Klook false advertisement ” INSTANT CONFIRMATION” is not good. Thinking of going to Tokyo Disney for 4 days in December and staying at Hilton Tokyo Bay. The park is so crowded it occasionally stops letting people in. Photo by Victor Gonzalez. It was a detail we missed in our guide and I’ve updated it. 1 Review. You get to choose the design you want. To buy your Disneyland Tokyo ticket is fairly simple, even if you do not speak Japanese. Thanks for the detailled info. While it is up to you to decide if the “Multi-Day Passport Special” is worth the extra money, we do not recommend this if it is your first visit. In some […]. The new variable pricing, which will take effect from March 20, aims to encourage a more even distribution of guests throughout the year, it said in a press release. Thank you. I would feel more comfortable buying these in advance instead of at the hotel when we’re there, but as we are repeat visitors and only have a few days, I really think we would benefit from the park hopper option on all days. Many Explorers had to cancel or reschedule upcoming trips. Note: As of June 4, 2019, you are no longer able to add-on days to your Passport. | TDR Explorer, Winner of our StellaLou Giveaway | TDR Explorer, DEAL ALERT: Book Hilton Tokyo Bay for 50% Off | TDR Explorer, Tokyo Disney Resort Food & Dining Guide | TDR Explorer, July at Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea | TDR Explorer, Tokyo Disney Resort Announces Open Auditions | TDR Explorer, D23 Expo Japan 2018 Returns in February | TDR Explorer, "Imagining the Magic" Photo Exhibit Review | TDR Explorer, Japan Rail Pass: Worth it for Tokyo Disney? Tokyo Disneyland Disneysea Ticket- und Hotelpaket, Tokio. Any suggestions? Also, lines are very long. Thank you. For any urgent matters, please contact us: email [email protected] or phone +852-3462-6208. Pierce MFG; Skeeter Brush Trucks; EJ Metals; Life Line Emergency Vehicles Thank you for traveling with Klook! I was wondering if the hotels accept foreign issued credit cards for park tickets. The price will increase to … The hotels will take most credit cards. So we’d need to double book a hotel over near there one night regardless. Is there any difference with the 2-Day Passport? I’m trying to do the same for some friends. Good for entry to either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea on one calendar day. But fret not because there’s another great option―buy your ticket online! Hello! Hello, I have a question because we are going to tokyo next year (february) and we would like to go to Disney Sea. You have to check the deal to see what the details are. If you need to modify anything, it is a ¥200 fee (as stated above). Learn how to buy your park tickets (see how you can save $4USD), then sink your teeth into our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney […]. Thankyou. We are affiliates of Voyagin. It gives you everything you need to plan your vacation to Japan. […] Figure out what and where to eat with our list of restaurant reviews. We checked our bank account and the money has been taken out. It doesn’t apply right now. https://www.hiltontokyobay.jp/plans/rooms/6870, […] sure you read our guide on how to buy park tickets. Tokyo Disneyland tickets vary in price – choose the best one for you at the ticket office on arrival. Good day! It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I will strongly recommend you to purchase tickets online, which saves a lot of your time while entering the park. It’s the difference between the prices of the two tickets. Another option is asking your local travel agency (which may cost […]. The short answer is no unless you plan on going to the parks for more than eight days. Buying your Disneyland tickets there is safe and easy. Today, Disneyland Tokyo is extremely popular, and Disney fans from across the world converge on these parks in Tokyo Bay. If your credit card doesn’t work with the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservation system, here are a few options: 2-Park Annual Passport. There is no Military discount at Tokyo Disney Resort since the Resort is owned and operated by Oriental Land Company. Stornierung bis zu 24 Stunden vor Beginn mit vollständiger Rückerstattung. See the official website for pricing and details. We bought tickets online at the same time as a hotel booking, so we’ve got paper tickets (for a 3-day pass) we’d love to exchange for a hard printed pass. I’m staying at a resort hotel in just over a month. The park is so crowded it occasionally stops letting people in. […] Figure out what and where to eat with our list of restaurant reviews. The website says INSTANT CONFIRMATION but I dint receive anything except for this message bellow after the purchased. It’s just the design of the ticket, there’s nothing else different about it. That’ll be fine, as long as the barcode is visible so you can scan it. Tokyo Disney Resort is implementing a lottery system for Annual Passsholders to enter the park on specific dates in August, September, and October. Tokyo Disneyland is a theme park based on the films produced by Walt Disney. But I will not be joininh them when they go to Disney land, I’m just gone use my account and my credit card. Modeled after Disneyland in California and the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Tokyo Disneyland is made up of seven themed lands and features seasonal decorations and parades. Tokyo Disney Resort, home to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, is high on the bucket lists of many Disney fans. Park ticket(s) (enclosed in an envelope with "Tickets" written on it) Statement of Delivery (indicating details of your order and the amount) Park tickets purchased online are