The standard size fits a dry box and a cooler, comes with side rails and oarlock stands, and can now be further customized with fishing frame components. FRAME ADDITIONS. A 48” frame width is the recommended and it has a maximum of 80” in length availability. Manufacturing raft frames, cataraft frames, fishing frames, dry boxes and accessories in Southern Oregon since 2014. Whether you’re a trout slayer or a whitewhater player, we’ve got a package for you. These frames fit a number of rafts and are commonly seen on a lot of guide boats. At Down River Equipment, we have been manufacturing and distributing a full line of high-quality river equipment for … Located in Albany, Oregon Showroom available Custom designed and built to fit the size of rivers you run: big, medium, small or all of the above. $200.00 shipping. We custom build our frames to fit your boat exactly, not in 6” increments. Raft Fishing Frame Components Our standard raft frame is constructed with aluminum pipe and diamond plate. We’ve been testing and building since 1983, and we are always innovating. What is nice about the NRS Fishing Frame is the ability to add to it. Fishing. Rowing Frame for Inflatable Boats, KaBoats and River Rafts Easy to assemble and disassemble rowing frame allows more comfort for fishing and rowing than regular aluminum bench on inflatable boat. You want it, we’ll make it. The world is your oyster.....or trout, or … Hooligan Fly Fishing Raft. The NRS STAR Outlaw Fishing Package pairs a quality PVC-based whitewater-capable raft with NRS’s excellent frame system to create an affordable and versatile fishing raft setup. Frame Components. The modular design makes them easy to assemble, adjust and customize. We also offer raft packages and carry a large selection of boating accessories. However, today it is a far different story. Every client has a vision of the most ideal frame and we at CFS take pride in bringing that into reality. And as far as frames went, you had no choices at all. We specialize in crafting the highest quality custom frames for your raft. Raft details The package comes standard with a 10.5 foot self-bailing raft, all-welded frame, seating for two, oars, oar locks, straps, and warranty. 5-10 Year Warranty The Best Warranty in the Business AIREcell System Puncture Resistant with low pressure for increased durability Integrated Gear System (IGS): Moveable base that […] Whether you’re in the market for a raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak, stand up paddle board (SUP), canoe or virtually any other type of river equipment, trust Down River Equipment. When we are not out rafting or fishing, we’re in here hand- welding, fitting, and grinding frames. Have questions? We don't stock many raft frames due to the hundreds of possible variations, and no cat frames at all, so if you are in a hurry please email or phone us first with your needs and location. Built to last – lifetime warranty not to fail under normal river use (backing over with truck not covered). We work hard and play hard here in the amazing mountains of Colorado. Fully Welded Raft Frames. Your only worry— Where to cast Why choose Outcast? Submit. $134.60 shipping. At ColoradoRaft Frame Supply, we are craftsmen of beautiful handmade raft frames. Our store is for whitewater, fishing and expedition frames for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. STANDARD FRAMES. It was “raft with frame or bust,” you might say. Floors. Manufacturing raft frames, cataraft frames, fishing frames, dry boxes and accessories in Southern Oregon since 2014. We have teamed up with Sotar Boats to build and sell the best raft and frame package available. These rafts come with High End Tempress Fish ON/ Off Seats, This boat is a true 3 seat raft, … The Drifter is perfect for 13' boats and the NRS Fishing Frame is great for Super Pumas and more narrow rafts. Tantalizingly close to the Arkansas River. Fishing Frames. › product › montana-raft-frames-premier-frame Frame v Frameless Inflatable Fishing Rafts. The NRS Fishing Frame is another lightweight alternative that is easy to assemble and held together with u-bolts that are adjustable. High Ended Welded Seam Rubber with Extra Chaffers on Bottom for Extreme River use, Light Weight aluminum Frame in either one piece (for quiet performance, and less moving parts) our multi piece break down frame (see video), Frame has Front Integrated Casting Brace, Heavy Duty Extra Durable Finish on Aluminum Frame, Tempress Padded Front/Rear Swivel Seats & Low Back Rowers Seat, Harken Performance Rigging, Integrated Anchor System, Sawyer 8′ Wood Utility Oars w/ High End Regal Oar Locks. These rafts come with High End Tempress Fish ON/ Off Seats, This boat is a true 3 seat raft, an actually full sized 300# person can fit on it! Join our mailing list to receive the latest Riverboat news, specials, and fishing reports. Warranty DisclaimerWe provide a lifetime warranty on the aluminum frame. Both are sturdy three-person frames that include folding padded seats and anchor systems. Gear for your next down river fishing adventure. Raft Frames. STARTING AT $3,999.00 View Details. Inflatable boats, apparel and storage for your trip. For angling, adding a fishing frame will obviously change that arrangement. Eddy Out Deluxe Aluminum Cargo Frame. Once upon a time, anglers had few choices if they wanted an inflatable fishing raft. Westslope Raft Edition. For all you outfitters out there, we guarantee your clients will like getting in and out of a raft rigged with a Recretec frame. 14 ft whitewater river raft Inflatable raft with High Pressure air floor. One day service on adjustments and retrofits done by appointment while you wait (go fishing or play in Salida). Material Required. Skip to content. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Raft and cataraft custom frames, accessories, dry boxes and more. The best inflatable river rafts of 2021 are versatile boats that you can use on an exciting white water trip, a bountiful fishing trip, or a gentle float. The 10.5' The Sea-Run Bull (SRB) is a self-bailing raft that is a pleasure to use on the river and makes an awesome 2-person fishing craft. Raft Frames. No Cheap Seats! As a stand alone raft, the Outlaw 140 carries up to 8 or 9 paddlers with an optional third thwart. Oar Towers. Other “fishing rafts” are no more than white water rafts with a couple seats on a frame strapped on top – where as with the Blackfoot Strike, the raft is actually designed with fisherman in mind. Custom raft frames by NRS & Down River Equipment are in stock. Built in Salida, Colorado, USA, by boaters for boaters. A custom tailored 13'6" Sotar SL complete with a full wraparound Liquid Lex chafe strip on top, four air chambers in the boat and one in the welded I-beam self bailing floor. For serious fishing excursions, the fishing frame transforms the raft into a laser-focused fishing machine. Because we customize every order to you specifically, we like to take your order the old fashioned ways – over the phone or in person. $1,582.86. Why spend more for less? Contact Us email: phone: 541-979-5646. Float Tubes, Frameless, Pontoons, and Rafts keep us connected to wild rivers. The NRS raft fishing frames are the gold standard. Rocky Mountain Rafts is a producer of commercial grade welded pvc whitewater boats at a price that most weekend boaters can afford. Like to whitewater raft and fish? The raft trailer that we build is designed with the guide in mind as well. River Sombreros keep you cool in the sun, dry in the rain, and laugh at the wind. The raft would fit a full NRS fishing frame and I like the idea of using it to row anglers, especially in skinny water where the limited amount of material in contact with the water would allow the boat to skirt through tough low water zones. 719-539-9323 Designed to accommodate up to 3 people, the San Juan can easily be broken down for transport or storage. Add optional diamond plate walkways and fishing gets that much more comfortable. Raft frames are constructed with aluminum pipe and diamond plate. Custom raft frames and fishing frames are also available. You can install swivel platform and comfortable folding fishing chair to better fit and longer hours of fishing. Accessories. Raft Frames Whitewater and fly-fishing rowing frames are in this section, and oars are found in the "Oars & Paddles" headings. Pipe and Fittings. Each frame … Close search. › product › 92013.04 › nrs-raft-fishing-frame Tools. One boat, one frame, multiple activities. In this blow-up river-craft review, we talk about the top products to take you down the river safely. Call us to get your dream started @. Raft Frame, RowFrame, Cata_Rafts, Row Frame, Oars and Whitewater Equipment, Fishing Frames, Row Chairs, Fly_Fishing Platforms, Aluminum Raft Fittings, CataRaft Chassis Saturn Triton Whitewater Raft with 3-Seat Custom NRS Fishing Frame Package. ­The Down River Equipment San Juan Fishing Raft Frame is designed for the serious fisherman. Learn all about Outcast’s construction, fabric, and features. Built to fit the oarsman and adjustable to fit all other users. Inflatable river rafts are recreational boats for fishing, whitewater rafting, and outings with family and friends. Say goodbye to sunburns and flimsy raft umbrellas, and make your raft the coolest destination on the river! Our Westslope Edition Package is the perfect combination of two of the best products in the rafting industry. Please phone directly with questions 541-916-8540. Cataraft Frames. The standard size fits a dry box and a cooler. Riverboat Works specializes in crafting the highest quality custom frames for your raft and in putting together boat package deals customized not only to you, but also to what you do and the rivers you run. With a little maintenance, it will be the last trailer you ever buy. AIRE with the help of NRS offers two options for fishing frames. Contact Us: Don't see the feature you're looking for? Customer satisfaction 100% guaranteed. 44 watching. $4,500.00 to $5,100.00. We’ve been testing, building and floating since 1983, and we are always innovating. Raft frames and fishing frames are custom made to order. There is also a 3 year limited warranty on all rubber products. It’s simple, light and durable. I like to run this frame with the front seat, stern mount seat and an anchor system. We also are an authorized Maravia, Aire, Sawyer Oars and NRS dealer. Lo-Pro Breakdown Raft Frames. 12' INFLATABLE WHITEWATER RIVER RAFT BOAT self bailing WHITEWATER 1.2 MM PVC HD. RiverBoatworks. It also can double as a 3-bay whitewater frame by simply removing the fishing accessories. Trailer Frames. Get outfitted for your next adventure. We can create frames that quickly and easily convert from one to the other. Lo-Pro Fishing Frames and Accessories. The following items are needed for a complete raft frame: galvanized steel pipe, … ... Rocky Mountain Rafts 16 ft Self Bailing Raft w/ Drop Stitch Floor Rocky Mountain Rafts. Shop NRS for Fishing, Fishing Boats, Raft Fishing Frames & Parts. We work with you to create a custom frame to fit your specific raft and rowing needs. Let’s make a deal. Built with top quality, lightweight, super durable 1 ½” schedule 40 anodized aluminum pipe. Riverboat Works specializes in custom raft frames, rafting accesories, new & used rafts, catarafts and duckies. It is built with the sturdiest materials available and made to last. We always ask how tall you and your first mate are. For most fly fishers with navigable rivers, the STAR Outlaw will be a fantastic boat that will open up new ways and places for you and your family to fish. We’re a small town business that goes the extra mile for our customers. 5 watching. The San Juan provides the best combination of comfort and functionality for rafts up to 16'.