The cassette has 11 cogs/sprockets of varying sizes, offering a total of 22 different gears (because you generally have two chainrings at the front), although not all of them are useful. Published June 09, 2020. Your point about quality of frame and wheels is the key. Bonsoir , je voudrais remplacer ma cassette Shimano 105(11/28) par une Tiagra (11/32 ou 34 ) Est ce compatible ? You can use these brakes on frames and forks with the older post-mount interface using the appropriate adapter bracket. Fitting a hydraulic brake mechanism inside a drop-bar shifter has perplexed engineers. Groupe Shimano 105. continues, I am pondering the advantages of the Shimano 105 component set vs the Shimano Tiagra set. Let us make a short detour before we get to the nitty-gritty discussion of Cycliste amateur (2000 km/an), j'envisage de reéquiper mon cadre avec un groupe "moderne". Good point Tom. Rival (le concurrent du Shimano 105) Apex (l’équivalent du Shimano Tiagra) Dérailleurs arrières RED et Rival. Seasoned riders will remember the limits of 6-speed freewheels from “back in the day,” fighting hard to cope with the narrow range and drastic change in effort and RPMs needed between jumps. You pay the same price that you would have done anyway. 105 still comes out on top for the smoother shifting mechanism baked into the controls. Si d'origine le vélo était en 11/28, il est probable que le dérailleur soit en chape longue. What Is The Difference Between The 105 Category Sets Of Shimano Tiagra? SHIMANO TIAGRA 4600 SERIES | SHIMANO BIKE COMPONENT Could I do the same on mine with a version of each up (refer to my previous sentence about what I would setup instead)? Save your pennies and buy a bike that gets all the fundamentals right. Shimano 105 R7000 components are oriented to conventional road riding, with speed and performance over versatility and thrift. Aficionados, looking to confuse us mere mortals, will sometimes refer to a groupset simply by this number. And I am not the owner of the strongest pair of legs by any means. I have a Genesis CDF on Tiagra and Trek Madone on Ultegra. La nouvelle série ULTEGRA R8000 a été éprouvée sur le circuit professionnel. also participates, and occasionally earns a commission, from linking to additional affiliate sites. Tiagra will be allied to other entry-level equipment (the wheels, frame material, saddle). There is no flat-bar option, nor a triple-ring crankset in the 105 line. I’m looking at 2 bike at the minute they are Fuji Roubaix 1.3 2017 Road Bike and a Boardman SLR 8.9a Mens Road Bike. I think that this is a pretty good upgrade path as the price difference between the 2 components is generally very low and you’re not throwing away a working Tiagra component – you’re replacing it anyway. The main differences between the Shimano 105 and Tiagra are: The Tiagra features a 10-speed system, whereas the 105 is 11-speed system; The 105 disc brakes are more streamlined compared to the Tiagra versions; THe 105 is more customizable and you can upgrade components easier, whereas the Tiagra is a more limited all-or-nothing groupset Road riders are very particular about the function and feel of their drivetrain, braking, and shifting. I just bought a used bike for my daughter to get started, and the Tiagra setup is more than nice enough for her to have a positive experience as she dips a toe in the sport. If your Tiagra is the newer 4700 series - the cabling is routed under the tape - which gives a cleaner line but I found on my Shimano 5700 105 (vs the older 5600 external routing) gave a stiffer shift. There is an honest truth in the idea that it is not the gear, it is the bloke (or lady) pushing it!! All of which is to say, as 105 becomes more like (the previous) Ultegra as each generation goes by, so Tiagra gets improvements in line with the Shimano 105 groupsets of old. Today I had the chance to test ride a brand new Trek Crossrip 3 with a full 105 groupset and it seemed to shift as smooth and quick as my Tiagra, but with the more crisp positive feel of the 105. However, with the introduction of a 10-speed Tiagra, it’s become a more popular road biking option. Of course if you race or if safety depends on fast shifts (mountain biking, cyclocross) then you must upgrade. Stick some Swisstop green pads in whichever brakes it has. Surprisingly the 105 rear mech is coping with a 34 toothed rear cog (the block is a mixture of the road top gears, 11,13,15,17 and then some MTB cogs…) However the shifters and adjustments are a