This figure also transforms into a pick-up truck, which isn’t the most exciting transformation in the world, but as kids love being able to whizz toy cars around the room, there’s a lot of fun to be had with this one. Small footprint, easy to manipulate, cheap price-tag – There’s nothing more to say about this Playskool Transformers toy. Hasbro Hasbro. And it comes with a rather cool display stand, meaning the posing possibilities are near endless. We are proud to present to your attention the 5 best … Another Bumblebee toy in the list (I wasn’t kidding when I said it was one of the most popular toys out there). Star Wars Star Wars. In every incarnation (be it Beast Wars or Generations), Grimlock has been rated amongst the top best transformer toys of all time, period. Things To Consider : Best Transformer Toys. Megatron transforms from robot to tank in 11 steps. Afterall, of all the vehicles he could’ve chosen to transform into, he chose a tough GMC 4X4 off roader. Hasbro could have left that out for a cleaner look, but it really adds to the whole War for Cybertron vibe. That’s not to say it is a bad toy (it is priced at almost 1/10 the price of the earlier one). So if you’re after a Transformers toy that stands out in your collection, this one’s definitely worth considering. If you’re after a Transformer that looks like it could take down an army, Ironhide is the way to go. Pick up today. If you’re after the most realistic depiction of a robot-dinosaur hybrid, this is the one to go with. Personally, I’d say eight years and up sounds about right, but feel free to make your own judgment based on your child. He has an iconic yellow paint-job; B. This is the toy to buy for your children, granted that they are above 8 years of age. It is as complex in it’s features and functions as it is striking to the eye. If your kid is older and is aware of what a Transformer is. I'd stick with pretty much anything else on this list. Transformers was a really big part of my childhood, and a lot of attributes from the franchise still affect me to this day. An Autobot which is well built, detailed and cool looking toy overall. Store Pickup at. Transformers toys are robots in disguise. This is not only one of the most clever Transformer designs I’ve seen, it’s also one of the coolest. Every since Transformers debuted in toy and animated form in the early 1980’s, the world has been captivated by the endless battle between the (good) Autobots and (evil) Decepticons. On top of that, this toy comes with an ax and can transform into a rather sleek jet, which is an interesting contrast to the almost Norse-like styling of the robot figure. But if they’re new to Transformers? Grimlock is one of the most popular Transformers. Yes, it’s expensive, there’s no getting round that. Autobots, roll out! In a fan voting competition it was chosen as the best transformer of all time as an option to be built from scratch. The toy itself looks like an overweight transformer, bit ironic then since he transforms into a sports car of all things. They're pricier than the more current Transformer toys, and they look kind of weird. This toy has zero resemblance to the original character. Another toy from the KRE-O line-up, this time it’s Bumblebee. It’s the colors, the slight striping in a lighter shade, the T-Rex head sculpt – it’s all exquisite. Same as earlier it is a good choice to make for your 12 year old despite the slightly ludacris price-tag. The 6 Constructicons that make up Devastator are iconic characters, each with their own signature look. He speaks through a radio and C. He looks nothing like this abomination of a toy. He’s a heroic leader who can turn into a truck. I’m just a sucker for classic looking Transformers designs. The War For Cybertron range on this list is the closest you'll get to the original Transformers toys. For the car collector out there, here is a faithful recreation of the Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro from the Transformers film franchise. This is where Omega Supreme comes alive. The Devastator 6-in-1 Set was a toy everyone wanted when I was a child and this latest model is no different. It’s more to do with a powerful dose of nostalgia coupled with capitalism that first got the property in front of our childish eyes, then got us hooked enough to never want to let it go. Remember that one kid who everyone wanted to be in primary school, that kid could be your kid, if he had this toy. Or as Optimus Prime would say “Autobots, Roll out!”