— TODAY file pic. PEA, s. 51(1)(a). Assuming a writ for a presidential election has not yet been issued before the vacation of office or, if it has been issued, has been. If there is only one candidate nominated, he or she is declared to have been elected President. 19(2)(d) read with Art. [204] When a scrutiny is conducted, the election judge may order a vote to be struck off if the voter was not on the register of electors assigned to the polling station at which the vote was recorded or was not authorized to vote at the station;[205] if the vote was obtained by bribery, treating or undue influence; if the voter committed or induced someone to commit the offence of personation; and if the vote was for a disqualified candidate and the disqualification was either a matter that the voter was aware of or was sufficiently publicized or widely known. A corrupt or illegal practice in connection with the election was committed by the candidate, or by an agent of the candidate with his knowledge or consent. [146] It amounts to an illegal practice to pay to transport voters to or from the poll;[147] or to pay a voter for the use of premises to display a notice, unless the voter is an advertising agent or the transaction is carried out in the ordinary course of business. 36(3) to (6). [4][5] The current system of holding elections for the Presidency began with the 1993 election, with the election of Ong Teng Cheong. 93A(2); PEA, s. 75(2). 8G(3) and (4), and ss. 42(1)(ii) and 42(1A), amended by the PEAA 2010. [178], In 2010, legal changes were introduced to turn the eve of polling day for both presidential and parliamentary elections into a "cooling-off day" on which no campaigning would be permitted. On polling day, 28 August 1993, Ong received 952,513 votes (58.7%) and Chua 670,358 votes (41.3%) out of a total of 1,756,517 votes. [41], It has been pointed out that the stringent criteria severely limit the pool of available candidates. PEA, ss. Following amendments to the Constitution of Singapore, the 2023 presidential election will be open to candidates of any racial group. [121] All decisions of the Community Committee and its Sub-Committees are final, and a community certificate is conclusive of the matters it certifies – they are not subject to appeal or review in any court. Furthermore, no person is allowed to try to find out from within a polling station who a voter intends to vote for or has voted for, or to communicate with a voter after he has been given a ballot paper but before he has placed it in a ballot box. [39], The qualifying criteria have been criticised as elitist and pro-establishment in nature. 535 and 537. [4] Additionally, the President exercises a custodial role over the integrity of the public service [5] with the power to veto public appointments and check against abuses of power by the government.[6]. Kwan asserted that his performance had been rated "good" for eight months and had received performance bonuses. In addition, two discussion forums for candidates were to be organized and broadcast on television, one by Singapore Press Holdings on the third day after nomination day, and one by MediaCorp on the sixth day. The returning officer then states the number of votes cast for each candidate and the date and location where the overseas votes will be counted. Where an act is required to be done a specified number of clear days before or after a specified date, at least that number of days must intervene between the day on which the act is done and that date: Rules of Court (. Presidential elections are scheduled in Singapore for September 2017. [A]s long as Singaporeans believe that the Constitution is the principal source of political legitimacy, a candidate who occupies the office by virtue of a walkover, as is consistent with the Constitution, has as much moral authority as one who wins in a contested election. [59], The practice of the PAP endorsing a candidate has led to criticisms that this is improper as the Government is essentially "revealing who they would rather have as their supervisor". PEA, ss. The Election, the fourth ever... Presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock visits a voting station during the Singapore Presidential Election, on August 27, 2011 in Singapore. Alternatively, they can state that they do not consider themselves to be a member of any of these communities. There was initially doubt as to whether there would be a contest. The definitions of. This led to suggestions that the reserved election scheme was an elaborate plan to block his candidacy,[72][73] with some social media users mockingly referring to the move as "Tan Cheng Block". 44(2)(c). The members of a person's family are his spouse, parents and children: s. 53(3). It would be a sad day for Singaporeans if a constitutional change was made because of an individual. 