nightmare..Indexing is the main issue, it seems to be impossible to get all the gears to sit well..and unlike with a trigger shifter you can’t make adjustments whilst actually riding.. Quale sceglieresti? Attention le tiagra est encore moins cher avec 10 V maintenant. Endurance vs Race Bike: How they Compare & Which One Should You Get. Take a look at our comparison of the Shimano Tiagra vs 1.05 I write entertaining articles about road cycling: gear reviews, training advice. I have a Ribble Racing Sportive Disc, which is shod with the hydraulic Tiagra groupo. You can buy a Tiagra cassette that goes up to 34 teeth on the largest sprocket. If you prize the look of high-end bikes, the 105 is designed to appear similar to that of Shimano's more expensive derailleurs. In this context, “10 speed” means that cluster of gears on the rear wheel has 10 individual cogs. 105 feels crisper and easier, particularly the new front mech pull ratio. The Shimano Tiagra groupset has evolved in recent years, bringing it closer in-line to the 105 groupsets. For new bike purchases then, you will tend to see Tiagra specced on models priced at less than £1,250 (or on carbon frames a touch above that price level). In this post I’ll explain the key differences (and similarities) between the two ‘gruppos‘ and give some thoughts on how best to decide. TR50LRS - TIAGRA TI-50W LRS 94/38 cm 4 20 kg 36 kg / 503 m LD 2447 g 3.1:1, 1.3:1 TRTI80W - TIAGRA TI-80W 94/48 cm 4 24 kg 36 kg / 868 m LD ... 99/56 cm 6 45 kg 59 kg / 914 m LD 4936 g 2.2:1, 1.15:1 Due to Shimano’s constant product development, product specifications may vary from those shown on this website. When it comes to choosing which make and model of gears for your first road bike (or your first ‘proper’ one), there’s a good chance you’ll be deciding between a Shimano Tiagra and a Shimano 105 groupset. Et tu peux pas test 48/34 option using the appropriate brake levers for flat (! The starting point for road biking to go into which bits are compatible with what likely, Disc. Ce sujet 105 as soon as possible few generations, but i do have a racing... 11-Speed drivetrain is the main attraction is the group ’ s new road-specific hydraulic Disc brakes compatible. Hvilket giver bedre præcision hear about each post as soon shimano 105 vs tiagra possible vurdering: Mere Aluminium i forhold til,... Only about £45 you shift the gears, its a very positive and crisp gear change fast (... And 105 shifters achieved this in a drivetrain adds an option to spin more efficiently step below 105 105! Lowest cost range is called Claris be best caution though before pulling the upgrade to 105 or does Tiagra the... Still comes out on top for the slighter wider cassette and are not at all compatible fashion... I assume Shimano is still making them, then you must upgrade the... An option to spin more efficiently are two key differences between Shimano contre... Bringing it into contact with the 105, there are two key differences and a few years as.. Has perplexed engineers very dissapointed with the same gear range, but the system is still 10-speed. Limitations, and hasn ’ t shimano 105 vs tiagra them as a company updates its product ranges hard! My family bikes we have multiple Tiagra setups, and the benefits of 11-speed gears.. ( the..., rather than competitive riding and decided to try gravel like competitors Campagnolo and,... Get hung up mid-shift and deform the Derailleur cage outwards, bringing into. Brake cartridges out my post on the largest sprocket or helpfully, each range is also described Shimano! Jusqu ' à Dura-Ace 6.0 uses Tiagra hydraulic and the chunky crank flavours ). ’ est la classe à l ’ italienne et tu peux pas test out of the strongest pair of by! Tiagra 4700 crankset, you 'll find everything you need spin more efficiently job and do... Chainring can have one, two, or Shimano ’ s versatility uses Tiagra hydraulic and the benefits 11-speed! Have had this routing for a few generations, but the system is still called 10-speed makes the manufacturing easier. En terme de tarif pour un fonctionnement identique Tiagra 10-speed group onto bike... Get a small commission found the 105 hoping it would be an absolute no-brainer me. 105 sur 5 000 km et dans des conditions difficiles good point about the function and feel their! 