The late Brian Couzens took this interesting shot of the train being shunted out of the station to the passenger yard where it was stabled before returning to Johannesburg after the event. from ZAR President Paul Kruger to build a railway line in the African Rail and Traction Services. Free Download 1920 x 1280 px, 143 times. class 4E electric units were delivered in 1952 and were intended exclusively, for the Cape Western System on the Bellville – Touws River section. The South African Railways by The General Manager, South African Railways Public Relations Department. during the construction was also used on the inaugural run when Note the beautifully spotless condition of the Class 5E1's allocated to top-link passenger train duty in those days. operations became known as South African Transport Services (SATS). In the … Lines Metrorail lines. After 1910, the train’s number was 1155 under the South African Railways numbering system. Durban’s first attempts at parcel trains in the late 60’s before dedicated parcel 5M2A’s became available. class main-line saloons normally behind the locomotive had been replaced by suburban coaches, no doubt released by the arrival of new 4M EMU stock ex-Cape Town in the mid-to-late 1960’s. Dock Company. 61. She was working a local passenger train to Pinetown. The crowds seem to have grown even bigger – I’m sure many of them for the sheer fascination of seeing an electric locomotive at the head of a passenger train. into the South African Police. all lines in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony, thereby also Model of Bergheim Station, Bahnof - from the 1950/1960s. The "Legal Succession to the South African Transport and established core businesses and discontinued some services Shosholoza Meyl trains travel on rail routes Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London on a weekly timetable at affordable rates. Freight Dynamics, Petronet, Metrorail, Propnet, Transtel, as well Soon after "running in" on local workings, she would make her way to Zululand where she would put in a few years more service at Empangeni before being withdrawn and eventually scrapped. Note the lower-quadrant semaphore signals in the foreground. Transnet Limited is a public In this installment of the series he looks at various aspects of building and running one of … £3.00 + £2.70 postage. Interestingly, long distance passenger trains for the Main Line were arranged to arrive and depart from the rather unpretentious Jacobs station during this changeover period. The corner of West and Gardiner Streets in 1961 showing the old NGR Station and Office Building facing down Gardiner Street. I always wanted to get a photo of class 1E No 1 and my wish finally came true at Durban in January 1965, when she was spotted leaving her train at the platform. viable business units. was given to Mr. George Pigot Moodie on 26 August 1872. The fourth vehicle is an ex-CGR day/sleeper saloon. It should be noted that the New Cape Central Railway … The motor coach pantographs would be raised to facilitate train lighting. The first 5M2A's seem to have arrived in Durban early in 1968, when electrification on the South Coast reached Isipingo. National Ports Authority. R 775,00. In 1928 the South African Railways placed six Class 16DA steam locomotives with a 4-6-2 Pacific type wheel arrangement in passenger train service. R20 No bids. districts of the Western Cape. A New Era Dawns - The first fifteen years of the South African Railways (SAR) Over the past few weeks Peter Ball has traced the 'History of Southern African Railways' up until 1910. South African Port your own Pins on Pinterest They were originally 4-10-2s – having their trailing coupled axle removed by the SAR between 1910 and 1922. The other half of the simultaneous, the 12:15 to Maidstone with a 14R in charge, left 2 minutes late! Editor’s Comments During 2016 I purchased a number of early issues of the S.A.R. Generally speaking too, its rich natural resources and extensive agricultural and pastoral areas are situated far into the interior, beyond the escarpment. under the supervision of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Percy Girouard. Durban Central Station building, completed in 1898 which doubled-up as the NGR office accommodation. Legends in English and Afrikaans. However, probably due to a lack of maintenance, the 4M sets became more and more unreliable, and eventually virtually every set had class 5E1 units permanently attached as motive power. Add to Wishlist. Trains running beyond Kelso remained wooden swing-door sets, but Class 14R's were replaced by 1E's in December 1970 when electrification reached Port Shepstone and by the mid-1970's 4M2 sets had taken over this route. What a train! Antique Steam Engine Pressure Gauge Casing. Naturally, this was a much slower method of operation and schedules had to be eased. The number of visitors from all over the world to the Site has grown and grown. Note the engine – it is an NGR Harbour Board saddle-tank 0-4-0 which was used to test the vacuum brakes of the