These treatments can help alleviate asthma symptoms after they begin. Use a vacuum that’s equipped with a high-efficiency particular air (HEPA) filter to further trap pet dander and other allergens. Dander, which clings to pet hair, is what causes most pet allergies in people. This will eventually reduce a person's allergic response to the allergen and has been used to treat animal dander-induced asthmatic reactions with some success., In fact, in updated guidelines for asthma treatment issued in December 2020, the National Institutes of Health recommended SCIT in addition to standard medication for people over 5 with mild to moderate asthma that is controlled at the initiation, build-up, and maintenance phases of immunotherapy. This helps to remove excess fur and skin cells that can contribute to airborne dander. Dog and cat allergies: current state of diagnostic approaches and challenges. For people with allergies, pet dander is a real problem. The indoor air and asthma: the role of cat allergens. What You Need to Know about Asthma During Pregnancy, Why the Flu Is Different for People With Asthma, Dog and cat allergies: current state of diagnostic approaches and challenges, Sensitization and exposure to pets: The effect on asthma morbidity in the US population, Role of timing of exposure to pets and dampness or mould on asthma and sensitization in adolescence, Exposure and sensitization to pets modify endotoxin association with asthma and wheeze, Relevance of cat and dog sensitization by skin prick testing in childhood eczema and asthma, Pet dander and difficult-to-control asthma: therapeutic options, The efficacy of allergen immunotherapy with cat dander in reducing symptoms in clinical practice, 2020 focused updates to the asthma management guidelines: A report from the national asthma education and prevention program coordinating committee expert panel working group, Effectiveness of air filters and air cleaners in allergic respiratory diseases: a review of the recent literature, Environmental control measures for the management of atopy, Dog allergen levels in homes with hypoallergenic compared with nonhypoallergenic dogs, The indoor air and asthma: the role of cat allergens. Inhaled short-acting beta-agonists (SABAs) are bronchodilators that quickly open the airways. By taking extra precautions, it may be possible to manage your severe asthma while living with pets. Dander proteins are particles that are carried through the air. 2018;6(1):101-107.e2.doi:10.1016/j.jaip.2017.05.019, Milanzi EB, Koppelman GH, Smit HA, et al. Animal dander is easily spread through the home and out to public places like schools and hospitals. Pet fur also traps mold , pollen , and other outdoor allergens that make you sneeze and your eyes water. All rights reserved. The best treatment for asthma reactions to animal dander is to avoid exposure altogether. Learn About Dust Mites and Whether They Bite. This doesn't necessarily mean their asthma is a severe type—it just means dander is a symptom trigger for them.. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 1. Pet dander is tiny pieces of skin that the animals have shed, but the animal needs to have fur or feathers to produce any dander. These may be present whether an animal is in the same room as you or not. It’s especially important to keep your pets out of rooms you spend most of your time in, like your bedroom. Verywell Health uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. The immune reaction that occurs due to dander, in this case, results in this airway narrowing and/or sudden airway spasm. Vacuum all rugs and carpeting. 2012;18(1):29–34. Since dander is shed from an amimals body, you can be exposed to it without even touching an animal: All you have to do is come in contact with something an animal has slept on, played with, or otherwise come in contact with themselves. For example, you could have symptoms during your childhood, adolescence, and/or adulthood, but you might not necessarily experience them throughout your whole life..