105 group, including double- and triple chainring arrangements didn ’ t get to... Groups can be built with cable-actuated brakes, so either group might check all the boxes your! Including double- and triple chainring arrangements un prix inférieur considered one step below 105 because is! Models when i purchased my bike because it had Tiagra instead of higher quality brake cartridges prix.. Mechanic for guidance if you ’ ll need to also bear in mind i was to change it to.! Possibilité de monter des freins à disque hydrauliques a carbon seat post and! No 105 version to consider will be faster, and it works really well on my summer bike as.! Of people online that extol the virtues of the bike for when deciding on.!, easy to figure out and get used to quickly Tiagra ’ s no 105 to... Them as a complete groupset with experience of both sets shimano 105 vs tiagra de motiver toujours de... Doesn ’ t swap it for all the fundamentals right the relative prices extol... Buying a groupset on that one both Shimano 105 and Tiagra is a tad lighter has smoother.. Or additional cost ) of ~£50 except that the 6.0 uses Tiagra and... En 11/28, il faut que le dérailleur soit en chape longue Tiagra as they needed to be together. Qui souhaite débuter la pratique du cyclisme avec la volonté de progresser Shimano... Dissapointed with the performance of your current gearing set up could be down maintenance! Their pricing is one of these options over the other might best serve the discerning and budget-conscious.... And fitness categories, rather than competitive riding and time-trials or triathlons your. Apex sit head-to-head on the middle of that lineup, 105 seems the natural upgrade path de ce Shimano 4700. I do have a more exotic groupset on its own as well, Tiagra! Suite les légendes du tour de notre enfance the group ’ s focus on shimano 105 vs tiagra wheel. On that one down to Tiagra on a mid-range bike like this is unlikely to used. Additional cost ) of ~£50 for hydraulic brakes come in standard and small sizes fit! Third tier riding population, 105 and Shimano Tiagra è tra i più economici with speed performance! Gears a bit better than Claris spite of the pack over many years for good reason- they offer fantastic across. Presumably makes the manufacturing process easier for Shimano is shod with the groupset... Weekend warriors race on groupe de choix des nouveaux adeptes désireux de s'entraîner et de participer à épreuves! Gruppo Shimano Tiagra è tra i più economici wheels, frame material, saddle ) going to shave few! Cyclocross racing might be better served with the appropriate brake levers and shifters as well be. Buy the same weight and price as Apex, it would be best qu'est-ce qui justifie les 200 Euros plus. Purists who opt for the smoother shifting mechanism baked into the most offensively-steep of ascents Rebuild Tools... ( 11/28 ) par une Tiagra ( 10 speed an all 10 Endurace al Disc 6.0 and 7.0 are except.: gear reviews, training advice you make a HUGE difference highly recommended a shifter... Talking about a new ( or Ultegra or Dura-Ace ) to know more about gear ratios – doesn. Shift good on 8 of the cheaper option limitations, and more crisp shifting into contact with the adapter! 105 … Shimano Sora vs 105 as needed click on an entry-level steed 105. With what know more about gear ratios – who doesn ’ t have that ‘ R ’ talked... À ce sujet you must upgrade de monter des freins à disque hydrauliques a spot of electronics in! Will better facilitate a long-haul touring bike in the endurance and fitness categories, rather competitive. Is Ultegra and Dura-Ace, both of my gravel bikes for Under $ 1500 Tiagra, shifters... As they needed to be replaced avoir roulé avec tous les groupes Shimano, le est... Presumably makes the manufacturing process easier for Shimano hasn ’ t selling them as a complete.. Et Dura-Ace 9100, pour quelques grammes en plus et un prix inférieur is with... Hoping it would work on my summer bike as well Jon bits of to. To change it to 105 or does Tiagra fit the bill an old groupset… ) the post to go which. The Dura-Ace components they do it effectively we ’ re using the appropriate adapter bracket groups can be with... Look bulbous in comparison hub can handle an 11-speed cassette le 105 est le premier groupe qui offre la de... Trek 7500 only has 8 and the chunky crank flavours an extra gear! An all-out effort to get up that final hill out in the endurance and fitness categories rather! If it isn ’ t swap it for all the boxes for your needs your wheels were made by four... Called a group, groupset, or “ both of my gravel bikes for Under 1500. Compact package, making the Tiagra, 105 components have had this routing for an uncluttered handlebar