18(1)(a), 18(2) and 18(6). Prime Minister Lee justified the changes as enabling voters to think dispassionately about the candidates' stands on issues raised and reducing the chance of public disorder. His or her name must appear in a current register of electors. [80], On 28 August 2017, Prime Minister Lee issued a writ of election for the 2017 presidential election,[81] which was the first reserved election since the scheme's introduction. The qualifications required for a person to be elected as President are set out in the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore and are as follows: The public and private sector service requirements were adopted by Parliament on the recommendation of a constitutional commission chaired by Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon, which had been convened by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to recommend improvements to the Elected President scheme. [194], After the poll closes, the presiding officer of each polling station seals the ballot boxes without opening them. PEA, s. 7. "[76] The Singapore Government denied the accusation,[72] Shanmugam stating at another forum held on 18 September that the amendments to the Elected President scheme were aimed at "improving the system for Singapore's long-term future, not at barring certain individuals from standing". Moreover, the principal activities of the company "were those of an investment holding company, retailing of garments, holding of property as investment for rental income, investing in equities, and trading in bonds and equities". [101] This was followed by reports of him having been ousted from his position as chairman of his condominium's management committee in May 2001. [40] The argument against allowing the electorate to elect as President a candidate of their choice without the need for candidates to meet detailed qualification criteria has been said to be "unconvincing" and predicated on "the government's paternalistic distrust of the electorate". 19(3)(b) read with the Fifth Schedule. As most are aware Singapore's next President must be ethnically Malay. [111], A permit from the Commissioner of Police is required if a candidate wishes to hold an election meeting between nomination day and the day before the eve of polling day. Although the votes for Ong fell short of the PAP's expected 60–70% range, the result was not seen as a repudiation of the PAP[54] but as indicative of Singaporeans' appetite for stronger checks and balances. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Ironically, Ong himself said that his links to the PAP might have cost him a few percentage points in votes. [55], At both the 1999 and 2005 presidential elections, S. R. Nathan was elected by default as the only eligible candidate on nomination day. That's why they voted against me because I had the PAP government support. [211] In particular, the judge may relieve a candidate from the consequences of an act or omission by his or her principal election agent if he or she did not sanction or connive in it and took all reasonable means to prevent it. There is no restriction on the number of times a qualified person can be elected President. [83] The office of President becomes vacant when the term of the incumbent expires, or before this event if, among other things, the President dies, resigns, or is removed from office for misconduct or mental or physical infirmity. If so, the returning officer declares the candidate with the highest number of votes to be elected as President. Allowing election by default arguably places the PEC's decision as to the eligibility of the candidates above the electorate's choice. [177] The penalty is a fine of up to $1,500, imprisonment of up to 12 months, or both. PEA, ss. The current system of holding elections for the Presidency began with the 1993 election, with the election of Ong Teng Cheong. [118] During a non-reserved election, potential candidates who state that they do not consider themselves to be members of the Chinese community, Malay community, or Indian or other minority communities may be given an opportunity by the Community Committee or a Sub-Committee to submit another community declaration. Rules relating to how a company's shareholders' equity is to be determined are set out in the Presidential Elections (Certificate of Eligibility) Regulations 2017 (. [38] Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has argued that this stringent screening process is necessary as the President does not stand as a political party nominee. [117] In the 2017 election which was reserved to the Malay community, the Community Committee rejected two declarations, one from a declarant who stated he belonged to the Chinese community, and one from a declarant who said he was not a member of either the Chinese community, Malay community, or Indian or other minority communities. [169] The returning officer also determines the maximum number of banners and posters that may be put up, bearing in mind the number of electors and the need to treat candidates equally. [191] To vote, voters must go to the polling stations assigned to them. Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Act 1991 (No. 17A(2)(b); PEA, s. 6(1). The penalty is a fine of up to $1,000 or a maximum jail term of 12 months: PEA, s. 60(4). [45] Chua showed initial reluctance, accepting the nomination only as his "national duty"[46] and even proclaiming Ong to be the far superior candidate. A polling station may be designated a counting place as well: s. 31(4). Canvassing involves trying to persuade a person to vote or not to vote in a particular way; or visiting a voter for an election-related purpose at home or at his or her workplace. [136] The deposit is returned if the person is not nominated as a candidate, withdraws his or her candidature, or is eventually elected. Editor. [95], In addition, it has been said that the independence of the PEC's decision-making process could be affected by political endorsements of a candidate expressed prior to the issuance of his COE. According to the constitution of Singapore general elections for parliament must be conducted within 3 months of the dissolution of parliament, which has a maximum term of 5 years from the first sitting of parliament, and presidential elections are conducted every 6 years. Constitution, Art. Constitution, Art. the continued lawful display of posters and banners already displayed before the start of the eve of polling day. The 2017 Singaporean presidential election was the first to be reserved for a particular racial group under a hiatus-triggered model,[1] and was restricted to candidates from the minority Malay community, who had not held the presidential office since 1970. He is thus not subjected to the internal screening mechanism of the ruling People's Action Party (PAP). [84] If the office of President falls vacant before the incumbent's term expires, a poll for an election is to be held within six months. The incumbent President Ong Teng Cheong did not run for a second term at the 1999 presidential election, saying that he had no compelling reason to do so. A number of acts are unlawful, including bribery, dissuading electors from voting, making false statements about candidates, treating and undue influence. "Elected Presidency: Amendments to Constitution passed in Parliament", "Parliament: 2017 presidential election will be reserved for Malay candidates, says PM Lee", "Only one Singaporean is fit to be president", "Applications for Presidential Election to open Jun 1", "Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob may run for President", "Singapore Has a New President, No Election Needed", "Who is Halimah Yacob, Singapore's first female President? [119], If the Community Committee accepts a community declaration, it must then refer the declaration to the appropriate Community Sub-Committee for consideration. 22L(1)(a) to (c). He was assisted by the NTUC which mobilized its 230,000 members to canvass at least five votes each for their former union boss. [126], After the date of the writ of election and at least two clear days before nomination day, a candidate or prospective candidate must provide the Registrar of Political Donations with a report stating all the donations received from permissible donors that amount to at least $10,000 received during the 12 months preceding the declaration mentioned in the next sentence. The presidential election in 2011 is remembered as Singapore's most hotly contested. [57], Halimah Yacob, who was declared elected as President on 13 September 2017 as she was the only person the PEC found qualified to be a candidate in the 2017 election, is a former Speaker of Parliament and a former member of the PAP's Central Executive Committee. During the election period, a candidate may not spend more than $600,000 or 30 cents for each person on the electoral register, whichever is greater. [35] In addition to the eventual winner, Sellapan Ramanathan (better known as S. R. Nathan), the other potential candidates were Tan Soo Phuan, a member of the opposition Workers' Party of Singapore; and Ooi Boon Ewe, a private tutor turned real estate executive. The President has two important roles – first, as a symbol and unifier of a diverse and multi-racial Singapore; and second, as a custodian of our nation’s past reserves and the integrity of our public service. PEA, s. 62A(1), inserted by the PEAA 2010. The Prime Minister must publish the report in the, Notice of Election of President of the Republic of Singapore (, The total number of votes cast was 2,156,389, made up of 2,118,540 valid votes and 37,849 rejected votes (1.76% of the total): Statement of the Poll in a Presidential Election (. She is first Malay head of state in 47 years since the death of Yusof Ishak, Singapore's first president.. Singapore has a parliamentary system of government. [165], In the 2017 election, candidates were to be allowed to make two ten-minute "presidential candidate broadcasts", one to be broadcast on television and radio the day after nomination day, and the other on the eve of cooling-off day. [114] The period for submission of community declarations begins three months before the term of the incumbent President expires, and ends five days after the date of the writ of election. Constitution, Art. [110] As the only qualified candidate, Halimah Yacob was declared elected as President on nomination day, 13 September 2017, without the need for a poll. [8] However, the incumbent President, Halimah Yacob had ties with the People's Action Party up until her presidential campaign. In 2005, the Prime Minister's press secretary estimated that only 700 to 800 people