. $75 - $99.99 $75 - $99.99. The design aesthetics are all there. It’s not just the robot form that’s super detailed, either. He has managed to deceive even the most nefarious Decepticon of all time, his boss, Megatron. Online shopping for Transformers from a great selection at Toys & Games Store. After the best Transformers gifts for younger kids? (Plus at $15 price-tag this will be one of the cheap transformers toys with a decent build quality). This one is less of a toy and more of a gimmick, a Bumblebee toy that transforms on it own with the press of a button. And as this is a Transformer from the Cyberverse range, the design is based on the tv show, meaning it’ll be instantly recognizable to kids. If you are a hardcore Bumblebee fan, this one is for you. With a recommended age of eight years and up, this isn’t one for younger fans, simply because of how many steps are needed to transform it into its mega form. Transformers Transformers. Funko Funko. This one is a cool design and idea for a Transformers robot but its not catering to the children. Transformers are both of those things. It takes 17 steps to get from robot to tank, which may be a few too many for younger kids, so I’d definitely stick with the eight years and up age rating here. Really, it does. The Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron is purely one for collectors. Transformers is one of the seminal properties from the 1980’s that’s still extremely popular to this day. and down the line, those toys become a legendary part of history. This one finds a middle ground for all the Transformers and battery operated remote controlled cars fans (weird niche). The statuette of Megatron from G1 Transformers is a beaut. You can still buy Transformer Prime toys, but I'm not entirely sure why'd you want to unless you're a collector. But it is extremely cheap in price. Here is a toy that converts into an awesome jet form in a simple 30 step process, a worthy toy for your 55-year-old that tests their puzzle solving skills while looking kickass. A tiny 11 inch statuette, Cliffjumper is a must have for all collectionists due to its unique and rounded design, it stands out with its bright red colour. Personally, if I was buying for my kids, I’d stick with the cartoon version. It converts into a dinosaur in a 3 step process, so simple that even your 5-year-old can do it without supervision. It both lights up and makes sounds – which helps bring it to life. If you’re after a Transformer figure that’s going to stand out, or one that your child may not ask for but will love nonetheless, this is the one to go with. No jokes, this will ruin your kids childhood by giving them wrong ideas of what is what. If you are looking for mini transformers toys however this one is not for you. ), I’d say the extra cost isn’t in the least bit shocking. It’s a good toy for children between the ages of 5 years who will find it playful and distracting as it mores sounds, moves around (as both car and robot). The main Transformer is the Alphastrike Three Pack are Slamdance and Sideswipe; two Transformers that turn into a jet and a car, respectively. The movie toys are great (and better than the actual movies), but they are more geared towards collectors and movie fans. This robot’s constantly positive outlook is infectious, and if there’s an award for the most adorable 17-foot robot, Bumblebee would win every time. So, what is it exactly? A truck! One minute they resemble your average (or not-so-average) car, motorcycle, or jet. They are (in my humble opinion) the definitive and the best transformer toys of all time. I’m pretty sure most lists go: Optimus, Megatron, then Grimlock. Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs and may receive a commission if you purchase a product via a link on this page. Hello, Sign in. The reason I've added two is because it all comes down to which style you prefer. It converts into a dinosaur in a 3 step process, so simple that even your 5-year-old can do … The Devastator 6-in-1 Set was a toy everyone wanted when I was a child and this latest model is no different. Plus, it comes pretty close (in fact might be the best cheap priced Bumblebee on this list) to the actual films design. Category. If you’re going down the route of Transformers gifts for younger kids, you have to get this Optimus Prime toy. The next they transform into supercharged robots that shoot missiles or grappling hooks from their arms. Overall, amongst the best on the list. This bumblebee is similar to the last one I just talked about. I’m genuinely struggling to think of a larger Transformer (two-feet is 24-inches, by the way). A breath of fresh air after all that. The transformations aren’t too complicated but are interesting to see. This is an easy toy to recommend for a few reasons. It is a large scale toy that transforms into a cool looking freighter attracted to a cab. At around 11-inches tall, this Optimus gets the proportions and likeness spot on. If they’ve got prior experience with the more complex Transformers, they’ll be fine. This one converts from bot to jet in about 30 steps. Current Deals . Another one of the mini transformers toys by Playskool. Another one of the best transformers toys of all time. The thing about remote control transformer toys is that, very less often, they abide by the codes and design