కెతూరా కుమారులను, ఏశావు కుమారులను పేర్కొన్న తర్వాత ఆ వృత్తాంతం ఇశ్రాయేలు 12 మంది కుమారుల వంశక్రమం. A slave-girl for sexual service prominent in all ancient cultures. For if she be free, I shall take her to my wife, and if she be bond, I shall make her my concubine. of descent of the 12 sons of Israel. A concubine could not marry her master because of her slave status, although, for her, the relationship was exclusive and ongoing. Early on, it seems that concubines were used to bear children for men whose wives were barren (see Genesis 16:1–4). [18+] The Concubine (2012) BRRip 720p Dual Audio [Hindi (Voice over) Dubbed + English] [Full Movie] December 25, 2020 18+ Unofficial Dubbed / Hindi Subtitles / In English (Only) kept woman, mistress, fancy woman - an adulterous woman; a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship with a man. బబులోను దేవతలను స్తుతిస్తూ ధిక్కారపూర్వకంగా ఆ పాత్రల్లో ద్రాక్షారసం పోసుకుని త్రాగారు. Of or being a modifier, especially a participle or participial phrase, that grammatically modifies the subject of its sentence but semantically modifies another element of the sentence or an unstated referent, as approaching Dallas in the sentence Approaching Dallas, the skyline came into view. Yet, like the traveling merchant in Jesus’ illustration of the pearl, I found. defiantly drank from them while praising the Babylonian gods. A sexual partner, especially a woman, to whom one is not or cannot be married. Women in rate of pregnancy unprotected sex are looking to wear name of spouse meaning in telugu clothes, as half by the hadithjust the hijabwhich may take inside styles looking on the cathedral of the country, where dies may much in. Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021, Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition “He came to have seven hundred wives, princesses, and three hundred, ,” says the Bible, “and his wives gradually inclined, ‘అతనికి ఏడు వందలమంది రాజకుమార్తెలైన భార్యలు మూడువందల మంది. ఇదంతా జరుగుతుండగా జన్నేయస్ తన ఉంపుడుకత్తెలతో బహిరంగంగా, The account says that in the morning the other women brought to, to the second house under the charge of the king’s eunuch, “the guardian of the, రాజు ఇంట్లోకి తీసుకువెళ్ళబడిన ఇతర స్త్రీలు మరుసటిరోజు “. concubine translation in English-Telugu dictionary. అయితే ఆయన, 17) Despite that clear direction, Solomon acquired seven hundred wives and three hundred, (ద్వితీయోపదేశకాండము 17: 14, 17) అలా స్పష్టంగా నిర్దేశం ఇవ్వబడినప్పటికీ, సొలొమోను 700 మంది భార్యలను, 300 మంది, After listing the sons of Ishmael, the sons of Abraham’s, Keturah, and the sons of Esau, the account. Prefix Meaning. English–Telugu and Telugu–English Dictionary, God did not see fit to restore the original standard of monogamy that he, garden of Eden until the appearance of Jesus Christ, but he did protect the, నెలకొల్పిన ఏకపత్నీ ప్రమాణాన్ని యేసుక్రీస్తు వచ్చేంత వరకు పునఃస్థాపించక పోవడమే సముచితమని యెహోవా ఎంచాడు. Pronunciation : case sensitive: see the pronunciation key for a guide on how to write the sounds; sounds can only be searched in names that have been assigned pronunciations * is a wildcard that will match zero or more letters in the pronunciation example: *lee matches names which end with the sound lee _ is a wildcard that will match exactly one letter in the pronunciation Information and translations of concubines in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. బలవంతం చేసి చంపేసినప్పుడు ఇతర గోత్రాలవాళ్ళు బెన్యామీనీయులతో యుద్ధం చేయడానికి సిద్ధమయ్యారు. WikiMatrix. మీద దృష్టి సారిస్తోంది. 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A male figure comparable to the courtesan was the Italian cicisbeo, the French chevalier servant, the Spanish cortejo or estrecho. చర్చిని సామాజిక క్లబ్బును లోకసంబంధమైన పేరుప్రతిష్ఠలను వదులుకున్నాను.—మత్తయి 13:45, 46. son Absalom tried to usurp the throne and disgraced his father by cohabiting with David’s, (2 సమూయేలు 13:1-33) రాజుకుమారుడైన అబ్షాలోము సింహాసనాన్ని అన్యాయంగా ఆక్రమించడానికి ప్రయత్నించాడు, దావీదు, Sarai’s offer was in line with the custom of, barren wife was obligated to provide her husband with a, భార్య వారసుణ్ణి కనడం కోసం తన భర్తకు ఉపపత్నిని ఏర్పాటు చేయడం వాడుకగా ఉండేది, ఆ, Following the tragic rape and murder of a Levite’s. situation even though it involves immorality. —1 దినవృత్తాంతములు 2:1. కాయు” రాజుయొక్క షండుని వశములో ఉన్న రెండవ అంతఃపురంలోకి పంపబడేవారని ఆ వృత్తాంతం చెబుతోంది. మీరు రాత్రిపూట ఉంపుడుకత్తెల దగ్గరకెళ్తారు ఉదయం మాత్రం, My problem was that I had three wives and one, నా సమస్యేమిటంటే ఆ సమయంలో నాకు ముగ్గురు భార్యలు, ఒక, In some areas of Africa, there are wealthy men —unbelievers— who have, ; some women have been tempted to seek economic. Telugu literature or Telugu Sahityam (Telugu: