The hook at the end of the chorus of “One Tequila” just might be the … Whatever it is, tequila seems to nearly always lead us astray, make us do stupid things, release inhibitions we didn't even know we had — not that we mind a bit. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. I want to call you baby, but you wouldn’t pick up the phone.” 5. A cover version was recorded by country music singer Alan Jackson on the 1993 tribute album Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles. (Hey, I'm really sorry I broke your X-Box and ate your pet rabbit and asked your wife to marry me. We love scotch, but, frankly, what kind of drinker would claim "You and scotch make me crazy"? Admittedly, when I saw Dan + Shay were releasing a new single called “Tequila,” I rolled my eyes. 1 in 1983, bringing some much-needed billboard success to the artist. Without even trying, we came up with more than three dozen songs with the word tequila or a tequila brand name, or both, in the title (not counting a whole raft of Margarita songs), many of them celebrating (or bemoaning) the notorious effects of this magical elixir. And yet…. 1 hit song “Tequila” by California quintet The Champs (and famously revived by Pee Wee Herman in … For more Top 10 lists, be sure to check out Top 10 Male-Female Duets in Country Music and Top 13 Country Songs About Love and Murder. 1 appearance on the Texas Regional Radio Report. The Eagles “Tequila Sunrise” Although some country music purists will scoff at the inclusion of the … That, combined with the sympathetically melancholy fiddle melody and Rogers’ heartfelt gravely vocals make this song truly memorable. While the song follows a well-worn tradition of booze-fueled ballads attempting drown broken hearts, it’s Springsteen-inspired rock n’ roll influences and its female protagonist make it stand out among the crowd. Mark David Manders, “Three Fingers Tequila”, Eric Stone, “Till All The Tequila is Gone”, Sammy Kershaw & Lorrie Morgan, “He Drinks Tequila (And She Talks Dirty in Spanish)”. Given the long history of truly outrageous drinking songs in the history of country music, it’s no wonder the song experienced such success. The song Tequila is written by Shay Mooney, Jordan Reynolds, Nicolle Galyon & Dan Smyers, and was released in January 10, 2018. The Takeaway: "Tequila's cost me … It sounds like a joyous romp, complete with hiccuped stanzas, but it’s a … He tells us that on a “straight tequila night, she’ll start thinking about him, and she’s ready to fight.” There’s no point in talking to her on those nights because she blames her fragile broke heart on “every man in sight.” While the song was written by Debbie Hupp and Kent Robbins, John Anderson in a phenomenal songwriter in his own right and was inducted into the Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame on October 5, 2014. 1 hit on both the pop and R&B charts at the time of its release and continues to be strongly referenced in pop culture to this day. Why does tequila always seem to lead to all those lost afternoons and blackout evenings? “He said something about a girl he had seen the night before, and that he could see the tequila in her eyes.” Rogers immediately felt drawn to the line telling interviewers, “of course lights went off in my head; I jotted it down in my phone. Finally, he was signed to Capitol Records where he recorded a number of unsuccessful rock ‘n’ roll records, however before being drafted to the Army, he recorded “The All American Boy,” the song that would propel his country music career forward. He is the author of songs such as “City of New Orleans” and “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” in which he is mentioned by David Allen Coe as having written “the perfect country and western song.” For this tune he teamed up with John Prine an artist whose witty lyrical tendencies sense of humor aligned well with Goodman’s.