Then yes, you’re looking for gaps OR for how much of the pencil is flat against the back. I’d see if anyone can remove adhesion from your low back and see if it changes. I had MRI of lower back a month ago, wouldn’t they see a disk problem? My wife performed test 1 on me and I can do about 70 degrees, but when she bent my feet towards me I felt “nerve” pain in my feet and a bit in hamstring. I had a knee replacement done and I need help getting up off the floor – why can’t they use my strengths in my body. If that’s correct, there’s usually a common denominator responsible for both hamstrings (or two muscles) getting tight and it’s most probably that your low back is on the brink of pain. Ive seen Podiatrists, Neurologists and Orthopidics and nobody can tell me what is wrong. If your DOMS isn’t severe enough to limit mobility, Kallai recommends getting a massage, sitting in the sauna, doing some light stretching, and engaging in a bit of light, active recovery. Tight hamstrings plague people. I might try some light physical therapy type strengthening to see if your symptoms get better after 30 days. “But when you push yourself too hard or significantly switch up your routine, you can cause enough micro-damage to feel it.”, Which brings us to an important point: Soreness has nothing to do with workout quality or effectiveness. Notice you said, “they even seize up with some core work and hip bridges.” Let me tease this statement out for you. You’d only need to be doing fuller range of motion movements to get rid of that tightness. Hi Melanie, I’m sorry about your hamstrings. Should he continue stretching so much? Hi Kari, I’m so sorry for your frustration. Strains and tears happen when the muscle is lengthening as it contracts or shortens. Just because MRI is clean doesn’t mean you don’t have disc pushing on a nerve. The good thing about knowing you have Tarlov cysts (which I assume have been diagnosed with MRI) is that the solution to your hamstring pain is addressing the cysts. Yeah, if both hamstrings got tighter at the same time and the scoliosis/diminished space is new, it makes sense this is present due to an overloaded disc. You have a disc problem in your low back my friend. Because nerves don’t like being pulled tight and they’ll protect themselves any way they can. Stand with feet hip-width apart. “It’s a tear in the muscle tissue that results from overstretching, overuse, or excessive stress, such as trying to lift a weight that’s too heavy, too quickly.”. The epidural helped and I started physical therapy. Two make up the inside hamstrings (the blue triangle below), and one makes up the the outside hamstring muscle (the green triangle). Hi Kristian, I’m sorry for your struggles. “It’s important to challenge yourself every workout, but not to excess,” Thieme says. Thank you!!!! Google “low back disc referral patterns”. Have your friend put the pencil right on the midline of your low back. Stretch your hamstrings by lying on your back, extending one leg straight up in the air, and gently drawing your toes... 3. It can also be a combo of both. Help me Doc! Even the calf muscle which mirrors the … The most straight-forward and easiest problem for a reputable adhesion-removal provider to fix is adhesion in your hamstrings. Hamstring strains are unfortunately one of the most common running injuries. If you do a workout and you feel no sensation of worsening, that was a good, low-risk workout. Hamstring stretching is an important component of lower back and leg flexibility for seniors and the elderly. If you’re sitting too much and that causes your symptoms, then you need to either NOT sit or sit better respecting the Sit-Slide-Lean Rule. My hamstring pain is a bit weird. Yoga stretches can also help with tight hamstrings. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You could try doing 1,000 repetitions of the cat-cow per day, but I’ve never seen someone gain this range of motion back in the low back with stretching. Maybe what you’ve been told is Carpal Tunnel isn’t actually Carpal Tunnel! “Never skip your warm-up,” Thieme says. And it’s what stimulates the repair and adaptation processes that allow you to build muscle and grow stronger,” he explains. Wasn’t there five years ago. It got better, I was able to put an eccentric amount of stress on the muscle. If it “got better”, why did you strain it again? Unfortunately, this may mean surgery. The tendons go either side of the knee and insert to the top of the Tibia. If that’s true, can you redo them and send me videos/pictures of the person who is doing the test on you. Not clear on the pencil test. My legs won’t even go straight. Hamstring soreness due to DOMS will feel tender, tight, and stiff after a workout.

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