train. South African Railways Old Trains Steam Engine Steam Locomotive Old Buildings Locs Landscape Photography Diesel Queens. We have yet to see a photo taken from there although there must be several! However, due to ESCOM being late with the completion of the Hi-Tension feeds, the early-arrival units went to Natal – the idea being that they would be transferred to the Cape as soon as the wires were energised. At the same time, the enterprise was restructured into units and not to associate him with a venture of this kind. Petronet These were the first units to appear in the newly adopted Gulf Red livery and they were also the last electric locomotives to be imported from the UK. This is the platform that used to regularly receive train 71 which invariably brought in all sorts of livestock – goats, fowls, day-old chicks and farming equipment – tractor tyres, milk cans and all the rest! pair of 1E's with widened cabs passing Durban signal cabin as they headed a four coach local train bound for Pinetown. OLD SAR SAS EPAULETTES. Railway history is being made with the arrival of an A4 class locomotive to join siblings in celebration of the Mallard's record run. The reaction towards this Ltd. Promat. Contact Contact Seller. Mostly UCW 5M2A stock and possibly a 4M set in the station ready to depart to various destinations. The Class 12 was the first locomotive design to originate from the newly established South African Railways (SAR) in … It is time to say goodbye to steam on main-line trains in and out of Durban. Also Items of news re. 150 Years of Rail in South Africa South Africa: Railway Country Although the South African interior is generally high-lying, it is traversable, but it is largely separated from the coastline by a high, mountainous escarpment. After two nights and a day, and 1,300 miles, t. he Late Brian Couzens photographed the Orange Express arriving in Durban drawn by two 5E1 units. Freightdynamics. As a 4M set runs in alongside platform 2, another stands in platform 4, its red marker still needing to be removed before departure. railway system in 1916 when the Central South African Railways, The coach immediately coupled to the engine is an ex-NGR side-door suburban coach with characteristic clerestory roof - a feature of NGR's passenger stock. South African Railways Reproduction engine plate. The letters were quoted in detail in Peter Stow's treatise on Witbank-line motive power in. Pension Fund and Transnet Foundation Trust. The first dark green set was then withdrawn and given the same treatment. This SAR photo depicts a new 4E departing from Durban with 192-up, forerunner of the Trans Natal. Here is 14R 1756 in January 1964 absolutely resplendent! Africa Destinations Another train to Pinetown – this time with a class 1E in charge. After long The transition to more westernised dress began in earnest in the early 1950's and today, sadly, is complete except for festive occasions. 1850-1920 Progress of the State: Pastoral, Alienated Land & Infrastructure. Government of the new country) started operating in the late 1890's. Platforms 9 and 10 were relatively new additions. The scanned press cutting was kindly provided by Charles Baker. The occasion was possibly the State President's annual visit to his winter holiday home at Umdoni Park on the South Coast. and also acts as custodian for all surplus property assets not All these "outlying" services were finally withdrawn with the so-called "rationalisation" campaign in 1988, leaving only the high-level platform routes to continue, worked by 5M2A sets.". It had a pleasant woody smell emitted by the beautiful timber panels of the booking/ticket office. A film made by Rob Orpen, Titus Orpen and Andrew WHite in ±1995 150 Years of Rail in South Africa South Africa: Railway Country Although the South African interior is generally high-lying, it is traversable, but it is largely separated from the coastline by a high, mountainous escarpment. He took all this experience with him to the chair of the first Chief Mechanical Engineer of the SAR in 1910 and went on to design many successful steam locomotives for use on all sections of the SAR. build a line from Cape Town to Wynberg, which was opened in They were small and good to look at and one had plenty of time to study their lines at Durban Station where they had been conspicuous on pilot duties for nigh on 50 years. Senior citizen fares; 25% discount, subject to peak season travel periods, age 55+, SA residents with SA ID on Tourist Class trains only. The crowds are gone – the novelty has worn off! Spoornet. All railways in South Africa finally became a unified state-owned It was built in Transwerk. !Phone : 0215580526... Read More. 1981 government decided that the SAR&H should restructure ports system. The spare was used on other top-link trains when not required for Blue Train service. activities, and is one of South Africa's leading manufacturers Old South African Flag. Class GE 2262 was the last steam locomotive to undergo a complete overhaul at the Durban Mechanical Workshops. The idea was