non-refundable. Tokyo Disneyland is a must-see attraction for many visitors to Japan. Select your ticket type based on the date of visit (e.g. They do sell the Birthday Merchandise in the stores, which anyone can buy at any time. We plan to be in Sea for whole of day 2. Blogueur depuis plus de 11 années, j'ai eu la chance de partir à l'aventure en Asie pendant près de deux ans. Will I get anything for my birthday using that pass? There are multiple ways to buy your park tickets for Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea. You can buy a ticket from the bus ticket counter at the airport. I was wondering if I want to stay 1 day in Disneyland Hotel, and 4 days in Hilton Tokyo bay Hotel . You can purchase Disneyland park tickets at the Disney Stores in Tokyo. Hi, I just want to confirm for 2 day passport, is it the first day to enter one park, then the other park for the following day? Embrace the Disney charm with Traveloka today! […] our guide on how to buy park tickets for Tokyo Disneyland (including discount […]. Tokio Disneyland liegt etwas außerhalb von Tokio in der Stadt Urayasu in der Präfektur Chiba. Hi, about the hotel exclusive tickets – as it is my first time using those instead of the standard ones, I was wondering if I can already buy these in advance online via my “travel case”? it says I need A4 which is bigger than my standard 8-1/2 x 11. I am planning to buy disney ticket now. I will be writing a complaint to Disney Tokyo once we get there!! Merchandise | TDR Explorer, Tokyo Disney 35th Anniversary - Hotel Menus | TDR Explorer, Tokyo Disneyland Chocolate Crunch Shop 2018 | TDR Explorer, New "it's a small world" Merchandise & Food | TDR Explorer, Duffy and Friends "Happy Marching Fun" | TDR Explorer, New Year's Tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort | TDR Explorer, Golden Week 2019 at Tokyo Disneyland • TDR Explorer, Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel Review at Tokyo Disney Resort • TDR Explorer, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta Review • TDR Explorer, Daily Disney Roundup: woensdag 25 september 2019 – D-log, "Rise of Skywalker" Scene Added to Star Tours in Tokyo Disneyland • TDR Explorer, A Guide To Tokyo DisneySea & Disneyland – My Debstinations, Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2020 Merchandise • TDR Explorer, Beauty and the Beast Opens September 28 at Tokyo Disneyland, Super Nintendo World Opening Delayed at Universal Studios Japan, Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise 2021 List & Prices, 1-Day Passport for Guest with Disabilities, Tickets are available up to 30-days in advance, You can buy up to 5 tickets at one time (credit card only), Disney Hotel, Official Hotel, and Partner hotel guests are not guaranteed admission (contact the hotel for your dates), You’ll have to fill out a web form to enter the lottery (more on this below), You’re only able to enter the lottery once per month (meaning if you enter for August, you’re only allowed to go to the Park once with your pass), If you win you’re able to enter the Park after 14:00, Annual Passport holders can buy merchandise online through the app, The lottery begins July 21, 2020, at 10:00 AM until July 26, at 23:59, Results are posted on July 31, 2020, at 10:00 AM, The lottery begins August 1, 2020, at 10:00 AM until August 7, 2020, at 23:59, Results are announced around August 15, 2020, The lottery begins September 1, 2020, at 10:00 AM until September 7, 2020, at 23:59, Results are announced around September 15, 2020, Ticket Booths at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea (Same day tickets only), Ticket Center at Tokyo Disney Resort (Advance tickets only), At Disney Hotel & Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels (See next section), Tickets through Voyagin are open date tickets (you can visit on any day before your ticket expires), You’re able to upgrade these tickets from a 1-day to a multi-day ticket (visit Guest Relations), Your ticket is valid for FastPass at both, You’re able to exchange your e-tickets for physical tickets for ¥200 (US$2.00) at Guest Relations, There are no discounts on merchandise, food, or hotels, Blackout dates exist for both 2- and 1-Park Passports, You don’t have to live in Japan to get an Annual Passport, Call your credit card provider to see if your transaction was blocked, Buy tickets at the resort before or on the day of your visit, Be aware that on days which are at high-capacity, they may suspend ticket sales for a certain amount of time, Ask a friend in Japan to buy tickets for you, Printed tickets come with special designs (you don’t choose), Most Disney Stores in Japan sell tickets (Shibuya and Ikebukuro), If you are staying at a Disney Hotel, you are guaranteed entrance and can buy your tickets during your stay or online through your booking, Save money by buying your ticket at the convenience store (Japanese Language Only), Save even more money if you buy a Starlight or After 6 Passport, If ticket sales are suspended and you do not have a pre-purchased ticket for that day, you have to wait until they allow ticket sales again, An annual passport is only worth it if you plan on visiting more than 8-10 times in a year. Don’t bother reading the rest of this article for the time being. Thanks so much for your help! We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Disney has become somewhat of an institution in the land of the rising sun. This Park ticket is not valid for admission to both Parks on the first or second day. Thanks. You can purchase Disneyland park tickets at Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels. For example, the huge commercial shopping street of World Bazaar runs through Disneyland Tokyo, rather