Got a new flat top griddle and wondering how to clean a flat top grill? Many flat top griddles come with a protective coating on their surface, which needs to be removed before cooking. We also put a level on it to make sure it was perfectly level. To season a brand new Blackstone Griddle, start by cleaning it with a paper towel and soapy warm water. Use warm soapy water and apply to the hose to ensure there are no leaks. If you love grilling but sometimes the weather just isn’t right, you might be tempted to bring your propane grill indoors. It fit perfectly! Step 6. If you are like us and always in a hurry but still love to cook, check out our new indoor flat top grill! Seasoning a Griddle. Home » How to Season your New Stainless Steel Grill. Be sure not to overload it on your first use! Blackstone 1554 4-Burner Propane Flat Top Grill, Is it Safe to Use a Propane Grill Indoors? Cook some bacon across the entire Flat Top, making sure to coat the entire surface in grease. Stainless Steel Grill. Step 4. If there’s cooking debris on the grill, use your grill scraper to dislodge it before cleaning. 1: Clean the Cooking Surface. Commercial stuff won't have the opportunity. Simply add hot water and wash the skillet with hot water and a stiff brush. Step 5. You knew there would be one. So please excuse the pictures. Move oil around to completely coat with a pair of cooking tongs and a wad of paper towel. From the first Kettle grill back in the 1950s to the impressive Summit Charcoal Grilling Station of the modern era, the company has continually innovated and offered Read more…, Kamado grills are quickly growing in popularity. Most grills will be ready in five to ten minutes. How to Season the Flat Iron® Gas Griddle. Once the grill is heated, use paper towels to spread cooking oil all across the cooking surface. This is how I seasoned my Blackstone Griddle Flat Top. Thankfully, seasoning a high carbon steel flat top grill is relatively simple. When the grill is completely coated, wait until the oil starts to smoke. What is the Best Cut of Beef for Barbecue? With these steps, your high carbon steel grill is fully seasoned and ready for your favorite ingredients. After you are finished cooking, scrape the bits with the scraper. Cast iron is a porous metal that will quickly rust when left exposed to air and moisture. Turn propane tank on and turn all burners of the cooktop to high and let burn for 15 minutes. To season your high carbon steel grill, you’ll need: Dampen some paper towels (you can also use a clean kitchen towel) and wipe down the surface of the grill. This price is reasonable. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Updated. You don’t use any soap with it. From the Camp Chef Flat Top Grills Website: As a premium cast iron manufacturer, we only use all-natural iron and test our products for toxins to ensure quality in every piece. If you’ve just purchased the grill, you can simply wipe the surface down with damp paper towels to remove oils left from the manufacturing process. This blog and video will walk you through the steps for how to season your Flat Iron® Griddle. But here we are. This flat-top grill steak recipe takes advantage of the fire from the propane and the flat top of the grill to sear your steak perfectly. We washed the surface of it with hot water and a nylon dish scrubber. Step 7. What goes good with bacon? And sausage. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Plug in the contact grill and close the plates. We did not think that we would need them at first and ended up ordering them later. How to season a charcoal grill is similar to other types of BBQ, except when it comes to baking. surface is nice and clean, go ahead and fire up your main burners to a HIGH heat setting, then let your grill heat up for 10-15 minutes. If you’ve cooked on the grill before, use a scraper first to remove any food debris. The low-maintenance finish has amazing non-stick properties that cleans easily. I can cook chicken breast, rice and veggies for the entire week!! It will keep the wind from blowing your flame out. Turn the heat back up to 350°F. And toast! To prevent food from sticking, season the griddle prior to initial use and after thorough Griddle Cleaning. How to Season Granite Grill Cooking Slabs; How to Use a Smoker Box for Gas Grilling ; How to Cook Top Sirloin Steak on a Propane Grill; How to Heat Pre-Cooked Hams; How to Use Wood Chips in a Smoker; Seasoning a cooking service typically means preparing it in some fashion to optimize its performance or improving the flavor or texture of the foods you will cook on the surface. Next, heat the griddle to three hundred and fifty – 400 degrees F. amzn_assoc_title = ""; This is every grillers’ dream! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Now the griddle top should be smoking and hot. So what’s great tasting and really greasy? Our new BBQ just arrived and it has stainless steel grills, so I was instructed to season them before using. It is designed in a way which heats up the grill quick and gets it hot and ready to cook eggs, pancakes, burgers etc. I would be pissed if someone left a dirty sticky residue on the flat-top. Wolf recommends vegetable or peanut oil for seasoning because of their high smoke points. The beautiful silver of the stainless steel will disappear and become discolored so don’t be alarmed, that’s just the way it has to be. Flat top grilling is perfect for steaks, chops, chicken pieces, fish, vegetables, burgers, and all of your favorite ingredients. What is the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Why is it So Expensive? While the surface of the grill is still hot, spread cooking oil across the grill using a paper towel. Is a Portable Propane Grill as Good as a Regular Grill? While the cooking surface is heavy plate steel (which you must season first before using), the rest of the grill is lightweight. In a flat top grill seasoning is one of the ways which helps to prevent rusting to your grill thus making it last longer. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove all the polishing compound. Ipsy Review- Is the $10 beauty box for you. Grill Tongs. You don’t want any of these on your burger! Crack a few eggs onto the flat top and let the whites cook for a few seconds. As the flat top gets hot, it will darken in color. You also have more area to work with when cooking without having to be concerned about keeping an even temperature. We put a whole thing of bacon all over the flat top! You can check out the first post ALL about it HERE! This helps season it. How to Cook with a Flat Top Grill Inside! We got out the instructions and went to town! Cooking Oil. Turn it off and allow it to cool. Use a liberal amount. It did say that it may have a colored film wash off the first few times and not to worry about it. It is adding another layer to the grill. 1.Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Best Restaurant-Grade Flat Top Grill for Chefs. Simply use a cloth or paper towel and apply a light coat of the steelmade flat top oil or use another suitable oil alternative which they have listed. Seasoning will create a nonstick surface and add protection from rust and damage. Can’t wait for our next indoor flat top adventure. You’ll also find that food sticks, making cooking a frustrating process. Unlike a grill, a flat top doesn't have a grate, but simply a flat cooking surface. If you’ve just purchased the grill, you can simply wipe the surface down with damp paper towels to remove oils left from the manufacturing process. But, like any good grill, a kamado does much more than just infuse rich Read more…, Cast iron is a porous metal that will quickly rust when left exposed to air and moisture. At one time! Allow the grill to heat up and wait for the oil to start to smoke. Now you have two very easy techniques for making fried rice. It offers the heat retention and nonstick properties of cast iron, with the high heat and fast cooking of stainless steel. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Cooking oils that are rich in fatty acids are best because they will bond to the griddle plate. As for the seasoning process, it goes like this: Use a lint free cloth to wipe the griddle surface clean. To test: first attach the hose and regulator back on to the grill and propane tank. Your email address will not be published. amzn_assoc_default_search_phrase = "cooking oil grill scraper"; The large grilling surface on the Flat-Top Grill leaves endless grilling possibilities. Heat up your flat top grill to 350°F. A flat top grill is flat is similar to a griddle which helps to burn out the fats and excess oil. Lucky for us, ours was perfect! After this, natural oils from your ingredients will keep the grill in top condition. Making sure to coat the sides and back on both … If there’s cooking debris on the grill, use your grill scraper to dislodge it before cleaning. These bound more to the metal. If you choose to remove the cast iron and bake it in the oven, then you’re all set, but if you want to season it in your BBQ, the process is a little different. There are many different ways to Season your Griddle, but this was the best method for me. Once it smokes, turn the grill off and allow it to cool. Another thing that you should consider is that don’t try to light your griddle in an enclosed area. Place the griddle on top of the baking sheet, upside down. Heat the grill on medium-high for 10 to 15 minutes to bake the oil into the surface. When you’re done seasoning, drip another 3-4 tablespoons of cooking oil for an extra protective layer. Spray a mixture of lemon juice and soda water on the grill, and wait for 5 minutes so the liquid can seep in. Your email address will not be published. Follow these steps to keep your new grill in perfect condition. For the best experience, season your cast iron flat top grill when you buy it, and at least once every month if you’re cooking regularly. It wasn’t pretty because we were just playing with the heat settings and messing around with it. Unlike stainless steel, high carbon steel requires seasoning. And unlike a griddle, you can use pots and pans on a flat top, in addition to cooking the food directly on the surface. If the grill is too hot to use paper towels directly, bunch them up and grip them in some grilling tongs before applying oil. