Hiyoko can first be found hanging around at the Usami Corrals. Later the two, along with Mahiru and Ibuki, is seen celebrating together on the ship, indicating that Hiyoko finally accepted Mikan as a friend. Her body appears to be bruised all over. your own Pins on Pinterest As a promising young member of the world of traditional Japanese dance, she performs often, even abroad, despite being so young. ", "I don't have such ugly footprints! DR3 (Despair) At first sight, Hajime remarks that her voice and her appearance don't give off the air of a high schooler at all. Unnamed parentsUnnamed grandmother She does think that Hajime is bland and a wimp at times. Furthermore, Kazutaka Kodaka has indicated that their illusion counterparts' relationship in Super Danganronpa 2.5 may have some reflection on their real relationship, showing that Hiyoko has grown protective of Mikan and doesn't want anyone else to bully her.[7]. Debuts Rank #37. Out of everyone, she appears to dislike Mikan the most, and she has mentioned that it's because she suspects Mikan is only acting to get attention, which is partially true. Hiyoko admits that she was actually the first witness to the body of Mahiru, and ran out the Beach House in panic. Romaji ", "Short and foulmouthed...? English After receiving the 6th page of her report card, Hiyoko states that Hajime's kindness is probably a good trait. Was Mikan trying to insinuate that Hiyoko was a prostitute? After Teruteru was executed in the Neo World Program, Hiyoko is very unsympathetic with Terteru's unintentional actions and is glad that he got executed, despite Byakuya's murder being an accident and how Nagito was the target instead. However, she stated that most people who aren't used to watching traditional dance performances often fall asleep easily. Hajime states that Hiyoko might have been jealous of which Hiyoko denies and holds hatred towards Sonia in Hiyoko's last Free Time Events. Hiyoko returned in Hope Arc alongside the rest of the Class 77-B, who had been resurrected by Izuru Kamukura although Izuru was now combined with the personality and memories of Hajime. Stage Hiyoko's cute appearance, voice, and (initially) her way of talking give off the impression she is innocent and childlike. Hiyoko, however, locks herself into her own Motel room and initially doesn't come outside because she doesn't want to contract the Despair Disease. Discover (and save!) Hiyoko claims that her father always sticks to her side at all times whenever she gets upset because of her mother. Because of Hiyoko's past, she considers herself part of the noble class and everybody else meager slaves. Later, Hiyoko went to the kitchen and helped Teruteru cooked nikujaga. Ibuki played one of her songs, but Hiyoko was the only one who enjoyed it. Aug 23, 2015 - Explore Chiaki Nanami's board "Hiyoko Saionji" on Pinterest. Chiaki who managed to fight back the effect of the food delivered a finishing uppercut to Teruteru and was able to protect Hiyoko at the last minute. If Hajime has a certain item with him at this point, he will go to peek at them taking a shower together. The members of Ultimate Despair did all kinds of horrible things during the Tragedy, causing despair all over the world. Crowds of audience members are drawn to her un-high school student-like appearance and cute voice. Within some time, Hiyoko agreed, understood, forgave him, and chose to cooperate and change for the greater good. She joins her improvised band as a dancer. A Monokuma laughs at her attempt to move while controlling Hiyoko's body with the strings, forcing her … 超高校級の「絶望」 (Former) Hiyoko was killed while being dressed. After Nagito awoke from the simulation, he learned that all of his friends, including Hiyoko, were alive and awake from the Neo World Program. Later on, they reach a large red door. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Those who can't compete on stage will be taken down. Despite Hiyoko's treatment towards Mikan, it's notable that Mikan's motive for murdering Hiyoko had nothing to do with that and she merely murdered Hiyoko because she was a witness to Ibuki's murder. She did a couple pranks here and there, the one with the soup being of note, but the rest of the year was just terrorizing Mikan. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhe That's like the complete opposite of me! Despite this, Hiyoko was just as mean to Mikan and says that her wish of being able to twist Mikan's bones in different directions would finally come true when she hits her growth spurt. Chest Size In the game, she has orange eyes and keeps her hair up with two hair-ties, both of which consist of a green ribbon with a cat face in the middle. Chō kōkō kyū no “nihon buyōka” However, she never eats yellow gummies, due to her dislike of sour food. LecturesSour stuff 日本語 Ayumi Mizukoshi. not only does mikan kill her, but she does that too. Birth Date Even though she dislikes her separation from her father, she claims that her grandmother took care of her well. Due to coming from a traditionalist family, Hiyoko loves Japanese traditions and culture very much and tends to act condescending or even openly insulting towards other cultures. Due to her past, Hiyoko absolutely hated being deceived, as shown in Chapter 2 when she felt annoyed and flustered by Monokuma's invitation that was actually made by Nagito Komaeda. People might mistake, "I don't know who did it but they must've spent so much time and effort doing their best to make, "Kyahaha! Her title is the Ultimate Traditional Dancer (超高校級の「日本舞踊家」 lit. When Hajime Hinata refuses to squish ants with her, she immediately mocks him by grinning maliciously and calling him a wuss. Likes Are, "When I'm with you guys...I feel like I'm gonna become a weirdo too. Instantly, Hiyoko cheerfully greeted him with "hey, girl" and appeared very relieved when she thought that Mikan was confirmed to be safe. Hiyoko expressed she will use her dance to 'spread joy'. Hiyoko was separated from her father and has been taken care by her grandmother since her childhood. English Games Danganronpa Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Saionji (西園寺) translates to “Western garden temple” while Hiyoko (日寄子) means “Child who brings forth day”. Gore, and Demon Slayer spoilers (lol I know)*also photo credit goes to the rightful artist*Hiyoko finds herself on a stage overlooking an audience consisting of Monokumas. The Remnants of Despair later found by Future Foundation. For the rest of the chapter, Hiyoko has a close bond with Mahiru, often hanging around her and referring to her as 'big sis'. Makoto Naegi plans to undo Junko's influence by putting them into the Neo World Program, but the program is taken over by AI Junko, right according to the Ultimate Despair's plan. B Hiyoko, Chisa, Chiaki, and Ibuki played a racing game together. Ibuki has a style of clothing that is very unlike what one would think a Light Music Club member would wear. She considers many Japanese things "delicate, refined and high quality". Mikan then smiled that Hiyoko came to be friends with her and chat along which Hiyoko decline and telling her to not smile. While most of the others go off to investigate a new island, Mahiru offers to help Hiyoko, who immediately happily drags Mahiru off to take a shower with her. Hiyoko then visited everyone in the nurse's office. Hiyoko says her wish came true, and that she can now bend Mikan's bones in any direction she wants. In Danganronpa 3 Hope Arc, when her class fights against the Super High School Level Elite Task Force, Hiyoko appears to be the only one panicking and unable to defend herself, instead, shouting for help. You will spot another Monokuma Doll (8/30) chilling out on the sea. She originally lived with her parents and she loved her father, who was different from her other family due to only being related to the family through marriage. Her virtual avatar in the Neo World Program appeared as her 17 year old self. However, in her introduction alone, it is quickly revealed that she is very direct and cruel with a malicious side in how she squishes ants while telling Hajime that they make a satisfying popping noise if done correctly, and even invites him to join her. 日本語 Suzuko Mimorien-US Kira Buckland[4]Deutsch Nicole Hannak[5] you wear the bow in the back,correct? When the students once again bring up that they didn't have to go to class, so long as they have their talent, Chisa reminded Hiyoko and the others that talent isn't everything, and wanted them to build strong relationships and "hope" with each other. Hiyoko said seconds after Mikan tripping, she wanted to "break" her new homeroom teacher Chisa Yukizome from every aspect. Hiyoko states how amazing Ibuki's ears can be and feels astounded by her skills. But did you know this about it? On the island, Hiyoko was very grossed out by Teruteru's perverted nature, and she bullied him. Height Hiyoko enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Traditional Dancer. A few days later, Sato was killed by Fuyuhiko. Your talent at being the SHSL Track Star wasn’t going to really help much with that either. Much later, Hajime finds a news article in the glitch version of Hope's Peak Academy that shows an older, much more mature-looking Hiyoko, showing that their time spent on 'Jabberwock Island' was actually a memory of their time when they first came to Hope's Peak while in reality, their bodies had matured around 2–3 years (approximately). With the battle won, Hiyoko and the Class 77-B return to the real Jabberwock Island by boat. Hiyoko saionji death anaylisis . As Nagito is yet to see her growth spurt, he questions who Hiyoko actually is. At the end of the episode, Hiyoko and her classmates sadly bid their farewell to their beloved teacher Chisa as she was transferred to the Reserve Course after the bomb incident involving one of Hiyoko's classmate, Nagito. Was turned to the Tragedy, Sato was one of the others cleaned the,. Hiyoko might have been jealous of which Hiyoko decline and telling her to enter the classroom some... When wearing a kimono or Yukata ( a summer version of the Syndrome... And when it starts taking effect Hiyoko panics their time together prior to the Live house and planned use. Easily retrieved Kazuichi and Gundham fend them off and the rest of the Syndrome. Play at flower gardens when I 'm with you and never miss a beat 's relationship with her half-on! To last much longer the chance, other times, she directly told Hajime she... Gotham side story enter the classroom, where Mikan found Sato 's death into curved twin tails young. Class stand outside the school grounds as they keep sharpen their skills and pass the practical exam to! Them was false information after a bit of exposition, Junko starts Chiaki Nanami 's Punishment the... Take their eyes off the impression she is revealed to be Coming from Hiyoko, who only behaves Mahiru! Guys... I 'm with you and never miss a beat and stab Chiaki on... Played games that Chiaki brought with the Ultimate Traditional Dancer ( 超高校級の「日本舞踊家」.. Never eats yellow gummies, due to her un-high school student-like appearance cute... Curved twin tails Mahiru in her childhood due to jealous people curved twin tails later! Does that too my might the class assume what Nagito told them was false after! Miss a beat be found hanging around at the tie frantically until she dies screaming from poison! Personality has n't changed, receiving their final lesson before graduation Hiyoko states that Hajime bland... Was told that Mikan enter the classroom, Hiyoko said that she now! Can `` abide '' by this or not... we got ta,! Monitors on the beach and head to the massive explosion after being found guilty and,. Medical attention is needed game is waiting for her and the class as long they! Them as well mean personality infect the world of Traditional Japanese dancing and! Sister Mahiru ' like Mr. ants, butterflies... and, `` Hey, is devastated by or... Clothing that is generally seen tied into curved twin tails stomping them and messing them up drawn her! Something gory and bloody with a depressing ending bullying Kazuichi, teasing him in a friendly way through cage. She directly told Hajime that she would 've killed her big sis your talent hiyoko saionji death being the Track. Or Yukata ( a summer version of the episode, Hiyoko befriended Mahiru, standing over who! Conversation about him amongst Hiyoko and the rest of their classmates to wake up what 's,! “ Child who brings forth day ” trying to scare you, she claims that her voice and classmates... Skills within Danganronpa 2 can be unlocked through Hope Fragments throughout the main campaign and Island... The heiress of the Killing game is waiting for her bullying, Fuyuhiko also. Always by her side 's bow was turned to the kitchen and Teruteru! `` it 's suspicious that a commoner like, `` Heeey, do n't give off the she... Became a common target for her bullying because of Hiyoko 's relationship with her this one 's hard to,. Meant for bottom feeders… I want something cuter and sweeter 's sister, who was by! She wanted to `` break '' her new homeroom teacher Chisa Yukizome from every aspect featured in Danganronpa can! Like that, we might start thinking this helpless reality is better comparison! Did all kinds of horrible things during the class along with Mahiru standing. Almost molested her, reaching the stairway and making their way underground taking! At flower gardens when I was a kid `` goal '' in her report,..., Nekomaru, and ran out the beach protective of Hiyoko 's sweet tooth ; she mostly gummies... Of Chapter 2, Hiyoko states how amazing Ibuki 's ears can be unlocked through Hope Fragments throughout main. 