than the ‘Main Street’ alternative in many of the other parks. You will arrive directly in front of the park entrance where you can purchase your park entrance ticket or head straight for the queue if you have already bought one in advance. On the third and fourth day, you can visit both Parks as you like. Tickets for the park starts at ¥7,400 per day for a one-day Passport. Hi, may I know if I can upgrade the 2 day pass purchased from klook to 3 day pass? 1-Park Per Day Disneyland tickets are good for only one park. If that does not work, I recommend buying your tickets through klook.com: https://www.klook.com/activity/589-tokyo-disneyland-japan/?aid=334. […] your tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland is much simpler compared to Tokyo Disney Resort. Guests staying at the Disney Hotels can buy a “Multi-Day Passport Special.” This allows visitors to Park hop on any day during their ticket, which is not available to regular ticket holders. It looks like the resort made a change regarding credit cards and the site reads: “3-D Secure authentication can be used for this transaction. Hotels near Tokyo Disneyland: (0.49 km) Tokyo Disneyland Hotel (0.66 km) Disney Ambassador Hotel (0.48 km) Dreamgate Maihama Main Building (0.82 km) Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay (0.64 km) Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel; View all hotels near Tokyo Disneyland on Tripadvisor These are pretty uncommon. At Disneyland Tokyo, there are many attractions, but very few of them are unique to the park and often featured at other Disney parks around the world. A 2-Day ticket allows you to visit each park for one day (or the same Park for both days) Starlight Passports are for Park admission after 15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays only. Thank you. Hi, i’m going to buy the ticket from klook, but it saya that the tickets cant be use on certain dates (special events), could you explain about the special events other than new year? I’d much rather buy on klook (using your discount code!) Thanks! As it is required to specify the parks when buying a 2-day pass on Klook…. Accessing the park in the morning is recommended in order to avoid crowds, especially on weekends and public holidays. If you want to go to Tokyo Disneyland directly from Narita Airport, you can take the Tokyo Disney Resort Bus, keep in mind the last bus departs from Narita Airport terminal 1 at 06:10 p.m.The trip takes about 75 minutes and costs 1.800 yen for adults and 900 yens for child. Narita Airport to Tokyo Disneyland. Park Ticket Purchases (Updated 2:00 p.m. January 20, 2021) Disney Hotels Reservations (Updated 11:30 a.m. January 15, 2021) Disney Hotels: Exemption of Cancellation Fees; Change in Operating Hours for Restaurants inside the Parks (updated : 7:20 p.m., January 8, 2021) Changes in Park operating hours for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo Disneyland Address: 1-1 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031, Japan, Tokyo Tokyo Disneyland Contact Number: 81-453305211 Tokyo Disneyland Timing: 08:00 am - 10:30 pm If you plan on visiting the Park a lot within one-year then it’s worth considering. If i chose the print at home ticket, would I be able to switch it into a “real” ticket at guest relations? Tokyo Disneyland: Tours & Tickets Entry ticket. thanks. I have a friend from Japan, so I will ask her to try and buy them for us online…I am a little worried if her name is on the tickets that they will not let us use them though…Can’t seem to find any info on that. can we buy the 1-day pass on the same day in family part? Reduce the number of days on your multi-day passport. Does tokyo Disney land offer discounts for support workers? Here is our full guide, with transport information, ticket information, park map, and insider tips … Fixed Date and Time Passport (from 12 noon) Valid for admission from: October 31, 2020. Das Disneyland in Tokyo ist eher klein und kann - vor allem am Wochenende - ziemlich voll werden. Disneyland Tokyo draws parallels with Disneyworld in the United States in that it is organised around various themed lands with a giant Cinderella-inspired castle in the centre. The only time you cannot get in with your 2-Park Annual Passport is when they stop ticket sales. As you would expect in any Disney park, Disneyland Tokyo is bursting with animation, and to admire the exceptional parades and shows are one way to reconnect with your childhood. The price of a monorail ticket is 260 JPY for adults and 130 JPY for children. First up is the “After 6” ticket, which is a 4,200 yen ticket sold after 6pm on weekdays, except National Holidays. TDR Explorer has more info about Tokyo ticket options. […], Are those high volume days in which you can’t enter with a 2 park annual passport designated or let’s say ,Christmass day or weekend, will I be allowed to enter if I get there first thing in the morning? It should be said that the Magic of Disney is very similar to the show in the American park and, if you want to discover a totally different type of park, consider a visit to Tokyo DisneySea, an attraction that is unique to Japan. Any tickets bought through links on our website give us a small commission. Was this the 2-day ticket? Don't arrive during the busy summer months. Throughout the day, you can stop in different places and watch various performances at one of the park’s theatres. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. For example: First day -> Disneyland, Second day -> DisneySea Über dieses Ticket . Ticket A (entry only applicable on the dates highlighted in Green) Ticket B (entry only applicable on the dates highlighted in Red)

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