The rescue throw bag is a must-carry for whitewater. It takes a good deal of planning and commitment, however, and the following tips will help prepare you. It’s useful when rafting up to another kayak or approaching to pick up something from the water, whether it’s a piece of rubbish or another kayaker who has capsized. Clear, concise text and easy-to-read illustrations show how to read the water and maneuver the craft. This guide contains tips and tricks that I hope you will find useful. Find the location of the rock that has a hold of the bottom of your raft. Instructions: NRS Cataraft Nose Cone Replacement. One of the fastest methods to tie up a raft on shore is to use a taut-line hitch knot to secure the bow line to a sand stake, tree or other solid anchor. Suggestions for overcoming the fear produced by a scary swim. Especially when you are stranded on a … Keeping your NRS straps organized will save you a lot frustration. Camp Kitchen Tips for food packaging and storage, water storage and sanitizing, camp sanitation, food preparation, fire management and waste disposal. With good technique and some guidance from Andria Davis, yoga can help you reduce pain and prevent injuries. Draw stroke is the most efficient stroke for moving your kayak sideways. Personally, I would highly recommend whitewater rafting. This method assumes the rower is facing downstream looking over the front, or bow, of the boat. 6. The NRS fishing frame turns any raft into a drift boat. Tara river can be demanding since it hits 4 to 5 level of water volume and rafting difficulty. We also list and explain several common raft and cataraft accessories. How to recognize it and prevent it. Getting in shape and keeping in shape for paddling will help you become a better boater, have more fun, and prevent activity-ending injury. On top of the thrills and bonding of a white water rafting trip, you also get to experience nature in a whole new way.Rafting takes you to areas that don’t see a lot of people, letting you get close to wildlife and travelling through places that are almost impossible to reach unless you’re on the water. specializes in exciting italian river rafting trips! Learn the basic oaring techniques to be safe on the river. Your dry bag protects your stuff. Turning over is very possible in this situation so good timing is a necessity. He is trying to turn your boat around. Guides learn to work with each other, setting differences aside, for the good of the group. While you’re mounted on the rock or on the trunk you should use your paddles to push your raft off that obstacle and watchfully go back on your side of the raft. We'll learn some useful techniques for taking someone's fear, and helping them get beyond the fear, to experience the joy of accomplishment. If your raft ever breach an obstacle like a big rcok sideways, you should shift all of your weight of the raft (meaning people on it) on the side of the obstacle to prevent flipping the raft over. Part of the series: River Running Skills for White Water Rafting. Learn specific and proper eddy turn techniques for white water rafting in this free sports and outdoors training video from our whitewater rafting expert. Trouble can be anything from a rock to a wall to a big wave; basically, anything you don’t want to hit. Rescue Series: Foot Entrapment Strategies. Whitewater rafting trips for children, adults, schools, team building events, company incentives. From there, guides will turn their own rafts into a smaller team, … Body fluid loss can lead to serious consequences. The Grand River rafting tours and services that are ideal even for beginners as well as exciting family rafting trip to Nepal and lots of fun and comfort level. Sometimes you’ll need to paddle harder and faster so that you could stay on a track, but more importantly, you’ll need to do it simultaneously with your rafting companions. This will force the raft to rotate in a circular motion. Using fenders is easier if boats with similar freeboard are tied next to each other, so consider that when organizing a raft-up. This video provides step-by-step instructions for installing the NRS Anchor System on your raft. Instructions: Cooler Mount & Dry Box Mount. Demonstrating the tying of the versatile Figure 8 Knot. Move the largest amount of the weight to the other end of the raft. Former professional fishing guide Jim MacAllister, now an NRS Wholesale Rep, shares his experience, tips and tricks to help you get the most from your setup. There’s a vast difference between paddling on a small wooden boat and paddling on the raft. Here's how to identify your boat's Hull Identification Number (HIN), or "boat serial number" / "boat ID number". Learn how to assemble and care for your NRS Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook via these detailed instructions. Frame Instructions: Raft Frame Anchor System, Frame Instructions: Slant Seat Stern Frame. Let’s begin with paddling. A reprint from Canoe & Kayak Magazine on the many reasons for getting on the water. Rescue Film Series: Ep. Ok, maybe not easily for the rafters themselves since they need to plunge their paddles deeper in the water and then to pull even harder and faster than they already do, but doing this allows you to easily bridge the holes and rapids in them. Rescue instructor Jim Coffey shows how to catch and position a throw rope to place minimum strain on you and the on-shore rescuer. But let’s begin with our quick tour about rafting moves and techniques you should (maybe) know. There are some knots every boater should know how to tie, and the Taut-Line Hitch is one of them. Stretching is essential for preventing muscle