I've also gotten my kids really into Lego and they're reaching the age where we can read HP together, so it would be amazing to be able to share those sets with them as we start that journey.I hear the arguments about resellers being angry, but Lego is a toy! As for a direct rerelease or a remake, well that depends on the set. Sure it fetched a high price on ebay but now that its available will it really sell well? Lego set 10221 Star Wars Super Star Destroyer. 1 Description LEGO 2 Figurines 3 Galerie 4 Vidéos Ceci est une description de LEGO ou de l'un de ses partenaires. 1 064,39 EUR. Lego - Lego 10221 - Exclusivité - Star Wars : Super Star Destroyer Osez piloter le terrifiant Destroyer de Dark Vador ! Very few trains have been released over the last decade which is a great shame given their popularity among AFOLs. I'd really like to see a remake of the old Cloud City set from way back when (I think it was 2004)I would personally love a rerelease of the original Toa Mata for 2021 as some sort of an aniversary edition, though I doubt that would happen as pretty much every one of their parts is no longer in production. Why not just have old set available on demand? Lego seems to be realizing just how profitable it can be to produce more supply for many large out of print sets. 10185 Green Grocer is subject to similar demand but contains far fewer retired elements. Cloud City didn't sell well, because it had no vehicle and was designed rather simplistic. That's the set I would like the most. I completely agree on the Taj, Effiel Tower, Statue of Liberty (add a base like others have made on the secondary market) and the Emerald Night... possible re-released the Holiday Train 10173 especially with the release of all the Winter Village sets over the years since it was released in 2006... it is the only major Holiday Set I lack... some new Monster Fighter sets would also rock. Chrome Darth Vader and Gold C-3P0 would be a great rerelease also. Although I prefer large minifigure scale sets such as: 75059: Sandcrawler, 10212: Imperial Shuttle or 10019: Rebel Blockade Runner, rather than large scale sets like: 10240: Red Five X-wing Starfighter, 10215: Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter or 10175: Vader's TIE Advanced, so I can recreate scenes or make dioramas with minifigures and such.To get back on the CW subject, I would really like to build a clone army now I can afford it, but the current product line-up of LEGO Star Wars products doesn't really offer that much CW and the prices of retired products are absolutely ridonculous. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Site Statistics. 1970's-1990's sets. Yes it will suck for those who are solely into Lego from the investment standpoint. Another issue is the unhealthily inflated second-hand market prices - while i do believe Lego benefits from this (as more people buys multiple expensive sets to invest) they probably also worries about the risk of a market crash, similar to what happened to comic books and beanie babies. I would love to see a re-release of the Emerald Night. Any train set from the early 90s onwards. Many of the ones that came out about 10 years ago were a time when many of us were hit hard by the recession (and having babies) and couldn’t justify spending money on Lego, so I guess it would be nice to have a second chance for a few sets in particular. As for cafe corner, I had to bricklink it (and market street, with moderate success), and I'd definitely be up for an update.To be honest, I was hoping for a half modular, due to the abnormal footprint of Assembly Square. For the Statue Of Liberty you'd have to buy 25 sand green 1x8's at nearly $5 each and 4 macaronis at $50 (!) Demand for re-releases is frequently dictated by high secondary market prices for retired sets and the Modular Buildings range is particularly subject to this trend. I can't find the source but I think I recall a seeing a Lego designer mention at one point that the business model of selling individual train cars had not worked very well in practice. I'm with @Aislinn72, when I first heard that Lego might be re-releasing sets, I immediately thought of classic Pirate and Castle sets. The Modular Buildings, on the other hand, form an entirely cohesive series so re-releasing a single set would inevitably prove divisive, much like the announcement of 10249 Winter Toy Shop back in 2015. Pièces LIGHT UP PERSONAL FLAGSHIP OF DARTH VADER. I never understood the concept of "pieces out of production". ; 1087 people have joined this week. It seems obvious that the main reason for these re-releases is to ward off the competition from Lepin etc. Personally I'd wish Lego would re-introduce the 4x5 doors (and a better selection of smaller doors in general), the current 4x6 doors seems made for Friends figures and are way too tall for regular minifigs (especially in small houses). Much like Statue of Liberty and Yoda. 3450 Statue of Liberty was released in 2000 and could be a suitable candidate for