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Because cast iron is so porous, you may need to repeat the process three or four times until the grill takes on a noticeable sheen. Cooking oil will create a nonstick surface and protect the high carbon steel on your grill. Required fields are marked *. They’ve developed a reputation for excellent cooking performance, especially when it comes to smoking. is an example of a high-quality grill with a high carbon steel cooking surface. We then dried it with a rag. I’m thinking hibachi chicken! My home stuff I season to keep it from rusting. Quick, easy, cooking indoors with no pots, pans or dishes! If you have a plan to grill in windy weather then make sure to hold up a shield. This can also be referred to as a burn-in process. View Product. Reduce the heat to low to apply a second layer of oil, and increase the temperature to medium-high for another 15 minutes. I’m hoping to ease up my meal prepping routine. Use 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) of oil per 11 inches (28 cm) of griddle. Preheat your griddle or flat top or cast iron over medium-high to high heat. These make cleaning much easier! Your flat top will darken over time much like a cast iron. Eggs! Many home cooks ask the question, is it safe to use a propane grill Read more…, Weber is a name synonymous with outdoor cooking. Start by cleaning the cooking surface. On most contact grills, the light located on top of the machine will turn off or change color when the grill is preheated. Rub 50 ml (1/4 cup) cooking oil over the surface of the cold grill with paper towels to create a non-stick surface and season your flat top grill before your first use it. Scrubbing this thing with just a rag can result in burns. Step 3. Turn your grill to its high setting and wait for the surface to darken. use a cloth or paper towel and apply a light coat of the steelmade flat top oil or use another suitable oil alternative which they have listed. If you catch it at Walmart, you can purchase this flat top grill for around $200 USD. Cover the flat top with a nonabrasive food-safe polish. Any cooking oil works, but if you can grab yourself some flax oil or extra virgin olive oil, even better. Then use a rag and hot water to clean wipe down the grill while it is still warm. Avoid using too much oil, it can cause sticking and gummy issues. Hibachi Chicken Recipe- Flat Top Grilling, Sephora Play Box Review- Worth $10 a Month? Paper Towels. This indicates that it is seasoned and ready to cook. Heck we will just have breakfast night! Always clean your flat top right after using while it is still warm. Don’t use any cleaning solutions on the, Cooking oil will create a nonstick surface and protect the high carbon steel on your grill. Now scrub the flat top grill in a circular … Grapeseed oil is popular with grilling enthusiasts. I know what you’re thinking! If you season your flat top grill surface with oil once in a while, it will also make cleaning pretty easy. Per the instructions, we turned on all of our stove burners to medium heat to allow the top to come to temperature. With these steps, you’re ready to cook your favorite ingredients on a cast iron flat top grill. After each use you need to oil your flat top grill. The best flat tops are made from cast iron or high carbon steel. The Blackstone 1554 4-Burner Propane Flat Top Grill is an example of a high-quality grill with a high carbon steel cooking surface. Note that you should not just turn one burner on. Simply clean your griddle with hot, soapy water, then rinse … This will take around five to ten minutes in most cases. All Camp Chef cast iron comes pre-seasoned with an all-natural seasoning made from 100% plant oils, giving our cast iron a dark finish that is ready use right out of the box. It's really about the extreme temperatures and the thermal mass. HOW TO SEASON A FLAT TOP GRILL Seasoning can be explained in a number of ways. Your Questions Answered. It says if yours is not level than you may have to adjust the feet of your stove. Heat the grill to soften the hardened debris and grease. If you need help seasoning, check out our Complete Seasoning Guide. Make your event memorable by being able to grill enough to feed every one of your guests! After a few meals on your Flat Top you'll see the entire surface transform into a cast iron-like appearance. If you don’t season your, Because cast iron is so porous, you may need to repeat the process three or four times until the. Check out this unboxing and how to get your grill set up, cleaned and seasoned. It gets very hot so I recommend using heat resistant gloves like THESE to protect your hands. Remove the hose and regulator from your Flat Top Grill and inspect for any cuts, wear, or abrasions.