The episode ends with Jade's tattoo problem solved and the Demon Archive out of the picture. Jade: Do not touch me. Monkey King | And as noted before, the dress looks like something a femme fatale might wear. Dark Chi Warriors | Jade: The ninjas are real, and so’s my tattoo — unlike yours. (She lifts up his shirtsleeve to reveal that his tattoo is gone) (Shendu turns and gasps as one of the Shadowkhan leaps up into the air and throws a test tube-shaped object at the demon archive, turning it into dust) Shendu was able to summon Shadowkhan by channeling the power of one of the masks, the same thing Daolon Wong did later on. The Queen of the Shadowkhan is a one-time villain from Jackie Chan Adventures cartoon. Uncle has just produced a potion that will remove the tattoo. Thinking she's in trouble, Jade closes her eyes. Queen Of The Shadowkhan. Hak Foo: (running away after being beaten by the Shadowkhan) Bunny flees from vicious jackals! When one of her classmates gets a tattoo, Jadedecides to get one also. At a remote library on the top of a mountain, Jackie locates an ancient book associated with demons that Uncle promises will put an end to the demon portals. تصویر of Queen Of The Shadowkhan for شائقین of Jackie Chan Adventures 11292476 The next morning, Jackie goes to do research with Uncle and Tohru about the tattoo removing spell. Jade comes up with the idea to tattoo herself again and use the Shadowkhan to enter there.

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