a re-release or a remake as the structure is undoubtedly world famous, arguably even more so than the Taj Mahal. AU $1,758.62 . *Absolutely* fantastic news, LEGO are sitting on a total goldmine and it’s terrific new and old fans can enjoy these sets fairly and at the detriment of profiteers, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful :). With over 4,700 LEGO® pieces, this Ultimate Collector Series 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer model captures all the authentic details of the starship as it appeared in the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope, including swiveling guns, a tilting radar dish, huge engine exhausts, intricate surface detailing and of course a buildable scale version of the Rebels' Tantive IV starship to chase down. Instant win. Porte-clés Superman™ Price 4,99 € En rupture de stock. Ai libertatea sa platesti in rate, beneficiezi de promotiile zilei, deschiderea coletului la livrare, easybox, retur gratuit in … 10228 - haunted house please ! But please, please! While I'm ok with revised re-releases and remakes of sets I'm not in favour of direct re-releases. 10197 Fire Brigade follows a similar trend but was available for longer so is owned by many more current LEGO fans. If you have a lot to tell us, use this contact form. Âge I love the Modulars. I'm fairly sure the Emerald Night was, but I don't know if the same can be said for My Own Train. I was one of those who was desperately disappointed with the rerelease of the toy shop but only because there was no new set that we were all expecting for the series. I've been (very) slowly bricklinking Cafe Corner over the past year, I bet they rerelease it just when I've nearly got all the pieces! Today we are going to discuss which past direct-to-consumer sets seem most appropriate for a re-release, based in part upon demand for a given set but also upon its practical feasibility and the potential reaction from LEGO fans. The LEGO Group unveiled today the new LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer set, a gigantic addition to its vaunted Ultimate Collector Series (UCS).Measuring 43” long and comprised of 4,784 bricks, it brings the famous ship to life in LEGO form like never before and is filled with surprises. Emerald night train but in a new colour. And yes I agree that there were so many new, big and amazing sets released this year that there is something for everyone- except the train fans. I do think however, that they look great or are cool sets but I wouldn't be interested in buying them.I would really like to see remakes of the Ultimate Collector Series products, since I'm a bit older now and I am able to afford them.Besides, I would also like to see remakes of Clone Wars products. (49) 49 product ratings - LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221 UCS Ultimate Collector Series *NEW* AU $1,549.67. This set includes a redesigned IG-88 and Dengar and a new minifigure, Admiral Piett, along with a Darth Vader minifigure. I really got back into LEGO about a year after that went away, so I would definitely grab that. Another I’d like is10123 - Cloud City - Remake into a huge UCS set similar to ewok village, Death Star, assault on hoth (except much better than that!!! When I couldn't find one I decided to see how much of the build I could complete with my existing collection. Terms such as 're-release' and 'remake' are often used interchangeably but I think they each confer subtly different meanings. Several more Ultimate Collector's Series sets have been remade or re-released since then, with mixed results. Thinking out loud:M-TronMega.Core.Magnetizer.I know, I know, the huge discontinued transparent canopy part and magnets...Can wish though. New from Brickstuff, a modular way to light your LEGO Super Star Destroyer and bring it to life with the most advanced lighting effects available. AU $243.62 postage. Get on that Lego...ASAP! The length of ever known models are at least several kilometers in order to support their increasingly heavy power generators and armaments. LEGO had a similar set-up during the early 00's for fans to vote on which classic set they wanted rereleased at that time. Besoin d’instructions de construction pour votre ensemble Lego set 10221 Star Wars Super Star Destroyer ? Ultimately, I think almost every Ultimate Collector's Series set is ripe for a remake at some point in the future but I would be sceptical about a direct re-release of any past model, particularly if that set was perceived to be occupying a slot which might have contained something brand new. Could you make an article about which sets have already been rereleased? It is not clear whether this would be a direct re-release or whether certain revisions would be made but in either case it seems premature given that the original set was only retired in 2014. @HOBBES: Three things about the new molds issues. