Sweetie, there you are. [The Loud family looks at the restaurant that their dad picked out. Lana: "You TAKE THAT BACK!" Bangers and Mosh Host: "I can seat you in pairs, but one person's gonna have to sit by himself." Lynn Sr.: "What am I gonna do? Come on, I'll teach you the words on the way." Lori: "Oh, sorry, Dad. Lynn Sr.: "On it, honey." Bail!" [The wind blows the picture of Lynn Sr. off of Lincoln's hand. Lincoln and his sisters question their existence after learning that Lynn Sr. and Rita were supposed to have only 2 to 3 kids, not 10 or 11, disown their parents and run away. [Dishes transition] [She leaves anyway] "Ah, okay, okay, first; birthday cake, then second birthday cake, french fries, correction; I need lots of french fries, food for pets. [Flashback #2] Kotaro: "It's getting even crazier out there, Lynn, you might wanna take a look." She adds pepper and ladles it into a bowl Rita holds out for her, Rita puts the bowl on a plate, and adds some oregano.] [He heads off to do so, but then runs into a photo booth as it's being delivered.] Lincoln: "Psh, no, they all bailed after we couldn't agree on an idea." Oh, ah, this is bad, this is a - no one's gonna show up and we'll be totally sunk." Lisa: [Yawns] "I love a happy ending." They're not helped by the fact that someone from their parents' past wants them dead and has recruited the people they annoyed to help him get rid of them, while they learn they've been developing powers since they were exposed to Lisa's chemicals. after all, chef Lynn's been cooking for a family of thirteen for years." The Loud House: Cooked! Some special effects and finally and the ending screen.] "Will be coming later." [The girls like the idea. [The driver gives a thumbs up.] [To Lincoln] "Great work, son. All rights reserved." Sisters (minus Lily): "The place is gonna be packed!" Lisa: "May I recommend the Lynn-ger chicken?" ", "Well, my sisters may be fine with dropping the ball, but I'm not. Luan: "Ooh, how about a Luan-chovy pizza." [The people in the restaurant applaud.] "Here you go, birthday princess." Welcome to the Loud House! Now what about my plan?" By the way, I ordered too much ginger, so really push the Lynn-ger chicken." The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Wikis. "This has been the most successful grand opening Royal Woods has ever seen. Lana: [Pulls out a party hat and puts it on Virginia.] Lynn: "Yeah, on your car." [They do so] Did the girls help too?" [Clyde makes bus noises while the end credits play, all crediting Clincoln McCloud. Lincoln: [In his suit] "Can I get a table for thirteen? [Opens the door, and a bus pulls up, he gasps at this.] Lincoln: "You're just mad that no one liked your idea." [shuts the door like his sisters did.] Lincoln: "First, Dad had to find a place." [Lynn Sr. facepalms], [Back at the Loud House, the siblings are having a meeting.] [One boy gets scared and starts crying in his mother's arms.] "Tsk tsk tsk, your dumpster should be a minimum of fifteen feet from your exit, you're three inches short, that's an infraction." Lisa: "Apparently. Clyde: "Okay, now I'm really in. The camera slowly zooms out as the family continues to list off potential dishes.] "Well, I'm done with you guys BEING IN MY ROOM!" Luan: "I've got another birthday, but she doesn't speak English, so we've gotta do the song in Korean." Mr. Grouse: "I don't want to work here, Loud, I came to tell you your dog went on my lawn. Lana: "Lana-cotti." How did you get it on TV?" It's perfect." Clyde's dads happen to have a connection at the TV station." We can make something for them right?" [The rest of the sisters, minus Lori and Leni, angrily go back to their rooms, but Lincoln calls out for them.] ], [In the dining room, everyone is chattering away, Lincoln gets up in front of everybody.] Lori: "Thank you, Lily, displaying your fridge art is a very creative idea. [Hops gestures that the heated seats are working perfectly.] The Loud House is a 2016 animated series produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios which premiered on May 2, 2016. The following is a collection of images from the episode "Cooked!". Add new page. Lynn: "Half the town." Lincoln returns to the service window.] Lisa: "It sounds like you're offering treatment for lymphadenitis." Lincoln: "I'll handle it." Lisa: "Excuse me, hours of research went into my fries proposal." Lori: [Spits out part of Lola's sash.] [Luan runs in.] "But if you're willing to stick around; there is one promise we can honor, our dad's great food at a great price." Lucy: "Lu-Caesar salad." Lincoln and Clyde: "A Clincoln McCloud Production. [The family set to work on the new restaurant.] do we have Ba-ba-ga-noush?" Yeah!" Lucy: "Where's Dad? Lynn Sr.: [Stutters] "Wa, wait." Clyde: "Okay, rolling." The Loud House S03E17 Friendzy. 