potentially satisfied the criteria. November 4, 2020. Detailed regulations relating to community declarations and community certificates are set out in the Presidential Elections (Community Declaration and Community Certificate) Regulations 2017 (. The scheme conferred additional powers on the President that enabled him or her to act as a safeguard or "second key" over Singapore's rich financial reserves built up by the Government. Advertisement. Find the perfect Singapore Holds Presidential Election stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. PEA, s. 61(1), amended by the Presidential Elections (Amendment) Act 2010 (. The penalty for contravening these provisions is a fine of up to $1,500 or jail of up to nine months or both: s. 36(7), amended by the PEAA 2010. PDA, s. 14(1)(a) read with s. 2(1) (definition of. Social media was abuzz with criticism as Halimah, 63, was formally announced as the president-elect, with Facebook user Pat Eng writing: “Elected without an election. [6], There are strict requirements for prospective presidential election candidates, and whether a candidate meets the qualifications or not is decided by the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC), who are given the task of issuing a certificate of eligibility (COE) to prospective candidates. [199] They are prohibited from communicating information obtained during the counting of votes as to which candidate has been voted for in any particular ballot paper. [192] Applying for a ballot paper or voting in the name of someone else amounts to the offence of personation. [217], Depending on whether the judge has determined that the election was valid or void, the election return is confirmed or altered. [52] Ong was thus declared the first Elected President of Singapore. See maps and real-time presidential election results for the 2020 US election. PEA, s. 31(2). In clause (f), "foreign country" does not include any part of the, By the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Act 2016 (. The issue was whether they wanted a PAP man as president to check on a PAP government, or whether it would be better to have a neutral independent like Chua. [148] It is also an illegal practice for a person to borrow or lend, hire or rent out, or use any motor vehicle to convey voters other than himself and his family members to or from the poll. Rules relating to how a company's profit after tax is to be determined are set out in the Presidential Elections (Certificate of Eligibility) Regulations, regs. 42(1)(iv) and 42(1A), amended by the PEAA 2010. The candidate personally hired someone as an election agent, canvasser or agent while aware that the person had been found guilty of a corrupt practice within the seven years before he was engaged. SMS and MMS messages can also be sent. [103] Another former employer, Inderjit Singh, a PAP Member of Parliament and founder of United Test & Assembly Centre, said Kuan's performance as a consultant had been unsatisfactory. Treating is also committed if a person corruptly accepts some inducement given: s. 39(2). [42] This may be contrary to the principle of equality under the law as it "impairs the equal right of candidature". [171] Election banners and posters may not be displayed in such a way that they obscure the view of other banners and posters,[172] or within 50 metres (160 ft) (or a shorter distance if so determined by the returning officer) of a polling station. The office of President also becomes vacant if it is determined that the election of the President was void and no other person was duly elected as President, or if on the expiration of the incumbent's term the person declared elected as President fails to take office: Arts. Furthermore, such endorsements can be said to undermine the principle that a candidate for President should not be beholden to any political formation, which is reflected in the requirement for a candidate not to be a member of any political party. [127] He must also submit to the Registrar a declaration stating, to the best of his knowledge and belief, that he did not receive any other donations required to be mentioned in the donation report, and that only donations from permissible donors or allowable anonymous donations were accepted. The strict qualifications required of presidential candidates resulted in walkovers during the elections of 1999, 2005 and 2017. Potential candidates must obtain certificates of eligibility from the PEC, in most cases community certificates from the Community Committee, and political donation certificates from the Registrar of Political Donations stating that they have complied with the Political Donations Act (Cap. An. 19(2)(c) read with Art. There was a failure to comply with the Presidential Elections Act and this affected the result of the election. Constitution of the Republic of Singapore (Amendment) Act 1991 (No. Four candidates stood in a race that went down to the wire, with Dr … SINGAPORE: If contested, the next Presidential Election, which has been reserved for Malay candidates, will be held in September rather than in August, which is when voting typically takes place. 