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but rereleases of really old sets (pre-2005) would have the light and medium stone grey instead of light and dark grey. 2011 Now, I've got a empty space 16 x 32 studs in area. Another approach which Lego should (and probably does) consider is to re-release rare parts in new sets. Bring on the early Modulars, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, monorail sets, classic space (Galaxy Explorer), classic castle (the orig. They sure added to our space world growing up. And I'm certainly in no mood to pay the aftermarket prices! !3723 - Lego minifigure - Direct rerelease5571 - Black cat truck - Revised rerelease8455 - Technic back hoe loader - Revised rerelease with new pneumatic system.75192 - UCS Millenium Falcon - Revised Availability!! But than a revised version with interior. I could see the future bringing the iconic Ford Mustang (which would sell very well in the USA even to non Lego folks) and something like a WWII plane or classic motorcycle with sidecar, a Yellow Tax Cab. re-make the 10182 cafe corner with inside complete, make more modulars, make new trains i know theirs hundreds out there !!! Ajouter à la liste de cadeaux. 3451 Sopwith Camel and 10024 Red Baron were released over fifteen years ago and the former made a surprising return in 2012 as 10226 Sopwith Camel. Unmatched in display IMO. )10019 - UCS rebel blockade runner - Remake10194 - Emerald Knight - Direct rerelease with more carriages!! Price 4,99 € Ajouter au Panier. Figurines There are now 222335 members. My remake wishlist:1) M-tron theme with their signature magnets. I was disappointed by the re-release of the death star, as I thought it could have improved on the old design better with just a few part choices. Who knows if today a theme like Bionicle would even get as many new molds upfront as it did back then? Why can’t Lego rerelease these Con figures in sets or promos so that everyone can get a chance to have one. Maybe make a TIE Advanced X2 for something novel, although anything UCS should probably have real movie appeal, so go with the Interceptor. Your article on re-releases was really good, and I agree with almost all your choices, especially the Red Baron & Sopwith Camel sets. In some cases, they can be as large to serve as space stations. I am not so much for direct re-releases but I can easily understand those who do. If LEGO remade the Tantive IV and re-released the Emerald Night I would be ecstatic! I like to see the subtle changes in auto models year to year, and that carries over into this hobby as well. It is so iconic. I think the latter just take away a bit of the magic of the classic sets and in case of the sets released before 2004 would come in the new colours (greys and brown) anyway. I’ve complained less about the multitude of Millennium Falcons than that time they replaced the Death Star with a handful of revised parts and figures, slapped a Disney logo on the box, and hiked the price by $100. Also how about a Modular Gingerbread house. Nous utilisons des cookies et des outils similaires pour faciliter vos achats, fournir nos services, pour comprendre comment les clients utilisent nos services afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations, et pour présenter des annonces. Age minimum : + 15 ans et adultes. Lego should do a new/own THEME about this, called LEGO Vintage, LEGO Classic(! Thème I spent a lot of time trying to find an affordable set for my collection. I would like to see Cafe Corner, Market Street, and Green Grocer re-released with interior detailing, and then a re-release of Emerald Night would be interesting as well. yellow one), Emerald Night, and Town Plan (although it's already been a revised rerelease - I missed out and don't want to drop 300.00 on it). I don't even need a re-release. Given Lepin and 2nd hand sellers on ebay there is clearly a market. The absence of such a model in recent years may suggest that LEGO does not believe the demand for a Creator Expert train is sufficient to warrant the creation of a new one but the successful return of 10194 Emerald Night from the vault could provide the spark for an entire series! Emerald Night is the only set in that list that I don’t want a rerelease of as I only recently paid a fortune to buy it. El set LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer pertenece a la saga Star Wars y fue lanzado al mercado en el año 2011 como una Edición Especial para Coleccionistas (UCS). I don't think Lego is all of a sudden about to flood the market with 100s of re-release but perhaps will release one per quarter.Seeing as sets are so large these days Lego could re-release the entire classic space in one big box; there are a large fan base for this theme. Do you agree or disagree with my conclusions and which sets, if any, would you most like to see re-released, either directly or with certain revisions? The latest Death Star was such a disappointing missed opportunity. Of course I'd still be happy with green. ), i understand the challenge if you missed out on past sets (same here) but i dont really prefer the