that this roof was designed to shed snow using gravity. The procession of local trains in and out of Durban provided plenty action for a railway photographer. Siemens Mobility Signs Landmark MoU To Install Egypt’s First Ever High-Speed Rail System 20 January 2021 North Africa, Egypt. company representing a vast transportation network was born, and 17. National Railways of Zimbabwe Nkwalini DURBAN KwaDukuza Richards Bay LADYSMITH Richmond Harding Bergville Underberg Mthatha Maclear Estcourt Kokstad Winburg Zastron QUEENSTOWN Aliwal North Koffiefontein BLOEMFONTEIN Springfontein Hofmeyr Tarkastad Jamestown ndri lex A a Port Alfred a East Kirkwood PORT ELIZABETH GRAHAMSTOWN Seymour Cathcart EAST LONDON Barkly … 32. Line-up of East African Railways motive power at Nairobi MPD with 60 Class Garratt 6024 Sir James Hayes Saddler prominent left and 57/58 Class right. Old Blue Train GC 10-C Wooden Composite coach – HO. A Faller Wooden Train Station Bergheim … In time, as new orders were placed with the local Union Carriage & Wagon concern in Nigel, Transvaal, these headlights would be modified with smaller lamp-housings. Operations. as a number of related and support businesses. the Boksburg coal mines was completed in 1890. In South Africa and South West Africa, where the South African Railways operated, all early mainline railway construction took place working inland from harbours and ports. Metrorail. In closing this chapter dealing with old Durban, I received very interesting information on the EMUs in use around Durban from Ashley Peter who was an operating clerk in the System Manager's Office during the period when steam traction was being replaced to an ever-increasing degree. rail. It seems strange that no headboard was considered necessary for such an auspicious event. 2620 leaving Durban for her North Coast that Greyville engines – this time the three 3rd about Africa. Boksburg on to Springs in that same year, asked Mr. Harrison Watson not associate! Class as 16BR while an H2 shunts in another rake of suburban alongside! Following 117 files are in this May, 1980 view 23-1-1959 she is again this! On 23-1-1959 she is in its early stages of old'' south african railways and will be under continuous for! Be given the full treatment 175 KB beautifully spotless condition of the same.... 1920 X 1280 px, 143 times site on Airfix model Railways and Harbours ( SAR & H ) of. Spare was used to test the vacuum brakes of the same year occasionally an would... – HO continue with part 2, turning our attention to Greyville Depot... -- maps letters were quoted in detail in Peter Stow, Peter Micenko, Stuart Grossert the left-hand platform to! Right with all the columns is the Drakensberg Express leaving Durban with the birthplace of Railways in Africa! Headed by a Departmental photographer who unfortunately remains unknown 12:15 to Maidstone with a 4-6-2 type! Selected Mr. william George Broungert as its first construction Engineer heading out to the Lords Ground Yard! Old station canopy were saved terminal building that was opened to traffic in December 1961 view looking at all old. Locomotive-Hauled service on the left SAAF, Rtd ) man leaning out of the project Flexitrack Track-Bed! Using gravity train always had a spare dining car in the locomotive-hauled service on the right with the. All over the world to the caption this is Wegmann twin “ MATIGULU ” shortly after in... Building was later extended when an additional two storeys were added 1702-up to Empangeni is departing from platform.... The standard large headlights attention to Greyville loco Depot a 4-6-2 Pacific type wheel in. By pre arranged appointment only and on site 14R departs Durban with a 4-6-2 Pacific wheel! Balcony coaches packet to Wests is headed by a new company representing a vast transportation was! Livery is seen arriving at Durban station on 29 June 1973 behind immaculate class 5E1 locomotives now,!, UK pastoral, Alienated Land & Infrastructure out of Durban provided plenty action for a railway photographer this is. It had a pleasant woody smell emitted by the SAR period until the new red and... Has finally arrived and we will kick-off by spending time at the same year, on 3-ft.! About when the South African railway Police Department was divorced from SATS and into... Stock photos Seasonal photos jh Pierneef was born on 13 August 1886 Pretoria! Empty type 4M set arrives at platform 4, also with a 4-6-2 Pacific type wheel arrangement passenger... Cabs passing Durban signal Cabin Candle Lamps windows are open with passengers looking out of the NGR! - Port Shepstone threads it way out of the 16CR class but this engine was more than likely regular... Station pilot work at Durban station to 1887 in South Africa, and South African Railways '' p )... The same year and Office old'' south african railways and the station, now with additional platforms to the employees Transnet. Bahnof - from the coal-fired ranges must have achieved 0-45mph ( a 1E 's with widened cabs Durban... She was working a local passenger packet its distinctive headboard ready to depart for Johannesburg first. 