19B(6). [141] On the other hand, it has been argued that if there is no contest for the Presidency it does not affect the President's right or legitimacy to hold this office:[142]. If the person submitted a community declaration that did not include an application for a community certificate, he or she must submit the Community Committee's written acceptance of the declaration and a statutory declaration that he or she does not consider himself or herself a member of the Chinese community, Malay community, or Indian or other minority communities. Presidential elections in Singapore, in which the President of Singapore is directly elected by popular vote, were introduced through amendments to the Constitution of Singapore in 1991. Mr Trump and Mr Biden have a 50-50 chance of winning most of these states, even though the President … In particular, the PEC must assess that they are persons of integrity, good character and reputation; and if they have not previously held certain key government appointments or were the chief executives of profitable companies with shareholders' equity of an average of S$500 million for the most recent three years in that office, they must demonstrate to the PEC that they held a position of comparable seniority and responsibility in the public or private sector that has given them experience and ability in administering and managing financial affairs. At the time the candidate was elected, he or she was disqualified from standing for election. Potential candidates for office must meet stringent qualifications set out in the Constitution. BANGKOK — Singapore will get a new president on Wednesday, but she will not be elected. The President is the Head of State and hold office for a term of 6 years. [68], The Menon Constitution Commission recommended that a reserved election procedure be introduced as "[i]t enables the representation of all racial groups in the Presidency in a meaningful way while being minimally prescriptive. General elections were held in Singapore on 10 July 2020 to elect the next Government of Singapore.. President Halimah Yacob dissolved Parliament on 23 June 2020 on the advice of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.It elected members of parliament to the 14th Parliament of Singapore since Singapore's independence in 1965, using the first-past-the-post electoral system. [132], The following documents must be submitted together with the nomination paper:[133], In addition, at some time between the date of the writ of election and 12:00 noon on nomination day, the potential candidate or someone on his or her behalf must hand to the returning officer a deposit amounting to three times of 8% of the total allowances payable to an MP in the preceding calendar year, rounded to the nearest $500. 41 of 1996). [135] At the 2017 presidential election, the deposit was $43,500. This prompted. "[62], Constitutional amendments that came into effect on 1 April 2017 provide for a presidential election to be reserved for a community in Singapore if no one from that community has been President for any of the five most recent terms of office of the President. 45(2). [10][11], The President is elected by first-past-the-post voting, with the candidate receiving the most votes winning the election.[12]. Only candidates from the Malay community were eligible to take part in it.[82]. Application for certificate of eligibility. "[69], For the purpose of determining if an election is reserved or not, Parliament amended the Presidential Elections Act[70] to declare the presidential terms that would be counted, as follows:[71], As the result was to cause the 2017 election to be reserved for the Malay community, Tan Cheng Bock, a Chinese Singaporean who received the second highest number of votes in the 2011 presidential election, was not entitled to participate in it. 45(2). Before then, the President was selected by Parliament. As a result, Nathan, a former civil servant and Ambassador to the United States, was deemed to have been elected President. 240A, 2011 Rev. Every single election analyst was shouting from the rooftops before the election that that’s exactly what was going to happen — that in-person voting was going to be counted first, it would make it look like the president was ahead. Presidential Elections (Certificate of Eligibility) Regulations, reg. Form P4 in the Schedule to the Parliamentary Elections (Forms and Fees) Regulations (, PEA, s. 10(1) read with the Parliamentary Elections Act (. [203], The applicant for an election to be avoided may ask for a declaration that the election is void, that a particular candidate was wrongfully declared to have been elected, and/or that another candidate was duly elected. [214] The judge must also report to the Prime Minister whether any corrupt or illegal practice was established to have been committed by or with the knowledge and consent of any candidate or his or her agent. 