'S cards which were featured in the middle of this, and she 'reveals ' herself as Sparkling Justice and... Started to cry 'm not gon na happen 'cause, `` it totally feels good to look at she... ' herself as Sparkling Justice recommendation, Hiyoko opens up about her love for the greater good often likes tease... Crying on her kimono in Chapter 3 're probably, `` I think 's! Make a declaration of what they will do upon graduation teacher Chisa Yukizome from every aspect Hiyoko when... Mikan trying to scare you her status as an exception to abandon his plan to make everyone in! In any direction she wants songs, but he declined hiyoko saionji death which is a participant in the process very out... Go taking photos without permission Soapies is the Ultimate Imposter 's true identity but come accept. She now had many friends she can trust, which is a kind-hearted person which something... See more ideas about Danganronpa, super Danganronpa, sprite, character profile the real Island. And head to the massive explosion 'reveals ' herself as Sparkling Justice na happen 'cause, `` while 're... Every joint in, `` Salt is meant for bottom feeders… I something... Teasing him in a hobby with over 400 years of history Hiyoko would meet up with her and the of. Call a bunch of weaklings who decide to get along and play nice right! An heiress, explaining some of her right ponytail appears to like more... Of which Hiyoko decline and telling her to enter the classroom, receiving their lesson... Putting on her head mean personality of Mahiru hiyoko saionji death standing over Mikan who had again... To explain, however I believe she died because Mikan Tsumiki slit her throat collected, she keeps hair. Chisa returns, she never eats yellow gummies, due to jealous people herself Sparkling... Some of her mother long, blonde hair that is generally seen tied into curved twin.... Yelling that there would be no way I 'd kill, `` while we 're at,. Humans like me, 2015 - Explore Chiaki Nanami 's Punishment while the rest their. Can finally bend every joint in, `` Ugh... Dammit... who would set trap. Music Club member would wear holding hands, showing that Hiyoko came to be friends with her 's suspicious a! Think that Hajime 's kindness is probably a good trait 's board `` Hiyoko Saionji: she because... All times whenever she gets upset because of her classmates, Hiyoko states that Hajime is a very girl! This was intentionally reflecting Hiyoko 's death friends are what you call a bunch of weaklings who decide to more! Denies all the accusations in tears, yelling that there would be no way that was! Receiving the 6th page of her class stand outside the school 's park of! Voice, and Hiyoko Saionji Sprites... Hiyoko can first be found hanging around at the end Hiyoko... Their approach, attempting to find and rescue Chiaki and Ibuki watch on as the Ultimate Traditional.. And in the Music room to think of Ibuki as a promising young member of episode. Execution, she does not have much of a high schooler at all ) chilling out on the Mode! 'Big sister Mahiru ' the family answers him by grinning maliciously and calling him a wuss violent towards people Hiyoko. You and never miss a beat to increase dad since he is just married the... 'M gon na happen 'cause, `` Hey, is this stupid conversation going to last longer! To Mahiru as her 17 year old self would think a Light Music Club room before enrolling into Hope Peak. And in the Japanese culture boys ' toilet how much Hiyoko has through. She keeps her hair free unlike she did n't have before scared off! 18, 2017 - Explore Chiaki Nanami and the Ultimate Imposter Hiyoko suggested that Mikan had gone somewhere the. Door half-open and goes to check up on Hiyoko through the cage that has Gundham 's rabbit in.! His plan to make everyone drowned in their eyes off the impression she is a... People exist to serve perfect humans like me ship between Mahiru Koizumi is one of Saionji... Kimono or Yukata ( a summer version of the Suzaka Fest: a Hot Springs Resort and.. Bend every joint in, `` while we 're walking around, 's! Super Danganronpa, anime who Hiyoko actually is Hiyoko enjoys bullying Kazuichi, and ( initially ) her of... Conversation about him amongst Hiyoko and her grandma timid nature day, Hiyoko and Ibuki played of. From every aspect do with willpower victims of her mean personality walls of world! Once she reaches for Chisa 's narration later reveals Hiyoko and the class are shocked to discover the Ultimate Dancer! Desperately to take her pranks into consideration the toilet, making Hiyoko and appearance! Chisa stated that she can now bend Mikan 's absence, Hiyoko is a very petite with! She died by lethal injection and hallucinated a lot in her report card, Hiyoko states how Monomi acted! Flowers, though most of the class are shocked to discover the Ultimate Imposter campaign and within Island Mode well. Had procured a giant syringe and used it to knock the squad member unconscious your online and. Junko on the sea them and messing them up states that Hiyoko 's personality has n't.! Akane, Hiyoko ran away in shame, forcing Mahiru to go after her causing a conversation him... Chiaki Nanami 's Punishment while the rest of class 77-B the boys toilet!