strain as well as healing injuries. This way you’ll slide below the upcoming obstacles such as fallen trees and tree brunches. This video from Jim Coffey shows how to perform a live bait rescue. Watch this video to learn how it's done. Of course, farry technique is used to place the raft in the right position regarding the current angle and regardless of obstacles. It is one of the most popular activities in the Smoky Mountains. How does this work? Rescue Film Series: Ep. Paddling forward or paddling backward is a must. Learn how we came up with the K-Pump Valve Fit Adapter and how it will allow you to work with Leafield Valves, used on NRS and many other quality inflatables. Thus, it is a briefing on survival tips and things were happening so fast there was never time to practice these new skills. Cold or dry times can be a bummer for paddlers. White water rafting is called “white water” for a reason. Knowing how to properly secure a rowing frame to your raft is an essential skill for any rafter. When your guide shouts to the people on the one side of the raft to paddle backward and on the other side to paddle normally his intentions are obvious. Ok, it’s not a piece of cake, but you should know that a few basic rafting techniques and moves are almost enough to deal with any possible obstacles you can encounter during rafting tour. Later on you’ll use draw stroke to … Rescue instructor Jim Coffey teaches you how to swim in whitewater. The NRS Raft Frame Anchor System is a popular accessory to the NRS Fishing Frame, allowing the rower to easily raise and lower the anchor from the guides seat. Tips for making boating trips with kids enjoyable for all. Preventing slipping of Molded Oar Sleeves and Oar Rights. To ensure the longevity of these and all frame parts, periodically review these instructions. Build your own flip line! Digging speaks for itself. Timberline Tours offers Rafting Safety Videos and Demos. Learn the Skills and Techniques involved in Whitewater Rafting to help keep you safe on the river. 7: Live Bait Rescue, This video shows several different live bait techniques and describes the best ways to do them safely, Rescue Film Series: Ep. As I have mentioned, river rafting exists in such trips. Setting up your raft frame for strong and comfortable rowing will greatly improve your confidence and enjoyment on the river. Departing daily from Cairns, this trip travels to the upper gorge of the Tully River, where your trained and experienced guides will offer you all the tuition needed to enjoy approximately 5 hours of white water rafting – including a safety briefing, paddling techniques, what to do if you fall out of the raft and how to create the best splash in the water wars against the other rafts! Rafting and whitewater rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. Who doesn’t love food? Prev NEXT . Tips for inflating and deflating cat tubes and preventing damage to baffles. Rescue Film Series: Ep. Learn how to move the boat with only the guide and why this is useful in whitewater rafting in this free extreme sports and outdoors training video. Lean way out of the raft, away from the rock, and use your paddles against the strongest part of the current to pull you off of the rock. Rafting safety is an essential part of any enjoyable trip, and you will get tips and advice on topics ranging from whitewater rafting dangers to rescue techniques, paddling tips, and more. ... the NPS has some helpful recommendations for good camping techniques. You won’t be doing it on a steady predictable river but on the high speed, curvy and rough bottom river which can put you on the rocks very easily or even turn a boat in a second. This rafting technique is used to catch a strong downstream current so that you could use its force to escape deeper holes and gorges deep below the surface. But let’s begin with our quick tour about rafting moves and techniques you should (maybe) know. Book Early . We also show you how to coil the rope and secure it with a 2 NRS strap to keep it safely coiled and knot-free for easy deployment. Learning to properly inflate your raft will go a long way toward protecting its seams and the baffles between chambers from strain and damage. The wild fun of whitewater rafting has gained enormous popularity in recent years. The first one is the ‘Down River Swimmers Position’, where you need to lie on your back with your hands beside you. A good general rule for rafting is to pull away from trouble. Swimming efficiently in whitewater is essential for self-rescue, rescuing others and building your kayaking, rafting and canoeing confidence. Ok, you’d say that there’s not much point in saying what a paddle and paddling are. If your guide calls out, “Bump!” lean in while placing your paddle “T” grip on the floor of the boat. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Using Yoga to Strengthen Your Hips for Kayaking. Our patented LoPro fitting makes the NRS raft frame system entirely modular and easy to assemble and adjust. Team NRS kayaker Devon Barker-Hicks gives gear recommendations for staying warm while paddling in icy waters. We hope you found these tips paddling techniques helpful! Swiftwater rescue instructor Jim Coffey introduces foot entrapment strategies for making a rescue, assessing risk for the team, and determining tempo. But it is the most efficient way to describe this rafting technique. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been white water rafting before or you’re totally new to the experience, you should … © NRS | All Rights Reserved | Privacy & Security | Cookie Policy. That doesn’t mean that rafting on Tara river is easy, but it means that a quick introduction and instructions by our IRF licensed rafting guides are enough for you to easily catch on and remain safe while you’re conquering all of those white water rapids. How to Inflate and Deflate Cataraft Tubes. Just getting the boat to go straight is a little tricky, so taking a beginner's class is a great way to get moving in the right direction. In this video, the experts at NRS show you our favorite technique for strapping down a rowing frame on a raft. Not all exercise routines make you more tired. Slightly bend your legs as they become shock absorber if you happen to hit a rock. Spots on rafting trips tend to fill up fast, so if you want to get a tour with your preferred length and difficulty, it’s best to book as early as possible. Jumping in to rescue a swimmer can sometimes be the best technique. 1. Repairs and/or replacements of an NRS Cataraft Nose Cone are easy with these detailed instructions. In this video, we demonstrate how to securely set up the NRS River Wing using the included break-down poles, as well as by substituting oars for the poles. Core strength is a paddler's key to relief from back pain. HSW 2008 If you've never been in a kayak, it might feel pretty unstable at first, and the paddle itself may frustrate you. It means that your skipper (rafting guide) will guide you to the whole process, but you don’t need to worry if you’re rafting at Tarasport, since, for example, back ferry is mostly used to evade obstacles that couldn’t be foreseen and are very close to your raft. Setting up a river wing is easy once you know the proper techniques. A reprint from Canoe & Kayak Magazine on many boating terms. About Andria Davis shows you how to use yoga to strengthen your body's core to help prevent back pain. Not really a technique as much it is sanity. Some helpful tips on preventing boater shoulder injuries. aside from a couple of cool demos, VR appeared vaporware. For some, whitewater rafting is one of those things. The NRS modular frame system is a marvel of simplicity and strength. Instructions for NRS raft frames, cataraft frames or frame accessories. No matter if you're in a hard boat or a raft, you need to learn these strokes. This happens on rivers that are being conquered for the first time, and back ferry is very useful because it takes less time for preparation than front ferry does. There are various reasons to do that. But don’t worry since there are a lot of rafting safety rules that we already talked about, which can prevent that from happening or even if it happens these will keep you safe. This video covers throw bag techniques including throwing, safely bringing in the swimmer, bracing, and how to catch and hold the rope if you're the swimmer. Rescue Instructor Jim Coffey describes techniques that an individual or a group of rescuers can use to safely and efficiently perform a shallow water crossing. Self rescue by aggressively swimming to shore can be a life-saving maneuver. Basic Kayaking Techniques. Excellent resource on microorganisms in backcountry drinking water. It works easily. Stay up to date on new arrivals, email exclusives, sales and more. There a couple of swimming techniques you should be aware of if you happen to fall out of your boat. Instructions: Casting Platform For Front Thigh Hook. Swimming efficiently in whitewater is essential for self-rescue, rescuing others and building your kayaking, rafting and canoeing confidence. Instructions for using an NRS cooler mount and/or dry box mount with an NRS frame, including a list of mount components. And we agree. Reasons for choosing an outfitter for your next outdoor adventure. But you should understand that there are different kinds of paddling. But you will see plenty of adventure. Skills & Tips, Safety: One of the main techniques and rafting moves you’ll be using to dodge the obstacle is back and front ferry. Tags: Family rafting, First Rafting Experience, maine rafting, whitewater rafting 5 Essential Rafting Tips for Beginners If you’re going whitewater rafting for the first time, you probably have a few questions mixed in with all of your excitement. You’ll be rafting that white water like a pro in no time. Grand River is one that is designed for fun and excitement as the whitewater rafting techniques. Most whitewater rafting centres will rent you the equipment that you will need to partake, so you can decide if the hobby is something you will continue with before buying personal equipment. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience. Learn how to install and properly use this piece of equipment. Donate today and well match your contribution. This video walks you through the process of assembling your NRS raft frame and adjusting it to suit your needs. Follow these tips to make your rafting trip safer and more enjoyable. Therefore, we have provided some helpful tips for using the paddles on the raft. Food and Water. Read our announcement about the Coronavirus, Tara river rafting arrangements in Montenegro, rafting safety rules that we already talked about, Cruising Piva Lake - a perfect mixture of peace and wildlife. When someone goes overboard into whitewater rapids, the guide and … This article breaks down these inflatables into simple parts with clear definitions. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Read our announcement about the Coronavirus (All activities are ON!). Learn how to properly deal with food handling, hygiene, and cleanup while on backcountry or river trips. This visual guide walks you through the step-by-step process of assembly. White water rafting with mates gives you epic stories to share – Photo: Watch this video to learn how to properly close and seal it to provide maximum protection for your gear. Your guide may use a command called “Bump” just before the boat hits a rock. White water rafting isn't hard. How-to articles, helpful videos, checklist and more. : 18 Credits Swiftwater rescue instructor Jim Coffey introduces techniques for assessing foot entrapment situations and formulating a plan to assist the victim. Don't let shoulder problems keep you from boating. Learn the nutrition and hydration dos and donts to help you stay warm and safe as the weather and water get cold. So here are some usual rafting moves that you could read about for a little bit just to understand why is teamwork on that raft important and to understand that there’s not much point of reading about these moves without being able to try them out. This video shows you how to safely and effectively use the quick-release rescue harness on your life jacket. Learn how to assemble, use, and care for your NRS Rear Casting Platform in conjunction with your NRS raft frame. Learn how to determine the right length and width for your NRS frame. Frame Instructions: Stern Seat Mount Frame, Help Prevent the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species. That doesn’t happen often on Tara river since guides now their route perfectly. : 3 Credits: Level 4: 13645: Unit: Guide clients on raft trips on rivers of grade 3 This standard has expired and is no longer available. Buy Rafting Whitewater Rivers: The Complete Guide to Whitewater Rafting Equipment and Techniques by online on at best prices. In this video, the NRS experts show you how to adjust the oars and oar mounts on your NRS raft frame to ensure powerful strokes and a comfortable position when rowing. White water rafting in Gatlinburg is a fun and exciting adventure for everyone. The idea of computer game (VR) has been around for quite few years, be that because it's going to , up to this point, even the only VR headsets weren't entirely available to shoppers from either an expense or simple use angle. The Demise of White Water Rafting Helen Ga. There’s something for everybody to enjoy. I was the whitewater rafting techniques and I decided to get it at Great White Water Tours is a smooth and easy float with Class II and III trips suitable for rafting fanatics and persons looking for a quick trip or a high elevation simply by being outdoors, on the whitewater rafting techniques for trips lasting several days. How to Assemble an NRS Fishing Raft Frame. Buy the gift that’s always welcome and always fits. 3: Swiftwater Swimming. In this video, we demonstrate how to use a sand stake, locking carabiner and rope to create a secure and adjustable tie-off to secure your boat. But once again, everything will be thoroughly explained by our rafting professionals. Instructions: Raft and Cataraft Motor Mounts. 5: Victim Contact Techniques, This video covers victim contact techniques for safely paddling, swimming and wading out to the victim, Rescue Film Series: Ep. Use plenty of fenders (only cars have bumpers) and make sure they're big enough to keep the rafted boats from crunching. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. Frame Instructions: Compact Outfitter Frame. Whether you're kayaking, rafting or canoeing, you'll find multiple uses for this easy-to-build webbing sling or guide belt. Rescue Film Series: Ep. Keep swimming techniques handy. Using your core muscles, grip the paddle, exerting force against the current. Some of those would be very painful if you hit your head, so if your rafting guide shouts: “Dodge or duck”, that means that you should use your body and legs strength to pivot yourself to the rafts bottom and to stretch out as much as you can, practically laying on the rafts side. This basic guide is a smart investment for anyone considering a trip. 6: The Rescue Harness. Since many white water rafting tours mean that you’ll be rafting on the fast, narrow and steep mountain rivers, you should know that some of the vegetation on the river bank and land in general could be way to close to your raft. Learn the basic terminology for rafts and catarafts. Specific components are listed, along with detailed directions. NRS 1" HD Tie Down straps make rigging rafts, tying down kayaks and securing gear on cars simple. White water rafting isn't hard. The only difference is the whitewater rafting techniques a long extended vacation, whitewater rafting is an exciting outdoor sport and even if it is one that you get used to wet. The raft guides must be the first to demonstrate proper teamwork skills so that guests will be able to follow. 10: Foot Entrapment Intro. This video demonstrates how to retrieve a pinned kayak or canoe using methods ranging from pushing and pulling to setting up a mechanical advantage system. In this Quick Tips video, we show you how to roll your straps for tidy storage. These are all the basic rafting techniques you might need if you decide to try rafting anywhere around the world, and some of them may be needed if you come to us at Rafting Club Tarasport. How to prevent the spread of harmful organisms in our waterways. 13 White Water Rafting Beginner Tips. Fear is a limiting factor in whitewater rafting, and many other outdoor and adventure sports. They will come in handy during your next whitewater rafting trip with Whitewater Challengers. But as author Andria Davis reminds us, the off-season gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate your body and mind. What better way to learn the whitewater rafting techniques. Skills & Tips, Safety: How to Make a Shallow Water Crossing. 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