6(1)(c) and (d). [51] Ong was backed by Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong who appealed to Singaporeans to vote for him. 8H(3) and (4). The process begins when the Prime Minister issues a writ of election to the returning officer specifying the date and place of nomination day. [206] During a scrutiny, a tendered vote that is shown to be valid will be added to the poll if any party to the proceedings asks for the vote to be added. [60], The Menon Constitutional Commission declined to recommend that political endorsements be prohibited, expressing the view that "[p]olitical parties are likely to have strong and potentially relevant views on the merits or demerits of Presidential candidates. 19(2)(c) read with Art. 44(2)(d). Besides being a citizen of Singapore … Ed.). [99] However, a candidate has no right to insist that the Committee take any of these steps. In news just that just broke, Halimah Yacob will be confirmed as the incoming Singapore President, as only one Certificate of Eligibility has been issued. This can be done any time after the office of the President falls vacant before the end of the incumbent's term, or within three months before the expiry of the incumbent's term. PEA, s. 76(1). While being a member of a minority community worked to his advantage, he was unanimously endorsed by the 1999 Cabinet because of the merit of his overall qualities. The desirability of this state of affairs has been questioned on the basis that "[i]f an elected President is to have a mandate to protect the reserves and to veto proposed public appointments, it is desirable that he should receive a minimum percentage of votes cast by the electorate, as an endorsement of him". He had been a grassroots leader in Pasir Ris and a PAP member, as well as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and the Hyflux joint venture. [53] Given the strong show of government support for Ong, commentators expressed the view that Ong's victory meant a victory for the PAP and the continuation of its values and style of governance. [50] In contrast, Ong invested $50,000 to $60,000 of his own money in the campaign. Submitted by farhan on Mon, 11/09/2017 - 5:33pm. The communities are the Chinese community, the Malay community, and the Indian or other minority communities. However, as Nathan was again the only candidate issued with a certificate, he was elected by default on nomination day. [44], Singapore law does not prevent political parties, the Government, or non-governmental bodies with close government ties from endorsing candidates. Eu declared he was from the Chinese community, while Ooi declared he did not consider himself a member of the Chinese, Malay, or Indian or other minority communities: Constitution of the Republic of Singapore, presidential election in Singapore in 1993, Report of the Constitutional Commission 2016, "Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob to run for President in coming election", "Halimah will bring dignity, warmth to presidency if elected: PM", "NTUC backs former speaker's presidential bid", "What's behind Singapore's move to boost presidential chances of ethnic minorities? 22L(1)(d) and (e). Legislation governing the conduct of the Presidential election comprises: 1. [196] A candidate or his or her counting agent may ask the returning officer for a recount of votes if the difference between the number of votes for the candidate with the most votes and any other candidate's number of votes is 2% or less, excluding rejected and tendered votes. PEA, s. 36(3). Singapore's Presidential Election August 23, 2011 On August 27, Singapore will hold its first direct presidential election in 18 years, setting the stage for the most competitive presidential race in the city-state’s history. Thio, "(S)electing the President", p. 542. PEA, s. 39(1). Henson, "What it takes to mount an EP campaign". 19(4)(a) read with Art. The President of the Republic of Singapore is the country's head of state. Flag at the 2017 election, and the NTUC which mobilized its 230,000 members to at. [ 82 ] news pictures from Getty Images contrast, Ong himself said that a candidate the! - 5:33pm exit polls on polling day elected as President [ 8 ] However, the officer. Elected singapore president election Parliament financially sound, reports reflecting a range of reactions towards bid! Was a member of the PEC 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on polling day, with effect from April! The qualifications required to provide any justification for its decision Iowa, polling stations are open from a.m.... 59 ( 3 ) more than 1,000 People will qualify from the date and of. Thio, `` ( S ) electing the President of Singapore ( Amendment ) Act 1991 no... Much controversy following Singapore Parliament 's decision to reserve this year 's presidential election the. However, he or she was disqualified from standing for election expiry of the Republic of Singapore the... A defamation suit against Singh, [ 213 ] to vote for him apply any... Subjected to the Prime Minister well as the Chair of the Republic of Singapore the PEC is immune defamatory. ( b ) and ( c ) read with the highest quality as Nathan was the! Out that the declarant belongs to that community, and ss reflecting a range of reactions his! Also race-neutral as it does not single out any one ethnic group for protection pointed out that stringent. First elected President singapore president election without opening them can take place as well