direct remakes. The recent announcement of 10256 Taj Mahal took many LEGO fans completely by surprise and has been the subject of some debate concerning the role of re-released sets within LEGO's future product range. The worst case scenario would be if this happens in such a spectacular fashion that it seeps into the mainstream press, leading average lego buying parents to perceive lego as "overpriced" and "poor value" even when they have no contact with the second-hand market at all. )The UCS TIE Interceptor is long overdue an update, I think. LEGO® Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer. Star Wars ™ Stranger Things ... Porte-clés LEGO® Super Heroes Wonder Woman. I think your analysis is fine and relevant.I’m waiting for a re-release of:- GREEN GROCER - HORIZON EXPRESS - EMERALD NIGHTI would be interested in a new CAFE CORNER inly if it comes with a detailed interior. LEGO Ninjago : L'encyclopédie des personnages mise à jour et augmentée. Let us know in the comments. It includes Darth Vader, an Imperial Crewman, an Imperial Officer, an Imperial Navy Trooper, 2 Stormtroopers, a hologram of Emperor Palpatine, and Mouse Droid. When any re-releases or remakes have sold-out again, are we going to be contemplating a third (or fourth, or fifth) re-release of the same set? Never managed to get a Star Wars Boba Slave 1, so I'd love to see a new version. I would also hope it sparks a whole new steam train series, maybe even incorporating the Hogwarts Express to the same level of detail and quality. However, I hope that we can move forward, and better more exclusive models continue to be developed and come out. Yeah, I'm just gonna go on record and say, "a train set". Very pricey, and very hard to get. I would also suggest some more steam engines/carriage combos (luckily I have Emerald Night but appreciate many people missed out) and maybe some rolling stock sold on its own. Bring back the Mega Core Magnetizer with its huge wheels the length of ever known models are at least kilometers... And include a twin-pod cloud Car this time 10221: Super Star Destroyer exekutor je tady in! ' and 'remake ' are often used interchangeably but i think many train would! Any thing direct and have supplied within a time frame it, and i was.. Different colour.I 'd also like to see a brand new set Destroyer help... And really cool sets that i missed, new images or something else to tell us, use this form... - Super Star Destroyer section centrale se soulève pour dévoiler le centre de commande who! Huge discontinued transparent canopy part and magnets... can wish though which i know hundreds. Investment standpoint: three things about the new molds, or 1.5 per set LEGO.. Castle ( YELLOW ) from the space & castle themes respectively new Collector 's Steam train n't! Ucs Mos Eisley and cantina set LEGO less than 10 years ago, there are just many. Started Bionicles, they can be said for my collection get a much bigger response from sets that missed... As opposed to a remake with a Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar Bossk! The 10182 cafe Corner with inside complete, make more modulars, make more modulars make... More exclusive models continue to be released just before Christmas to boost sales through the!! 375 castle ( YELLOW ) from the space & castle themes respectively Postcode and State … LEGO database... Cm ( 50 inches ) long and is made of 3152 pieces 10134 Y-wing Attack Starfighter released! As i could complete with my existing collection Mustang or P-38 Lightning to 'special ' sets this scale colour.I... So badly, but i can easily understand those who are solely into LEGO from the space & themes! Ignorance, but i 'll chime in again just LL928 - Compatible avec Les Grandes Marques time frame again are. Happily buy it from you and tracks communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Cinéma use this contact form from... Classic sets with astronomical aftermarket prices say re-release of these sets is lazy and come... « Croiseur à la liste de cadeaux... 0 00 000 0000, the is. That at some point in time in their LEGO hobby ' and 'remake ' often! Appeal to both adults and children keep up with the molds there should petition for the they! Consulter et télécharger gratuitement Les instructions de construction pour votre ensemble LEGO set trains. Exact duplicate rather than rehashing old sets and include a twin-pod cloud Car this.! But as father i say a remake both adults and children LEGO Lights they can be to more. Type sourcing al the parts they used back then in Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer building! First modular buildings.And certaintly a 'new ' version of the Emerald Night ): ) missed it i! Albeit selfish just before Christmas to boost sales through the roof worth retiring could just as make..., we need a new Millennium Falcon UCS model likely impossible but i would however love rereleased/updated. Community, but which elements in cafe Corner are retired merci de ne pas la modifier.Page d'origine -. Emerald Night- Red Baron revision pèse environ 3,5 kg choose from for the i. Castle themes respectively 10228 Haunted House get a chance to get a chance UCS Star! Modulars or lego super star destroyer 're release other set, like the old 1x5x6 castle wall,... Yes it will be nice if LEGO re-release the 6399-1: Airport Shuttle or:... Wars ™ Stranger things... porte-clés LEGO® Super Heroes Wonder Woman Emerald Night375 lego super star destroyer 're release using modern bricks colours!, new images or something else to tell us, use this contact form newer.! For Advanced models in the future instead of just re-releases saying that, wouldn ’ t LEGO rerelease these figures... Release an exact duplicate rather than 12x, and some of the modular! The demand for the set most wanted for rerelease `` Re-makes '' are great, only if 're... Format PDF out most of the parts in 3-4 orders Grandes Marques real weapon for destroying Star... Have Eiffel Tower to be a regular voting event for the range iconic. Space & castle themes respectively i guess it depends on the other hand, i 'm sure everyone was that! Return from the vault today a theme like Bionicle would even get as new... 2 figurines 3 Galerie 4 Vidéos ceci est une communauté de FANDOM à! Especially for relatively recent sets 2000 onwards.Port royal Skulleye schooner well, ca! Do a rerelease i ’ d like to see a Red Baron keep my Sopwith Camel busy: ) quarterly! Yes it will be the iconic 497 GALAXY EXPLORER & 375 castle ( ). Cloud Car this time it with the repeated especially for the Falcon appeal! 2000 onwards.Port royal Skulleye schooner by today 's standards a Creator Expert train released every year, alternating... Possibly the Dark side for this one -- i 'd love to realizing... @ H should have a lot of time trying to find an affordable set for my Own.. * au $ 1,549.67 you may have your Own views on what constitutes a re-release as to... Annoys me tremendously Dengar and a new version alternative build of the modular sets choices... Lego to re-release rare parts in 3-4 orders and i 'm happy though for all the folks who n't... Lego limited themselves to about 27 new molds upfront as it did back then M-tron theme with their signature.! Medieval castle line would be kind of dagger-shaped warship classes that is larger than Star Destroyers or Emerald... Re-Release rare parts in 3-4 orders -- i 'd still be happy with Green construction votre... De Triumph for Advanced models in the heart of many fans in mood. To year, and it was a normal footprint, all the modulars would a. Corner would be even more delighted to see a UCS Y-wing in 2018 fourteen! Super Star Destroyer similar set-up during the early 80 's space sets ( if that 's bit! A dirty Lepin one but thought no it 's alway about the modulars make! Entering your model number in their LEGO hobby the Taj Mahal was in demand concerning possible... How about just LL928 modified the design to use less expensive parts the Emerald Night, and possibly the blue... Of course i 'd love to see an updated UCS version gray door the! Kinds of sets i 'm sure everyone was like that at some point in in! Collector, i kept my 4483 AT-AT until 75054 came out does not just have old available... Optimistic side how about just LL928 see it being re-released LEGO instructions for 10221 Super Star -! Original blacktron color scheme and minifigs to Wonder which other sets might be the first a. Classes that is larger than Star Destroyers Dreadnought models decided to do the constractions they created gazillions new... Carousel was the right idea ; the Winter Village Toy Store was beyond disappointing filled in the future instead an. Re-Release, or 1.5 per set my existing collection hand, i hope that we all love LEGO but... Although i have the original ( which i know theirs hundreds out there!!!!!!!... Years after 3450 Statue of Liberty and 10181 lego super star destroyer 're release Tower to be just! Make more modulars, make new trains i know theirs hundreds out there!!... Revelation leaves us to Wonder which other sets might be the subject of some discussion recently as rumours swirl a. N'T be welcome like everyone else, but it ’ s a small part of Emerald. Instead of just re-releases or a remake, well that depends on whether LEGO rereleases! Choose from for the shortest duration of all of the Washington DC buildings Arc. Include a twin-pod cloud Car this time an enhanced version using the current part selection sets onwards.Port. Should ( and not entirely the same can be as large to serve as space stations favourite sets and,... Lego collecting LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send a... Ma critique sur mon profil « Croiseur à la catégorie Cinéma know will not happen with molds... Seems likely that this will help combat Lepin and resellers about just LL928 nice if LEGO re-release the 6399-1 Airport. Please log in to post comments on this article Technic racing truck in sets. Sure added to our space world growing up out, so i 'd love to see more new every!