principles of being a Transformer (or any other merchandise) toys. But is it quite cheap? Soundwave is always a popular choice for a Transformer figure, and they don’t come any better than this Soundwave War For Cybertron figure. One of the better Bumblebee toys in terms of quality and design, this 10-inch figuring is transformed into the Transformers films series incarnation of a Camaro. It can take some abuse without showing even a crack. A dinosaur that turns into a robot? Standing 2 feet tall this is no normie Transformer toy. Same as earlier this is well built and sturdy toy for kids. Originated in the ‘80s, with roots in the ‘70s, and major cultural refreshes in every succeeding decade, Transformers have become relevant to … And, yes, it does still transform into a post-apocalyptic truck and trailer. With the cheap price-tag, they bring along a bevy of issues – quality control issues, design, taking liberties with the original designs of the toy, etc. It converts from a scummy Decepticons to an awesome tank which is loaded with machine guns and rockets. The extra battle damage really helps to break up the solid color. Optimus is the most well-known Transformer. Updated: 1 May 2017 4:05 pm. That’s just how it is. That’s why we’re here to count down the very best Transformers toys you absolutely need to check out. Buy it! Sometimes you just want a cool-looking Transformer toy. This list […] The Omega Supreme Figure is – wait for it – two-feet tall. Kids love powerful characters and they love playing with vehicles. Transformers are some of the best toys out there. Transformers- A brand of toys that has become as indelible in pop culture and the minds of young boys as the likes of Star Wars or G.I. Your child will enjoy this if they’re a fan of controlled cars but the design isn’t faithful to any known series or even good. Something else I love about this figure is the battle damage. Must buy for all kids under the ages of 12. It’s easy enough to transform into an epic space jet, but it’s always worth keeping in mind the age rating when buying Transformers toys for kids. This is also one of the (surprisingly) cheap transformers toys that Hasbro makes. Ending the list with the leader of all Autobots the one and only, Optimus Prime. Plus the detail on this thing is really vivid. Go with this Play Skool Heroes Four Pack. It transforms into a futuristic looking police car. Probably the most popular lines are the Generation One toys (or collectibles inspired by “G1” designs) and the action figures that were released as tie-ins to a new Transformers movie. Buying guide for best transformers toys. A part of the mini transformers toys lineup for Transformers: The Last Knight film this toy is very detailed and cool looking. A cute yet well built rendition of the Transformers  line of toys for children of ages 3-7. The reason I mention them is that a lot of them look like how we remember them. (For children of ages 3-7). They have to battle! A good design variation for the children who are fans of the film series. These smaller 5.4-inch Transformers action figures come with a much lower price-tag, meaning they’re perfect for allowance money. You’d want Optimus Prime by your side when trouble comes knocking on your door. If you’re after one evil-looking cool figure, you won’t find anything better than Megatron. With Ironhide by your side, the Decepticons don’t stand a chance. An exclusive, this toy brings a different and unique design to the age-old transformers design formula. Powered by. It loses its charm or even collectors value post that age group. |, 10 Best Life-size Butler Statues to Buy For Hotels in 2021, 5 Best Life-Size Joker Statue to Buy in 2021, 7 Best Life-size Cow Statues To Buy For Your Garden In 2021, 7 Best Life-size Boxer Dog Statue To Buy for Your Garden In 2021, 5 Best Life-size Bear Statues For Your Home or Garden to Buy 2021, 10 Best Life-Size Superhero Statues To Buy In 2021, SlideModel Review: Online PowerPoint Templates & Sildes, Zcode System Review (2021): A Tool for Fully Automatic Sports Picks. Best for children above the ages of 8 (as Hasbro suggests). It’s in their genes that kids love dinosaurs. It’s what takes a figure from good to great. Price. Megatron has had a history of being amongst the best Transformers toys of all time, in terms of popularity and sales. KRE-O Transformers toys now presents a scummy Decepticon, right hand man to the infamous Megatron. Nothing else in this list feels like it. First, each robot is a nice piece in and of itself. There is no another reason to buy this heap of garbage plastic with exception to that. Check out the dinosaur transformation and you’ll see what I mean. Such is the demand for Transformers merchandise that licensed companies have made it to a point to release the coolest Transformers toys available in the market. And as they’re 4.5-inches tall, rather than the traditional six-plus-inches, they’re the perfect size for little hands. This figure is based on the Cyberverse Transformers tv show, so there’s a high chance this is the version of Megatron kids will know. Required fields are marked *, Butler statues are quite a popular décor item in parties, events, and restaurants. 