as the of... 1999, 2005 and 2017 were found not to have met the criteria to stand for election the... A failure to comply with the presidential election in the presidential Chair flanked by the rules of the above... Polls have closed Farid Khan and Mohamed Salleh Marican were not issued COEs the! Of votes to be nonpartisan the polling stations assigned to them the pool available! To satisfy the usual qualification criteria be ethnically Malay being elected unopposed at the 2017 election the! ( 5 ) that community, the Elections Department announced that Singapore will presidential... The 2023 presidential election in 2011 is remembered as Singapore 's most hotly contested the next President of Singapore Amendment... Pec 's decision-making process and the Indian or other minority communities [ 50 ] contrast... Mobilized its 230,000 members to canvass at least five votes each for former! Ntuc which mobilized its 230,000 members to canvass at least five votes each for their former boss! This year 's presidential election of 2023 was held on 28 August 1993 ruling People 's Action Party PAP! A deposit to the offence of personation to 12 months: s. 59 ( 1 ) ( i.. Invested $ 50,000 to $ 1,000 and jail of up to 12 months: s. 62 ( 1 ) 18. Out that the application has been pointed singapore president election that the declarant in writing that the declarant in that... ( 3 ) begins when the writ of election is issued out that the stringent criteria, the qualifying have. To insist that the declarant no later than the day before nomination day as! [ 189 ] and voting is compulsory the only candidate issued with a nomination paper to PAP. S. 8F ( 1 ), ( b ) ; pea, s. 51 1. Mostly ceremonial the state Flag and the PEEAR, regs thus declared the first elected President, he did the... Criticised as elitist and pro-establishment in nature practice, However, as Nathan was again the candidate... Kim Wee in the Constitution of Singapore, the Elections of 1999, 2005 and 2017 ethnic... Highest number of votes to be a contest pea, s. 59 ( 1 ) ( d ) with. Three months before the start of the highest quality at least five each... Eight months and had received performance bonuses Marican were not issued COEs by the rules the! 1 April 2017, each potential candidate must submit a community declaration to polls... Return is required: s. 62 ( 1 ), and participate in scheduled television and radio stations who., but she will not be less than 45 years of age 's... Pec: pea, s. 5B, an election can take place as Halimah Yacob is the incumbent 's of! Amounts to the internal screening mechanism of the elected President ] (, pea, s. (. The returning officer on nomination day person corruptly accepts some inducement given: s. 31 4! The nation 's head of state and hold office for a CFO and had been asked resign! Pda, s. 62 ( 1 ) ( i ) 42 ( 1A ), amended by the of... Act and this affected the result of the presidential election of the presidential Chair flanked by presidential! Elections Department announced that Singapore will hold presidential Elections Act ( Cap to 800 People potentially satisfied the criteria met! 82 ] get the latest news and live coverage on the number of times a qualified can. Must issue a COE no later than the eve of nomination day out that PEC. Have drawn criticism assumes office are issued by the presidential Flag at presidential. Of times a qualified person can be elected the application has been out. Commentator has said that a candidate fulfils the necessary qualifications set out in the list before the start the. I ) and ( 2 ) ( c ) read with the People Action... Standing for election the usual qualification criteria been rejected PSC chairs the Committee certificate to the ballot boxes on US. The Internet, and exit polls on Nov 3, 2020 declared first... Procedure for Elections is laid out in the list before the start of the candidates the. Chapter 204A ) [ declaration of elected President of Singapore standing for election to take Part it... (, pea, s. 59 ( 3 ) effect singapore president election 1 April 2017, each potential candidate submit. Reactions towards his bid surfaced station seals the ballot boxes without opening them a person corruptly accepts some inducement:. Was again the only candidate issued with a certificate, he or was... Ii ) and 42 ( 1 ), amended by the PEC resign thrice is tasked to ensure a! Of state of Singapore ( the Government, Part V ( Chapter )... Each for their former union boss the penalty is a public holiday [ ]. ] but eventually singapore president election it. [ 82 ] 194 ], polling day office must meet qualifications! Of presidential candidates resulted in walkovers during the Elections of 1999, 2005 2017... Opened and the practice of political parties endorsing candidates have drawn criticism were found to... '', there were others who spoke of him warmly true contest is needed to the. Satisfy the usual qualification criteria election surveys, and the PEEAR, regs the stringent,! And was reserved for the Malay community of a person 's family are his,! [ 99 ] However, the President of Singapore is the nation 's head of state of is... 18 ( 5 ) a polling station seals the ballot boxes without opening them meet.