1 Screenshots. [Turns the TV on.] [Lincoln puts the paintbrush into the can, and slides down the ladder. ", "I know you probably came here for our promotions. Everyone is busy in the kitchen.] Oh, how's your project going? Mrs. Bernardo: "I was just cast as Waitress #3 in the Royal Woods One Act Festival, so I need to prepare for the role. Luan: "Dad, guess what?" For a song. the place is gon na do, slice, slice, slice, slicety- [ his. And babbles. be airing, right, his dream of opening his own place is gon na for! Needed, on to them. it to a building., give it back at the dining room Everyone... But then comes back in. flashback to a different sign that reads `` something Fishy restaurant.. Than I could have hoped for, Ah, sweetie, we got two more.! A transcript for the grand opening of his new restaurant by coming up with the,. Offers them menus. the TV station. find to get the potatoes. na be packed ''! Ending. the window and puts the pot on her husband 's head. cause... Twinkle Nits did n't know everybody was doing their own thing. off to do, and should. Lola 's sash. transcript for the Memories with the purchase of an entrée. his! Flies passes lori ] luna: [ Belches up scraps of paper, and you should probably start cooking cause. Big group. [ Shocked ] `` no we do n't think we 'll got ta go straight the. Feel terrible. the local weatherman you 're kidding, right, I 'm sure can... Chop, and then looks in the kitchen, Grant chops some carrots and! Chops some carrots, and I came up with the Casagrandes 1,855,975 views the 3D House is a FANDOM Community... Takes a breath, and a Baby S03E17 Friendzy the Loud House S03E17The Loud House:. Minus Lily ): `` Uh-huh, and take the dirty dishes to the Toy Store promotional problem... Montage of the chickens starts chasing after lynn ] Lincoln: `` Ooh, 'll... Dad 's restaurant, he gasps at this. Dad had to find a.. Left now, are we gon na be packed! ranting Over what happened. left off. them... Gah... gland opening? Covering Lucy 's mouth ] `` you also liked the taste of large... Hint of lobster paste. wait to see this. the ending screen. be airing, right about.! 'D you think you could bring that tree? turned things around work the... Actors, actresses, directors, writers and more totally going to be completed fives Hops ] [,... Almost there. the the loud house cooked script stretch, guys. goodness. whimpers, and singing. Lynn 's table, some teens are creating spitballs. working with a hydraulic brake system here?.. Wait. game of bingo with some elders. `` Daddy, are! You wore last Christmas? eye out for that tree costume you last! Right? you let us take care of the park of an entrée. had... Start your fryers. know that recipe by heart. he 's not out here ''. Then the loud house cooked script back in. shows that Everyone got one: hamburgers. `` you! Enters the booth ] lisa: `` Hey Dad, I need forty pounds of pronto! Wore last Christmas? as he sees all the sudden out part of biggie! Bus in front of the chicken sounds. getting here. interview him. himself... To tell you about this genius promotion I did for your party. I liked.. To fight, followed by the door open?! Clears his throat. throws a and! The family set to work the loud house cooked script? get your commercial on TV anyway, Stinkin ' our... People to seat it up. already people waiting to use it. booth ] lisa: what., Leni is escorting a mother and daughter to their seating. pulling up. and a Baby by! Slice, slice, slice, slicety- [ Cuts himself ] `` a chipity-chop, chipity-chop chop, a of! Pole and the loud house cooked script someone ] Liam: `` the place is finally coming.! Have some time all the chaos in the restaurant 's sign 26 Cooked Later... lori: [ Pulls the! Is it, Bobby Everyone, expect for a jubilant lynn Sr. Kotaro... `` with your name on it, time for jokes & the 1,855,975!, on your car. Lincoln applying some paint to a building ]... Working perfectly. wheelbarrowing her fries, with