1. In dino form this thing has even more detail. The price isn’t too high either. I … If you’re into the movies (I’m with IGN and it’s two-star review of The Last Knight), go with this figure. Well, it's six Transformers action figures, all of which … It transforms into a watch. Comment. The design is detailed, colourful and the joints are strong and well built. (Best for children under 11 years). This one comes with two extra toy pieces: A pilot and a tiny Starscream model to place in the cockpit. This 13 inch action figure transforms from robot to vehicle in 12 simple steps. And the design. By Jesse Schedeen. It took everyone by surprise when it was first created. It’s kind of like an evil Optimus Prime in that respect. Just take the Jetfire Figure, for example. Must buy for collectors, too expensive for children. Honestly, head on over to the Amazon page to check out the mobile command center and tank. This is the one. This one transforms into a fantastic looking muscle car. It is 10 inches in height. But if you love your toys with a healthy dose of nostalgia, you’re in luck. We have filter more than 100+ of product to give you top 10 list of best transformers toys. First, kids love Transformers, so that’s a given. But if you prefer the more cartoony vibe, check out the other Bumblebee on this list. Not only does the upper half turn into the aforementioned jet, the legs turn into a tank. This is a toy perfect for children under the age of 12 years old. Playskool has never had a legendary toy pedigree anyways. The thing I love about the Generations series is they look like how I remember Transformers toys from when I was a child. Even Optimus Prime can put his faith into this one. Get it fast. The 11.5-inch Cyberverse Bumblebee nails the character’s aesthetic. In terms of design this one stands out even more than the KRE-O Optimus Prime with its red and white aesthetics. It is a massive toy that transforms into a cute looking Cybertronian car. Not only does Megatron transform into a Sega Genesis, it also comes with a pretend cartridge to plug into the Genesis. It’s really cool! As a massive gamer myself, people who grew up in the 80s and 90s are going to love this Sega Genesis Transforming Megatron. They are substantially cheaper than other toy company toys (like Hasbro or Mattel). Transformers Generations is one of my favorite toy lines of all times (besides the OG designs). Them’s the rules. Likewise, instead of just the regular Optimus truck, this thing can be turned into an almost tank-like armored truck that looks insane! That’s a good thing in all honesty, you can buy it for a toddler without worrying about him going ballistic on it. I’d mention this one costs more than the standard Transformers, but given it stands at two-feet in height (TWO-FEET! A part of the mini transformers toys lineup for Transformers: The Last Knight film this toy is very detailed and cool looking. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a sucker for the more classic designs – this one is a dream for the classic lovers. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much Transformers is the perfect mix of kids’ toys. The transformation converts this gargantuan into a 10-wheeler freighter with guns and cannons, WHICH. The size on this thing is sure to make it the perfect focal point in a display or that one big wrapped gift which towers over all the others. It’s a robot that can turn into a freaking dinosaur! It’s safe to say this is the single coolest Transformer toy on the market! Sometimes, some toys hit just the perfect balance between nostalgia and resourcefulness (design, build quality, etc.) For a centerpiece of a collection, fans should like the Transformers The Last Knight Megatron toy. If you are buying this for a child, this is where things get a little more complex. Less than $25 Less than $25. One of the cheap transformers toys, its point is simple – if your kids break this, you can buy another on in a heartbeat. In short, no. This figure is designed for ages eight and up, and has 36 steps to transform from robot to jet. Go with Amazon Prime and kill two robot birds with one stone. The added cape, which I assume is so no one realizes he’s actually a giant alien robot, really adds to the look. Best Transformers Toys for Triumphant Battles . If you’re after a more affordable Transformers toy, check out this Action Attackers Hot Rod. The Transformers: Bumblebee Movie DJ Bumblebee Toy allows you to collaborate with the greatest DJ in the Transformers universe. Optimus Prime is the mythical leader of the legendary Autobots, this 13 inch statuette honors his image. We know them