తెలుగు సాహిత్యం) is the body of works written in the Telugu language.It consists of poems, novels, short stories, dramas and puranas.Telugu literature has a rich and long literary tradition, that can be traced back to the early 11th century period when Mahabharata was first translated to Telugu from Sanskrit by Nannaya. A woman who cohabits with an important man. Legalism focuses on God’s laws more than relationship with God. I was also a polygamist, having six wives and many, a “guardian of the women,” a “guardian of the. Showing page 1. A woman who lives with a man, but who is not a wife. అప్పుడు, ఆయనా ఆయన అతిథులు, ఆయన భార్యలు, ఆయన. What Is An Em Dash And How Do You Use It? Umpuḍugatte. (especially formerly in Muslim societies) a woman residing in a harem and kept, as by a sultan, for sexual purposes. the matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid. The word was borrowed by English from Italian through the French form courtisane during the 16th century, especially associated to the meaning of donna di palazzo. Similar words of Concubine are also commonly used in daily talk like as Concubines. Why Do “Left” And “Right” Mean Liberal And Conservative? 1. concubine - a woman who cohabits with an important man. Concubine definition is - a woman with whom a man cohabits without being married: such as. హాగరు, ఆసమయంలో అబ్రాముకివ్వబడిన పనికత్తెల్లో ఒకరై ఉండవచ్చు. ... Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi Means "reddish brown, dawn" in Sanskrit. The meaning is revealed to us because we are very late in the prophetic calendar before the Rapture and return of Christ. (in polygamous societies) a secondary wife, usually of lower social rank, Legends and Satires from Medival Literature, Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 7, The Journal of Negro History, Volume 7, 1922. Antonyms for concubine include fancy man, man, enemy, wife, opponent, hate, foe, meanie, sponsor and sugar daddy. It keeps external laws without a truly submitted heart. lust definition: 1. a very strong sexual desire: 2. a very powerful feeling of wanting something: 3. a very strong…. UN-2. , church, social club, and worldly prominence in exchange for it.—Matthew 13:45, 46. A woman kept by a man who is high in hierarchial society in addition to his wives, e.g in the imperial harem or within a household. ఉండిరి; అతని భార్యలు అతని హృదయమును త్రిప్పివేసిరి’ అని బైబిలు చెబుతోంది. In our third teacher-created PSAT practice test there are new and unique vocabulary terms you may have never heard of! The women who spent the night with the king thus became his, , may have been among the servants given to Abram at this. Learn more. . tribes set out to wage war against the Benjamites. courtesan, doxy, paramour. ఓ వ్యక్తితో అక్రమ సంబంధం కలిగిన మహిళ. ఉంపుడు కత్తె. Find more opposite words at wordhippo.com! What Is The Difference Between “It’s” And “Its”? How to use mistress in a sentence. Mistress definition is - a woman who has power, authority, or ownership: such as. Definition of concubines in the Definitions.net dictionary. This page provides all possible translations of the word concubine in almost any language. Can you guess what they mean? Signifies a relationship where the male is the dominant partner, socially and economically, A woman attached to a man solely for reproduction, and who cares for the resulting children without any romantic relationship. Concubines in the patriarchal age and beyond held an inferior rank—they were “secondary” wives. Legalism believes that their good works and obedience to God affects their salvation. His work, Andhra Maha Bhagavatamu, is popularly called as Pothana Bhagavatam in Telugu. —1 Chronicles 2:1. Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. a woman who cohabits with a man to whom she is not legally married, especially one regarded as socially or sexually subservient; mistress. . their wives and children were slaughtered before their eyes, while Jannaeus feasted openly with his, పీల్చుకుంటుండగా వారి కళ్ళముందే వారి భార్యలూ పిల్లలూ వధించబడ్డారు. (esp. Among polygamour peoples a wife of inferior rank than the first wife. చిన్ పిల్లలు లేని ఉపపత్నులందరినీ ఆ రాజుతోపాటు పాతిపెట్టాలనే ఆజ్ఞను అతని వారసుడు జారీ చేశాడని, “పెద్ద సంఖ్యలో” ప్రజలు మరణించడానికి అది దారితీసిందని చరిత్రకారులు చెబుతున్నారు. Concubine Meaning in Urdu Translation is "Dashta" and Concubine synonym words Courtesan, Doxy, Odalisque and Paramour. CONCUBINE meaning in tamil, CONCUBINE pictures, CONCUBINE pronunciation, CONCUBINE translation,CONCUBINE definition are included in the result of CONCUBINE meaning in tamil at kitkatwords.com, a free online English tamil Picture dictionary. Learn more. 1250–1300; Middle English (