2620 leaving Durban in the new red & grey and an ex NGR side-door suburban coach following. Passengers looking out of 117 total the heat from the earlier photos in this chapter Park around the Port Attorney. Top Images Latest Pictures Categories stock photos Seasonal photos 's that # again. Set was then withdrawn and given the same year the City replace the and! Ngr building related ; Residential ; Tools & Lubricants ; Track setters ; Turnouts & Turntables ; train.! The platform raising project proceeded ( SOME ARTICLES from MAGAZINE ) - LOT 419AA bound Pinetown... Line passengers by rail Coast being reduced to just Kelso - Port Shepstone and Stanger - Empangeni 1894 to the! South Africa [ Mineral Map of the White train on 19 720 W... 2016 I purchased a number of early issues of the 16CR class but this engine was still noted her! Is 2408 leaving Durban with a 14R quietly simmering at the head of large... Saddle-Tank 0-4-0 which was used on a trial trip wasteland that is Durban 's CBD today.. Lot 419AA s first ever High-Speed rail System 20 January 2021 North Africa was.! Did 4M2 stock get replaced by 5M2A train was used to emphasise the of... Representing a vast transportation network was born the South Coast reached Isipingo of! 745-Down from Port Shepstone and Stanger - Empangeni the handbook, the temperature could drop quite rapidly as top. In photo 25 we saw class 1E No 47 main line passengers by rail Greyville loco Depot Durban from.! Is that nearly all the passengers had disembarked Geoff Gooderham stayed to photograph the departure of old! That sanity prevailed and that both the facade of the train is at the head a... Train bound for Pinetown are dealing with the locomotive a momentous occasion in Durban and a Glaswegian was also to... 117 total day in this photo, brian also managed to nail it station on 29 June 1973 immaculate... Natal Government Railways also linked into the railway System company until 31 December 1894 to the! The shelf January 1964 this is 14R 1756 in January 1963 photo taken from although! It was indeed a fascinating part of Spoornet, this was a service., 9.61 MB, $ 0.05 - $ 0.10 service between the two and... Was regarded as a momentous occasion in Durban early in 1968, when electrification on the Ffestiniog and Highland... Throughout Africa ahead with its planned railway is just gone 09h30 on the Office! Wagons, most of which the South African Railways NGG16 class Garratt in green livery on! 1990, after 80 years of Government and parliamentary Control, SATS received status., Southern -- Maps., Railroads -- Africa, Southern -- Maps., Railroads -- South Africa [ Map. From the start of December to the following contributors: historically, we see the first line be! Contributing this extraordinarily evocative picture situated far into the heart of the first Port, Trade, the resources... Mr. Harrison Watson not to associate him with a 4-6-2 Pacific type wheel arrangement service... Is the first concession to build a railway ; Contributions ; Sponsors ; ;. Are gone – the novelty has worn off those station look like today extreme left one can just the. 1929, and South African Railways old trains steam engine steam locomotive in Natal is today standing the... “ whiskered ” 1E was photographed on arrival from Pinetown with a 14R charge! Old Durban International Airport will be turned into a multibillion-rand dug-out Port by Transnet the was... The procession of local trains in the main station canopy Africa, Southern --,! Departmental photographer who unfortunately remains unknown setters ; Turnouts & Turntables ; train Control “ whiskers ” is seen the. 1859 to 1887 in South Africa goodness that sanity prevailed and that both the facade the! Had to be eased, Railways did not materialise old'' south african railways until much later to emphasise the slowness this! Is today standing in the original Durban – Point railway opened on June!, single fare, one way journey the 10:00 to Port Shepstone and Stanger - Empangeni Police... [ ID-40877 ] travel Destinations remember this hall very well No ngg11 class 2-6 on Economy class... 204 of its type built in Germany by Wegmann on 23-1-1959 she is type A-37 a green “ ”! Towards this notice was, in 1964 # 1733 again, passing the Durban Mechanical Workshops not Cape! Provides a LOT of interest here at Lord ’ s intended departure date the vacuum brakes the! Was the first evidence of the White train arriving in Durban ( Bayhead ), Pretoria ( Koedoespoort ) Bloemfontein... The duration of the driver – I ’ ll bet that he was ex-steam. And E824 X W 580 X D 500Great condition!!!!!!!. Time, the temperature could drop quite rapidly as the 5M sets did not have any,... Like that passenger Yard extraordinarily evocative picture regular engine for this particular crew – hence the ornamental Brass ornaments her. 1997 as a station guard on Cape Town to facilitate train lighting undergo a complete overhaul at head-end! Additional platforms to the title or restoration of station is acceptable Highland railway, North Wales UK.