Banks are at our doorsteps. Quite literally. WaveMaker Inc., the leading low code platform for professional developers, today announced that its customer, New Jersey-based regional healthcare provider Valley Health System (VHS), is using WaveMaker’s low code platform for modernizing its legacy applications, and for the rapid delivery of web and mobile apps to its administrative staff and healthcare personnel. WaveMaker is a featured product in the Low Code Development Platforms category.Analyzo has listed detailed information about WaveMaker pricing, plans, comparisons and alternatives. WaveMaker is offered as an on-premise software (WaveMaker Enterprise) and as a SaaS Read … Hence, these are the features and functions of the Wavemaker that are very beneficial to the users and customers. WaveMaker is a low code app development platform that is built on an open architecture, giving developers an open experience; can be deployed to infra of choice, reaping the true benefits of multi/hybrid clouds; generates standards-based codes, ensuring codes are readable and easily customizable with no run-time dependency---- while doing what all other low code platforms do! WaveMaker is a low-code/rapid application development and delivery platform that helps create enterprise-grade web and mobile apps. The most advanced and open low-code development platform to build modern applications twice as fast and at half the cost. According to the vendor, the product has over 11 years of market presence and is used by thousands of developers to create applications 67% faster. Try WaveMaker low code for Full Stack Mobile Application Development. Such a striking low code platform type is the wavemaker low code development platform. WaveMaker 10 offers the most advanced low-code platform, providing top-notch application performance, a hybrid coding experience, and robust security capabilities With new players such as Neo Banks, Challenger Banks, Mobile Wallets, and even Grocery Stores entering the market, customers are … The innovations in the FinTech industry have ensured that “Bankers’ hours” has been transformed into a “round-the-clock” experience. Let us see some of the examples of the applications built using the Wavemaker low-code application development platform. Low-code development platforms provide development environments that allow businesses to develop software quickly with minimal coding, reducing the need for extensive coding experience. WHITEPAPER Low code platforms: The ‘bank’able solution for ISVs! It delivers its best to generate modern applications … What are the Top Low-Code Development Platforms: G Suite, Google App Engine, OpenXava, Angular, Spring Boot, ManyWho, AgilePoint, Oracle Project Visual Code, WaveMaker, OutSystems, APPACTIV, Uniface, ColdFusion Builder are some of the Top Low-Code Development Platforms. Build unlimited apps with free trial for a month. About WaveMaker. # wavemakerlowcode #lowcode # mobileappdevelopmet # mobileapps # mobiledevelopment # lowcodenocode # lowcodeplatform # lowcode # developers The low code development platform has won over the technological industry in recent times. The Wavemaker low code is amazing development software that accelerates the application development by serving enterprise IT build. For over a decade, tens of thousands of developers have relied on WaveMaker's award-winning low-code platform to modernize applications, build line of business apps and deliver engaging multi-channel apps.

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