The Blitz game mode in MSF is a "tournament" style battle mode, like the Arena mode. When was the last time a minion was released? That way, you get the most points possible. Let me start off with the blitz basics just to get them out of the way. You can use bot to set customized squads to play blitz. Our site uses cookies and similar technologies such as local storage to support your browsing experience, the functionality of our site, and our ads. A New Icon for a New Age ... Best Characters/Teams for New Players (Credit: AhnaldT101) ... and Bot are fantastic resources where you can browse all of the game's characters, campaigns, events, gear, maps, and much more. Welcome to MSF Tools! When you're done, just open blitz, set the team and tap the save button - repeat until you have all of your teams saved. Let's get started. So you can use this feature to easily adjust your squads and improve the win rate. Blitz Basics: (If you already know how Blitz works, and you just want the meat and potatoes of my strategy and Blitz team rotations, you can skip past this section.) The most important thing to get a grip of first is the Blitz Charges, which are used to continue to battle after your first free battle with a … › 2020 › 07 › marvel-strike-force-blitz Future Feature: Blitz Sim September 25, 2020. Play MARVEL Strike Force on BlueStacks. PS- I am aware that this is not the first or only post about this, but it bears repeating and hopefully an upvote so Scopely READS IT. MSF Blitz Guide Marvel Strike Force’s unique Blitz game mode allows players to get on a winning streak and accumulate points for 24 ot 72 hours to gain rewards. Done. Because sometimes built-in 20 teams maybe not enough for you. Put all the minions in the war store in the blitz store. Blitz makes use of your whole roster, so it is ideal if you can find teams that work well together. Take a Screenshot for Battle Result . Tips for Blitz UGH. These game modes give you the opportunity to test your PvP skills while also helping you build a stronger team. 3 – Completing Blitz challenges is particularly important since this game mode awards new heroes through milestones. Bot can auto take a screenshot for the battle result. ... > In the area to the right, click a letter to add the selected character to the corresponding team… Blitz is one of the best parts of MSF, in my opinion, as there is the possibility for almost endless battles and compositions to test and have fun with. The general gist is to get your modifier as high as possible to get more points, then switch to using your teams that will win at a high rank. 2 – New heroes can also be found in the Blitz, Arena, and Raid stores. So bot allows you to set more squads. Minions are filler. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This will utilize your entire roster without duplicating any character in multiple teams. MSF Full Roster Blitz Tool Drag and drop characters to create 5 man teams until your entire roster is used.