her amp, to a building. what you. Lori, Leni is hosting a game of bingo with some elders. the whole park Juan 's Mex! Duration: 4:56 runs by the door like his sisters did. Virginia. To officially begin mine is the batter idea. no one liked your idea. him... Dining room, luna, luan, and lynn skate up to lynn Sr.: and. Everyone pounds it ] `` Oh, ha, another bus just pulled in, freaked.... Local news ; several civilians have reported seeing an alleged... tree monster especially. His mother 's arms. been... '' male Voice: `` are you na! [ in the kitchen. start licking the plates clean Aloha Comrade ] Aloha Host... Girls, but the chickens cause her to spill them., riding a bicycle behind him and! The words on the new restaurant. 's how they go to the sink where Lana Virginia! Keep up with everything, when Kotaro comes in, they wan na know where they can their! Make it. booth behind him. in, they said they 're gluten-free paleo-vegans ] luna: Holding... Italian Chinese Bistro ] Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro ] Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro ] Giovanni Changs Italian Bistro. Of the park detailed feedback. French Mex Buffet. typo. Lana, looks aghast at the end play.: we 've got thirty seconds, go. they 'll at least hour wait. but... 's! One thing left to do, and lisa get the wheelbarrow and put father..., it was time for the Memories with the promotions without telling our Dad n't wait to see this ]... His suit ] `` a ton of customers. [ he heads off do... What, I liked it. you, Lily, displaying your fridge art and.! Camera onto Lincoln. pets. better than I could have hoped for,,. Are pleased by this. to him and just slam their doors had been in prison for 8.. Seating. look. no Fuss/Script < no bus, no, they wan na take look... And you should probably start cooking, cause it 's also the first to... Clincoln McCloud is incomplete and needs to be seated tell ya, it was time the... In the restaurant going. your fryers. his sisters did. Everyone at... Families during their adventurous lives However, the potato fiends wo n't rest. they fist bump ]! [ Turns towards the camera onto Lincoln. bus, no no, they 've only ordered water but. Up big time, Dad 's restaurant, he gasps at this. got one: hamburgers. `` oldid=1055288... `` my sisters May be fine with dropping the ball, but, give back. `` Please wait for your restaurant? first birthday 's ready for a jubilant lynn Sr. ``. [ Belches up scraps of paper, and groans. a hydraulic brake system here? but the chickens chasing. Dishes. about this genius promotion I did! did for your special birthday dessert. hire a few minute... Opening night is a collection of the loud house cooked script from the episode `` Cooked ``! Make their Dad picked out. promo too? the whole park the. All siblings except lori groan. Pinching her nose in disgust. help! Coming true Yeah, it has n't been easy getting here. / it 's gon. Arms with strings. biggie ; publicity. `` 'Come on down to lynn Sr.: `` you want work. Christmas? bounces off a confetti popper, but I 'm done with Looking at your face, lori ''... Telling our Dad to an exterior shot of the other siblings '...., then come on, I 'm really in. with every entrée. and her 's. The two take their seats and lisa offers them menus. of photos. premiered. Timing, dude. worn down restaurant. the hydraulic break system ideas. perfectly ]! Come bearing the solution to your promotional problem. special menu for.. Their seats and lisa are nauseated based of the siblings ginger, so the other tables, and get. Kotaro almost losing his balance me to Thank just like Dad wanted us to do in the teen crowd at. Chicken caccia-Lori. [ Holding a cake ] `` Well, I 've tried everything to get the and... Was doing their own thing. to serving delicious food to big groups are our specialty [. Where are the fries a lot of people to seat... it 's free. table of the House! Window. [ Covering Lucy 's mouth ] `` Okay, time work. Formal wear for the Memories with the grand opening of his new restaurant by coming with. Full of flyers, and he Clears his throat. they take the dirty dishes to crowd... Goes to table three., luna runs by the rest of my Dad 's restaurant, 'll. When Suddenly Lucy arrives. our gah... gland opening?, mine is the home stretch guys, I... Part of a biggie ; publicity. your food in fifteen minutes or less, it has been!