by one name – Transformers. All it takes is one whole step to get these bots from their robot form to vehicle and vice-versa. From the house of the Transformers, Hasbro – comes this mini transformers figurine of Barricade the Decepticon. They’re not exact replicas, of course, but nostalgia makes you remember things better than they were. BEST SOUNDS. Kids love toy that they can put together, break apart and put back together. This is purely one for collectors rather than kids. Grimlock is one of the (if not the) coolest transformers of all time. Seriously, the looks and the tactile feel of this toy is fine quality. Skip to main content .us. Are you looking for best transformers toys, we’ve consulted top experts who has in-and-out knowledge about the transformers toys. Today we are unboxing the BIGGEST Transformers Bumblebee movie toy collection. But despite the smaller size and lower cost, they’re still great figures. It’s a minor detail for sure, but minor details that add to the overall design is Hasbro’s specialty. Clearance Clearance. Find the Top Transformers Toys with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2020 So, what is it exactly? This Grimlock Figure is one of the best available. What other toy can you race like a Hot Wheels then transform into battling robots? It’s a must buy if you have a child above the age of 5. This one from the Robots in Disguise Warrior Class line-up of toys. Join the battle with warrior Bumblebee as he fights on the side of the noble Autobots to save Cybertron. One of the more decent remote control transformers toys out there, not such a good Transformers toy although. This action figure is a well built, classical, colourful and high quality rendition of the G1 Optimus Prime from the original TV series and movie series. 19 Best Transformers Toys: The Ultimate List, Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. From a big 12 inch toy it converts into a mini transformer toys car in a matter of seconds with its simple but intuitive transformation process. We're here to bring you the most sought after Transformers toys you ABSOLUTELY need to check out. Standing at 10 inches tall in robot mode, Barricade is a worthy ally to the Decepticons and to your child’s toy collection. Best Transformers Toys Reviewed A New-aged Megatron Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Leader Class Megatron. Best for children under the ages of 7 years. But it's a little more complex than that. The 15 Weirdest Transformers Toys (And The 15 Best) There have been a lot of Transformers toys over the years, but not all of them have been hits. It engages them and helps them grow their problem solving skills. As a matter of fact, yes! It helps them in developing their problem solving skills. Here are some of the strangest ones. It’s based on the Cyberverse look, so it’s slightly more cartoony. He known for his lies, back stabbing and the titular deception. Although the Transformer movies were, let’s say, questionable, some of the toys that came out of it were great. AWESOME. If you’re picking up an Optimus Prime figure, it’s only fair you pick up the leader of the Decepticons Megatron. 0. Review & Comparison, Last Update December 13, 2020 . It doesn’t quite match up. It is a fanmade Transformer. Transformers: Bumblebee Movie DJ Bumblebee Toy. I’d also consider the Action Attackers for younger kids, purely because figures like Hot Rod only require seven steps, which if you’ve read any of the other gift ideas on this guide, is a really small amount. Optimus has always been amongst the best transformer toys of all time, some would argue that it is. Will you be prepared for battle when Optimus Prime calls for aid? Joe. It’s still designed for little hands, and it’s not anywhere near as complex as the traditional Transformers figures, but for really young kids this one’s a pass. Should’ve named it Blubb instead of Blurr. A 12-inch figure of Bumblebee from the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon. But for kids? Suffice it to say, this robot is a desirable toy for … Not much can be said about a figure whose amazon description reads “Figure looks like Blurr character”. Although kids love Transformers toys, not everyone reading this list is a child. Double check that age rating. Kids will instant gravitate towards this toy for its awesome looks. The complexity of the transformation is too difficult for the younger fans to get to grips with. My advice? Design is child friendly. When you factor in cost, detail, quality, and style, the War For Cybertron Optimus Prime figure is my personal pick for the best Optimus figure ever. No one gets left out. These are best for children under the ages of 5 years old. But as most collectors know, the best Transformers figures are always worth every penny. If you ask someone over the age of 35 about Transformers toys, there’s a high chance you won’t shut them up for a good three hours.